The tagline for Cattystacks’ modular cat climbers is simple: “Because cats love boxes.” The designers of these cubes, made from industrial strength corrugated cardboard, took this concept a little further and created these esthetically pleasing boxes that come in a rainbow of fun colors.

I purchased three of these stacks for Allegra and Ruby a couple of years ago, and they still provide daily fun for both of them. Whether it’s climbing, hiding, stalking, or using them as an elevated vantage point to view the world, the girls use these stacks almost every day.

Assembly is super easy – just fold and attach the cubes to each other with simple metal clips. The boxes are sturdy. Since I only have three, I have them stacked two at the bottom, and one on top, and the set up is very stable. Allegra likes to run and jump at them at full speed, and they’ve never toppled over.


Just think what I could have done if I had purchased even more so I could have created a jungle gym like this one!

I’m excited to offer five Cattystacks to one lucky winner.

To enter this giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win Cattystacks, and how you’d stack them. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway is only open to readers in the contiguous United States, and ends Thursday, November 8.

For more information about Cattystacks, and how to purchase, please visit their website. You can also find Cattystacks on Facebook.

107 Comments on Giveaway: Cattystacks designer cat climbers

  1. Wow, these Cattystacks are SO cool! I have eight kitties, ages 2-16.5 who would really love them and would be all over them!

    My Cattysack would be two stacks of two with one cube attached to the front of one of the two stacks, forming an L-shape.

  2. I think my 5 kitties would love these! They love to hide/play in boxes, and they love to stalk and chase each other. If we were fortunate enough to win these, I would stack them 3 vertical against the banister to the stairs, then 2 vertical next to them, then 1. It would be their own personal stairway over the banister, and away from the dog whom they love to tease and run away from!

  3. My foster kittys would love these! I would stack then in a 3-2-1 pyramid…3 on the bottom, then 2, them 1 at the top! They would have a blast!

  4. As much as I’m sure my own cats would love them, our rescue’s cats sure could use them even more. I’d love to make their lives just a little bit brighter while they wait for their own homes. Probably would stack them 3 and 2, or maybe buy a couple more and keep it going! LOL Awesome giveaway, btw!

  5. I would use these for my 2 FeLV positive kitties. One is a sweet torti named Kelsey who is 3 years old and also has renal issues and her boyfriend, Cheetos, who is a polydactyl red tabby. I adopted Kelsey not knowing she had FeLV and had to end up keeping her in our spare bedroom separated from our other cats. She doesn’t get to have as much fun running around the house like the other cats but they do have a large window and 2 pet mice and a frog in a fish tank as pets to keep them entertained. I would stack these in a pyramid and change the design often to keep things interesting for them 🙂

  6. My own 3 kitties are very well entertained, so If I won these I would donate them to a kitty shelter in the area of NYC/Long Island which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. There are many shelters struggling to take care of the many homeless and separated kitties.

  7. Not sure what time this giveaway ends today so I’m entering anyways! I’d stack them three on bottom, two on top. I’d like to win because my kitties love to explore, jump, and climb!

  8. My two kitties, Buddy and Holly, are getting a little bored with their current toys and these would be awesome to put in the basement for their enjoyment while we are exercising down there!!!! Great and fun product—I think I would stretch them out in tubes!!!

  9. These are very cool! I’ve never seen them before. Montana would love them as we could stack them in his room. I like the stacking arrangement shown with two on bottom and one on top. That is probably how we would arrange them for Montana. Please enter us in the contest!


  10. My cats, Molson & Cream Puff would love these Cattystacks! They love climbing and hiding, especially now since I brought home Makui- their new “friend”, a Siberian Husky. I would stack them like stairs for easy climbing!

  11. We would love to have these *Cattystacks* to play and sleep in. Not sure how we would stack them. Will have to work that out with our Momma!

  12. I’d love to get the cattystacks for my girls–I’d set up three in the living room and two in the bedroom so they could climb in front of windows and talk to the birds!

