Since the girls spend a fair amount of time on the computer, it’s inevitable that they find things they like during their online travels, but nothing matched the commotion I heard coming from my office when they came across the Cattemporary Cat Castle™ from The Refined Feline. But why don’t I let them tell you.


Ruby: Allegra, look at this cool castle!

Allegra: I see it, Ruby. It would make a fun toy for us, wouldn’t it?

Ruby: It would be AWESOME! I could climb all the way to the top and look down on you!

Allegra: And I could sleep inside and have some peace and quiet from you.

Ruby: I would find you! You’re not that good at hiding!

Allegra: And you know what Ruby? I think Mom would really like this, because it’s such a pretty color and design.

Ruby: You’re right, Allegra! We should tell Mom that we want it because we know she would like it! I bet that would make her get it for us!

Ingrid: Girls? What are you up to?

Both: Mom, mom! Check out this cat castle? Can we have it? Purrreeze, pletty purreeze!

Ingrid: We’ll see. It sure is adorable.

Allegra (whispers to Ruby): She likes it. That’s a very good sign…

Ruby: I would look so cute inside the castle….

The Catemporary Cat Castle™ comes in two sizes. For more information, visit The Refined Feline. The girls have been very good all year, so I may have to have a chat with Santa about this castle.

Do you think your kitties would like this?

10 Comments on Allegra and Ruby’s cat castle dreams

  1. Pretty sure the Hooligans would love it – but don’t think it will be in the birthday or Yule list as they just got a new tree.

  2. Good to know that Allegra & Ruby have conversations like my furry kids do! I think my cats would love the castle, however I’m sure it would get knocked over daily. My bengal mix hits the 6 ft cat tree at full speed and almost knocks that thing over (and it’s solid!).

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