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We usually don’t do giveaways on Sundays, but when Kate Benjamin offered to give away one of Moderncat’s Limited Edition Halloween Cat Toy Gift Sets, we wanted to make sure that we ran this giveaway with enough time so the winner could have the toys in time for Halloween!

Allegra and Ruby got an early Halloween surprise when our set arrived in the mail earlier this week. I think the big smile on Allegra’s face describes better than words how much she and Ruby love the toys! The set contains ModKickers, ModShakers, Stacks, Felt Rollers and more. All of the toys are handmade in the US. And let me tell you, the catnip in the toys, and in the little cylinder that comes with the set, is potent stuff! The girls went nuts when I opened the box, and I think I may have gotten a contact high!

Allegra with Halloween toys

And now you can win one of these fun sets for your kitties!

Halloween cat toy gift set

To enter this giveawy, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win these fabulous Halloween toys for your kitties. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway is only open to readers in the US and Canada, and ends Tuesday, October 23.

If you don’t want to wait to see whether you won, or if you’re looking for some “treats” for your friends’ cats or some shelter kitties, check out Moderncat’s Halloween Shoppe, where you can purchase all of the toys in the giveaway separately.

And don’t forget, you can still pre-order Moderncat’s new Puzzle Pieces Felt Toys at special savings, and you get free shipping!

Conscious Cat Sunday will return next week.

103 Comments on Boo! Special Sunday giveaway: Halloween toys for your kitties

  1. Hi, the reason I would love to get these for my kitties is because their current toys are few and not as interesting as these are. They are soft which I like and they seem to like. There is a wide variety so this will appeal to both kitties. 🙂

  2. Purrfect time of year for new toys. My ragdoll boys are always looking to find something new to play with. Furever kids at heart !!!

  3. My cats should have these toys because they have destroyed all their other toys and are now very bored. I’m worried.

  4. I would like to win because our five cats are in need of new toys to play with. We are poor and new toys are not high on the list of must haves. I have been making them toys for the past few years. They are getting bored with the same toys that I can make out of old clothes and socks.

    Trey, DJ, PoohBear, CeCe and Miss Prissy thank you!!! <3:-)

  5. The herd says their old toys are SO boring now and since they’re really getting into Halloween this year, these toys are just purrfect!

  6. because according to The Crew a laundry basket of toys is simply not enough. Actually though half of these would probably go to the fosters because they destroy toys faster then you can blink

  7. I have a new kitten. These toys would enthrall him and would be a terrific way to engage the other cats with him while he’s playing. I’ve been planning to get some new toys all of my cats get break in together. These Halloween treats would do the trick nicely!

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  8. My kitties Sasha, Fionnlach and Kitty would love to have these toys, as our Golden Retriever, Abigail, has stolen many of their toys!

  9. Mitzi and Jasper love Moderncat’s toys and would go batty when playing with these Halloween toys. Although, they are 10 and 12 years old but still play as if they’re kitty. And I have to give them credits for being so patience with our year old son, they have been so good and never laid their pawsomes on my son, Sammy. So it would be a huge gift by thanking them for being such a good furcats to Sammy. Happy Halloween to everyone!

  10. I would love to win a set of these Halloween cat toys from Modern Cat. Princess and Queenie both love toys. They have never had Halloween toys before. This would make the perfect treat for them so they can do a trick for me!

  11. My 6 kitties & 1 foster kitty (well mostly the foster kitty because he’s crazy for toys) would love these! Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Because Marlowe looks like a Halloween cat (he’s all black) and Anna is his burly familiar (she’s gray). And because they both adore catnip—and can’t eat candy.

  13. My rescue cat Olivia was a stray. She didn’t purr or knead bread the first two years she lived with me, but she has always loved toys. If there is one on the floor of the room she has entered, she will immediately run to it and start playing. Five months ago, my other cat June died and since then Livy and I have been working hard to establish new routines and deal with our loss. Playing with her toys together has helped create a stronger bond. These holiday themed toys would definitely bring us both joy.

  14. My kitties would love these treats! There was a fire last Feb in the apartment building we lived in and we lost our 2 female kitties before we go into our new digs in April: one died in foster care (she was sensitive and couldn’t take the shock followed by separation from us); the other the vet said had “blood clot” (but I suspect cancer growths couldn’t afford autopsy). The two remaining males must stay indoors at our new townhouse as per lease terms so – of course – need entertainment. And with a second floor now, they need toys to spread over the whole house! Pertho and Koby have their paws crossed!

  15. My favorite cat rescue shelter just put out the word that they need toys. I would love to help them and their residents out.

  16. My three kitty boys and kitty girl would love these toys as 3/4 of them are black kitties. My husband won’t let me buy them any more kitty toys but they could always use some toys to entertain themselves as they like to play!

  17. My cats, Sallie & Ruthie, would “scare” up a good time with these toys! They would be the Queens of the apartment bldg., they would then be discovered, they would then be on the cover of every cat magazine…on commercials, be the MOST FAMOUS CATS IN THE WORLD…

  18. my 5 kittys would love some toys im not allways able to buy them toys i make do with with what i have i adore my babys so much thank you

  19. I just adopted two new cats a week ago! They only have one toy so far, and one of them won’t play with it because she’s such a nervous cat. The cats would love to test these out!

  20. I’d be really happy to win the toys in the giveaway for Alfredo, my senior kitty who still thinks he is a kitten on the inside. Plus our favorite holiday is Halloween.

  21. As much as my 4 cats would love these Halloween toys, I thought maybe that if I win, the toys could go to a local rescue or cats in need instead! I’m sure my cats Harry, Winston, Mia and Mimi would be purr-fectly happy to share the love! 🙂

  22. I’d love to win these fabulous toys for my 4 cats because they love toys! They are such great cats and I love them very, very much!! I think this would make a great edition to their already huge collection. Thank you for the giveaway,ConsciousCat!

  23. I would love to win these fabulous toys for my fabulous felines because they are the best things that ever happened to me and they should be properly spoiled!!

  24. My two foster kitties for Virginia Siamese Rescue (, would benefit so much from these toys. Monk, a bluepoint snowshoe, age 6, and Marley, a sealpoint boy age 3 1/2, are feeling very sad, having arrived here outside Hartford CT after living outside Boston since they were kittens, with a very special owner, who had to give them up. It was a long day for them, traveling, then a visit to the vet (a great all cats practice – Catzablanca Cat Hospital in Rocky Hill CT), and then a new space with new sounds and smells. They are VA8857 and VA8858 on the web page above. Purrs, TM

  25. My paprika is a calico who would love some new toys to bat around. My friend’s puppy dog decided to chew up some of her cat toys just a few days ago 🙁

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