Allegra, Ruby and the maple tree

What a difference a few days make. This photo shows Allegra and Ruby relaxing in our sunny bedroom last Wednesday. This evening, we’re preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Right now, it’s just raining a little, but we’re supposed to get high winds and heavy rain starting Monday morning, and lasting into Tuesday evening. Other areas to the east and north of us are expecting even worse conditions.

We’re as ready as you can ever be for an event like this. I only just returned from Atlanta last night, where I spent a fun-filled three days at Barkworld 2012, a social networking conference for pet businesses. I was a little nervous about not being able to prepare for the storm, especially after I saw numerous photos of bare store shelves on Twitter. When I arrived home, I found that a dear friend had stopped by and dropped off a large case of bottled water and batteries for me. I think it was quite possibly the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me! This morning, I brought in all my deck furniture, cleaned up the leaves so they wouldn’t clog up the drains, and went in search of ice and non-perishable food.

Since Allegra and Ruby are raw-fed kitties, I stocked up on grain-free canned food in case we loose power and the frozen raw food goes bad. We have plenty of water, batteries, and ice. I have a nice supply of Lindor extra dark chocolate truffles – nobody should have to go through a hurricane without chocolate! I have Storm Soother and Stress Stopper on hand – and I may be taking liberal hits of both right along with the girls.

I have scheduled posts through Thursday, so if we loose power, you’ll still get your daily Conscious Cat updates. I just may not be able to respond to comments if I need to preserve battery life on my phone.

To everyone in the path of this monster storm: please be safe!

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  1. It was great seeing you at BarkWorld Ingrid! I live in Pittsburgh, and we aren’t supposed to get hit too bad – but you can’t be too careful. Stay safe and warm! xo

  2. To prepare for the storm I also ran to the store to stock up on canned food. We believe my one cat has a chicken or poultry allergy so I’ve been doing my own food trial first with Rad Cat lamb then a few weeks later adding Primal Rabbit with great success. I was planning on just buying the canned Nature Variety lamb for her when I noticed a new food on the shelves called Hound & Gatos. They make a 98% rabbit canned food (has well as a few others). Its says american rabbit made in USA but with the storm coming I didn’t have time to research. Have you heard of this food? I know your girls like rabbit as much as my cats do!

    Stay safe!

    • Tricia, yes, I have heard of this food and have been in touch with the owner of the company. I can’t find my e-mail exchange with him, but I believe he said that everything except lamb is sourced in the US (lamb is sourced in New Zealand). They don’t use carrageenan, and their cans are BPA free. The girls loved the rabbit sample I gave them.

      Stay safe!

      • Thanks Ingrid! I’m glad I found a good rabbit back-up that I can get at my local shop. I’m hoping we won’t need it. Right now we still have power but it’s sounding like most of NJ will be without soon.

  3. I’m near Boston. Nothing much happening yet at 1:00 AM. Just some rain. My kitty & I are prepared. Her fav food…I know, but she only likes dry food. I have a box of chocolate cupcakes, a large box of Reeses Peanut Butter cups and Hershey bars :):) And my kitty is soooo relaxed ~ ~stretching ~ Come on Sandy! Lets get this over with !!

    • I’m glad your kitty is relaxed, Ronnie. I think our cats are better off than we are: they don’t have to listen to the non-stop warnings about the storm! Stay safe.

  4. Do you have Thundershirts! I’m from New Orleans and though I don’t live there I now I have been through many a hurricane and I wish that they had made those back then. Be well, eat chocolate!

    • Do they make them for humans, Anna? 🙂 The girls are actually pretty good with stormy weather. Thunderstorms still bother Allegra, but it sounds like that’s the one thing we don’t have to worry about with this storm.

  5. We live about 45 minutes north of Hershey, PA and are preparing for the storm too. I had to stop at Walmart tonight and giggled to myself when I saw that in addition to batteries and bread, kitty litter was sold out too! Purrs and Prayers that everyone stays safe!

  6. Ingrid, I am going to keep you, Ruby and Allegra in my thoughts and prayers during Hurricane Sandy. Be safe and I am sure you will make it thru this ok. You are all stocked up and the derecho last Summer prepared you for this monster storm. Enjoy the chocolate and enjoy being with your kitties.

  7. Be safe too, we’ll think about you!
    My human just realized she forgot to buy chocolate after reading your post! But she bought avocados. Oh my, humans’ tastes in food can be strange 😉
    Lots of purrs to the three of you

    • Thanks, Texas. That’s too funny about the avocados: I bought some yesterday, too, and I don’t usually buy them. They jJust seemed like good storm food!

  8. What a wonderful friend to gift you with hurricane supplies! Here in Norfolk, VA we are thinking of you and buckled down, too. Be safe, all.

  9. Be safe Ingrid, Ruby and Allegra. I’m getting ready up here in MA, too. Hope we all keep power, or at least it’s not out for long

  10. Hope everyone in this storm comes out safely. Take care and be careful. Hope for the millions that are going to be affected. Nothing else we can do.

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