I’m a big believer in supplements for both cats and humans. You should see my kitchen counter: between my supplements (I didn’t earn the name “supplement queen” from my friends for no reason!) and Allegra and Ruby’s supplements, there’s not much space left for anything else. And I’m only half kidding.

I rarely accept supplements or food for review unless it’s something I’ve already thoroughly researched and/or tried. I won’t use Allegra and Ruby as product testers for products whose claims I can’t verify. Full disclosure: I have not used Pet Naturals of Vermont’s products, but based on what I’ve read about the company, and the ingredients listed for their products, these look like good products to me. I was particularly impressed to find out that Dr. Roger Kendall, Pet Naturals® vice president of research and development, and Dale Metz, Pet Naturals® CEO, are founding members of the National Animal Supplements Council. The NASC seal guarantees that pet supplements meet guidelines for quality, integrity and truth in labeling.

Pet Naturals of Vermont

If you’d like to try these supplements for your cats, here’s your chance to win a combo-pack of three of Pet Naturals®’s products:

  • Daily Best, a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement with taurine and digestive enzymes
  • Daily Digest, a combination of digestive enzymes and probiotics which supports proper functioning of gut and bowel health
  • Skin and Coat,  which contains omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamin E to support skin and coat health

To enter this giveawy, tell me in a comment why you think your kitty could benefit from these supplements. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway is only open to readers in the contiguous United States, and ends Thursday, October 25.

For more information about Pet Naturals of Vermont, please visit their website or Facebook page.

 Always check with your cat’s veterinarian before giving supplements. Some supplements can interact with medications or other natural remedies.

40 Comments on Giveaway: cat supplements from Pet Naturals of Vermont

  1. The feral cat that we have been feeding would benefit from some good nutrition and it will help him prepare for winter.

  2. I think the Daily Best would be great for our boy. He is a little overweight, so we put him on diet food, but now I worry about him getting enough nutrients.

  3. My oldest cat, Zima is 18 years old. I think she would benefit from these supplements because she loves treats, and doesn’t eat as well as she should anymore.

  4. I would love to have these for my oldest cat, Demon, he’s 10 and the multivitamin would be good for him because of his age, he has pancreatitis so the daily digest would help his digestion and hopefully calm his stomach, every cat need vitamins for their skin and coat and hopefully this would help with shedding and therefore hairballs which also irritate his stomach.

  5. These vitamin supplements for cats would be wonderful for Princess and Queenie because they both have hairballs and the Daily Best and Daily Digest sound like they would alleviate this problem. The Skin and Coat supplement would make their fur even more beautiful. I would love to win this for them. Thanks for offering another great giveway. I am sharing on Facebook and Twitter too.

  6. I’d love to win for my 4 babies. I think they’d benefit because its good for their coat and skin and makes them healthier. Thanks for the chance.

  7. In for Charlie,I like the fact that these supplements are in treat form,the cats get the benefit of the supplements without the stress a “medicine” type would cause,Thank You.

  8. We didn’t know there were calming treats until reading Marg’s comment. Katie could sure use some calming! She’s fine with us, but anything out of the ordinary, from the pizza man to (gasp!) the Vet and she is under so much stress.

    Katie is also at the age where she’s about to enter her (gasp again!) senior years. I do not have her on any sort of supplements now, but I think it would be a very good idea. A happy and healthy Katie makes for a happy and healthy Glogirly.

    : ) Glogirly

  9. My 10 year old would benefit greatly with these supplements and it would not hurt the 1 year old. She tries her best to keep the old guy moving, but these might do a better job.

  10. My cats would all benefit from taking these supplements since I (sadly and lazily) feed them canned and dry food — all grain free but I realize most, if not all, of the nutrition gets removed when the food is processed. I’ve tried Pet Naturals Calm supplement for my cats and can attest to the fact that it works! None of us are getting any youngest and I want my furbabies to be as healthy and happy (and safe) as possible!!

  11. Honestly I am desperate for anything to try for my Hannah who isn’t doing her best. She’s a fighter and has many good days but I know her time is limited and would jump at the opportunity to try something more for her.

  12. i have a semi-feral with ibd and the pred shots are no longer working as they first did. i’d like to see if the daily digest has any effect.

  13. I would love to give these to my rescue feline, Riddle, because he could physically and mentally benefit from these natural, high quality supplements (aka “treats” )!

  14. My older girl would definitely benefit from the daily best and the daily digest, and my 2 rescues would benefit from the skin+coat because they both have dandruff. I have never tried this brand and would love to give them a try, thanks for the opportunity!

  15. We have a sweet boy that has both a sensitive digestive tract and skin. I too have researched these products and thought they seemed reputable – I would definitely be interested giving them a try. Thank you for the giveaway.

  16. I have never tried this brand of supplements, but would love to give these to my kitty! (She is a beautiful tortie like Allegra and Ruby 🙂 I give my dog digestive enzymes and other supplements, and although the enzymes are for both cats and dogs (different dosing, of course) my kitty has a real aversion to the enzymes sprinkled on anything. Maybe the flavor of these would be more to her liking? Thanks for all the great info and fun giveaways!

  17. Misty gets the Daily Best every day with her Primal Raw. She’s had some pretty nasty intestinal issues before and the combination of raw and these vitamins have really helped her. I’ve never seen the Daily Digest before and would love to see how that differs from the Daily Best. Since she already has amazing fur, I’d probably give the skin & coat one to my mom for her cat.

  18. My “senior” cat Phoebe is has begun to have digestive issues – I would love to try these with her to see if she can get some of her youthful energy back!

  19. I would just love to win these for my kitties! Our Maya is 12 years old and has digestive problems. He (yes, Maya is a he) also has skin and coat problems and he sometimes pulls out his own fur. I think these treats will really help him!

  20. I use the Pet Naturals Daily Best and Hairball supplements. My finicky cat Billy loves them. I’d like to try the Skin & Coat formula. I’ve tried adding an Omega 3 liquid supplement (which was purchased from our vet) to my cats’ canned food – but Billy and my other Sammy walk away from the food if I add the suggested amount (Sammy once dragged a newspaper across the room to cover the offending food). It would be nice to give them the Omega supplements in treat form.


  21. I already use the Calming treats and the joint treats so I am glad to hear that you think they are good. But we would love to win some more of them. Lots of kitties around here need supplements. Mom takes tons of supplements. Take care.

  22. I would LOVE to win these for my kitties as I have an older kitty that is starting to have issues with keeping his coat looking nice and is starting to have dandruff even though I brush him frequently. I also give him forti flora as a supplement, so the GI treats would be great for all my kitties! My oldest is 15 and I have two others that are 7 and 6 years old.

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