Infinity Cat Scratch Lounge

I love seeing so many creative cat scratchers on the market now. Gone are the days when the only option was a piece of cardboard in a box, or a carpeted pole. With all these different options, there is truly a scratcher for every cat.

Today, you’ll have an opportunity to win this fabulous scratch lounge for your kitties! The Infinity Cat Scratcher Lounge gives your feline charges an all-in-one opportunity to scratch, nap, and play. I like the multiple scratching surfaces at different angles, and of course, the curves provide a perfect spot for a nap, or to watch what’s going on in the house. And even better, the  Infinity Cat Scratcher Lounge comes ready to use right out of the box, no assembly required (words that make my mechanically challenged self happy).


This beautiful tortie named Zoey sure seems to be enjoying her Infinity Scratcher – and don’t you love the Halloweeny touch with the little ghosts?

To enter this giveawy, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win the Infinity Cat Scratcher Lounge. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway is only open to readers in the contiguous United States, and ends Thursday, October 18.

For more information about the Infinity Cat Scratcher Lounge, and to purchase, please visit Karma Products.

Coming next week: Allegra and Ruby review Karma Products’ new X-Tetra Scratch Lounge!

Photo of Zoey used with permission

149 Comments on Giveaway: Infinity Cat Scratcher Lounge

  1. My two kitties Leo and Gracie would love this!!We live in a tiny studio apartment.They have two scratching posts but they are nearly destroyed.This would fit in nicely with our decor..and my kitties would be so happy to win!

  2. i would love the scratcher for my girls the one j have is really old i have 4 kittys whom i love dearly they would get a lot of use of a new scratcher my daughter also lives with me and she has 5 cats thank you for a chance to win scratcher

  3. My Sierra ” The Princess” would absolutely love this scratcher ! She loves cardboard boxes and is always rubbing her head ( ears ) up against stuff ( has some ear issues) She loves to explore and make everything her own, including the arms and top of the couch where she plops herself and there is becoming an indentation of her bottom ! .

  4. I would like to win this for my kitty, Mr. Whiskers, because it is hard to find a cat scratcher that I can afford. Mr. Whiskers has out grown and broken every scratcher I can afford. He is such a good cat that I think he deserves a good scratcher/lounge. I know for a fact he would love the Infinity cat scratcher lounge and I would love to watch him enjoy it.

  5. Both of my kitties love to scratch all things cardboard….this would be a welcome addition to our cat-tastic home!

  6. I love the look of this scratcher! And my cardboard lover, Izzy, would love to scratch and lounge around on this for sure.

  7. My two kitties would love one of these lounges. They already lay about on the flat scratcher they have now, but oh would they love to have the infinity lounger. Especially little Miss Fionna, she likes to be up higher than her big brother Din so she can pounce on him. And does she like to keep her claws oh so sharp

  8. I LOVE this piece of functional furniture. I so believe that my kitties thrive on furniture they can call their own! I have seen this and fell in love with it! I have four wonderful feline members of my family and I am lucky that they share most all of the furniture provided for them ! This would be a fantastic luxury for them to enjoy and also to use to scratch and fulfill their natural urge to stretch! It is GORGEOUS!

  9. I would love to have this cool scratcher and lounger to pose on. The sofa has become my string art sculpture and I need a new muse…I would send photos to you of me plopped over it artfully.

    pounces and purrs–mishka aka mischiefka

  10. Our kitties have destroyed the old scratcher, which wasn’t very nice to begin with. This would not only be a huge improvement over the old one, but it would also be symbolic– the infinity stands for how much I love them! which I need to remember sometimes when they are fighting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I’ve just relocated from France in NYC with my two cats Kazu and Mia. I’m looking for the perfect scratcher and this seems to be the one! I’m sure they will miss their previous parisian scratcher with this one 🙂

  12. Magic has had me (her hooman) enter every contest that has been posted for a scratcher. I would really LOVE to win one for her. <3 Purrs to all.

  13. I would really love this piece of furniture to add to the house. I have been getting the cardboard scratchers for YEARS and the shavings seem to get everywhere in the house. (they get on the bottom of my feet and theirs and sometimes winds up in my bed and my daughters!) This is a really nice piece of furniture that I am sure they would appreciate it and it would give my couch and chairs a break. This infinity piece would go perfectly in the living room by one of the windows that they lay in front that lets in the most sunlight…and it has enough room for them to all enjoy. I am sure they will play-fight over who gets on top first…it would be too cute not to see. 🙂

  14. Hello and thanks for this opportunity! Bach and Brahms love interesting and creative designs and would totally enjoy their own Infinity Scratcher. It is a perfect size for large Ragdolls, and I can picture the boys arguing for equal time lounging on this great prize! The sturdy cardboard construction would last a long time and also look fantastic in our family room. We will keep our fingers, toes and paws crossed!

  15. My guys love, love, LOVE cardboard scratchers, so they would absolutely go nuts for this! It’s actually large enough for my biggest boy too!

  16. 3 kitties in this house – all love scratchers and new things! I would love to watch each one of them try to claim this for themselves…they don’t always share well!

  17. My 4 kitties all have different tastes in what they like to scratch on so I’m always looking for interesting scratchers or ones that serve double-duty as scratcher/lounger. This one is great and would be sure to keep their attention off of my furniture!

  18. My cats, Pepper and Dublin, would absolutely love this cat scratcher. Plus it would hopefully entice Dublin to stay away from my couch, which has started to be attractive to him for scratching.

  19. While we do have a cat, I would love to win this for our rabbits. Being made of cardboard makes it safe to chew and I know they would love to use it as a climbing wall before chilling out on top of it. Karma Products should definitely consider marketing these for other animals besides cats!

  20. My Gabby would appreciate having this nifty lounge scratcher. Over the past few months I’ve tried almost all the traditional scratchers out there and none of them pleases my kitty. So, right now she continues to scratch the mat at the front door and [when I’m not looking] my carpet. The infinity scratcher lounge would appeal to her favorite hobby of napping and people watching while getting in a few scratches here and there. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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