  13. Living in SF, my guys don’t get the awesome windowsill action that other kitties might have. We do our best to give them spots they’re allowed to climb up and/or lounge, but it can be really tricky. Moreso with the money-issue as I’m on a fixed income. These would be fantastic because we could set it up for them as a dedicated space where they can climb to their little kitty hearts’ content and work on their gargoyle impressions.

  14. My guys LOVE boxes! I’m not sure how I’d stack them, but I’d probably put them in front of a window.

  15. I would love to win Cattystacks because my fabulous felines love to climb and crawl into things so I believe they would really love this! I would stack them 3 x 2 high since my youngest loves to climb but my middle kitty prefers to lounge.

  16. My cats love hidey places and we do have some cubes that look similar to this but are made out of fabric (can’t climb on them) that they like to hang in. They help my timid boy feel more comfy in the house. At the same time they love to climb and go high. We have been trying to create more vertical space for the kitties to make their environment more stimulating and give them more places to look around and enjoy their environment and feel more secure.

  17. I’d love to win because my cats are in dire need of some new and fun furniture. I’d probably stack them similar to what it shown in the photo above. It looks like fun!

  18. Dublin has never met a box he didn’t think he could get his rump in! Pepper is a bit more shy with boxes, but she’s becoming more adventurous. I think these boxes would be too big a temptation for her to resist! I would stack 3 on top of each other and connent them to the other 2 stacked on top of each other.

  19. Our cats ADORE boxes. Doesn’t matter what size, whether they are lying in or sitting on it, they love cardboard. I would either do a 3,2,1 (btm to top) configuration or a 2 high clipped to a 3 high. Either way, the cats will be thrilled. Thank you for the terrific giveaway!

  20. They are of the highest quality materials. And I’d be very appreciative to have these wonderful boxes. Please and thank you for giveaway!

  21. These are very cool, and perfect for my 8 cats! They would love them stacked with one near a window so they could peek outside, and vertically across the floor, so they could hunt their toys!! Thanks for the great giveaway Conscious Cat! 🙂

  22. My cats love climbing, perching & hiding, so these would serve all purposes! I’d place them under the windows so my beasties can watch the wild outdoors.

  23. These Catty Stacks are one of the coolest inventions! I would love to win these because my kitty loves boxes and loves places to climb and hide! I would stack them differently every couple of weeks….cats also get bored with the same thing. I will also share this giveaway on Facebook. Hope we win!!!!

  24. What a great idea. My babies Susie and Purrcy love to sit on cardboard. I would stack them three on the bottom and two on the top. I can already see them using Cattystacks and having a lot of fun.


  25. I would love to win this. The two momma cats we rescued had 9(!) kittens between them and we could really use the extra play and safe spot.

    Both moms are now fixed and the two older kittens–now, only 7 more to go, and then hoping to adopt them out to loving homes,


  26. ooh how fun! I would love these because my cats loooove to climb in hidey-holes. I would stack them three on the bottom and two up top on the outer edges and put a tunnel in between!

  27. Our little Teddy cat is a rescue from the streets of Suva in the Fiji Islands – he has one eye and stacks of smoochiness! He’s an indoor cat who craves both exercise and cognitive stimulation a.k.a PLAY! He’d be over the moon to win himself a CattyStack Cat Climber as he craves adventure =^..^=

  28. These are nice and pretty. If won, would donate them to my vet who has a rescue in her office. The kitties there need some spaces to chill out and would stack several at a window.

  29. YAY! We love CattyStacks – but we don’t need them as much as Ragdoll Rescue does! So we would donate them to Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue in Ennis, TX if we won! Going now to post on Floppycats’ Facebook for an additional entry!

  30. My 2 furbabies would love these. My little girl loves to climb and get up high, the boy doesn’t like heights but does like to hide so he can pounce on his little sister. I’d stack them in the dinning room so they would have a place to observe the entire house.

  31. My cats need more vertical spaces to explore. I would stack them in my bedroom so they can have their own sleeping spots and not push me out of bed.

  32. My 4 cats, Harry Winston Mia and Mimi would love to win Cattystacks! They love boxes and climbing and this is a perfect combination of the 2! It’s great that you can stack them! They can climb and perch to look out the window! Great way for them to get some much needed exercise to! Great idea!! 🙂

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