You’ve watched Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy come to the rescue of behaviorally challenged cats and their humans for three seasons. Armed with his signature guitar case filled with cat toys, Spirit Essences and other training aides, Jackson trains the humans as much as he trains the cats, since the majority of feline behavior problems are caused by humans who don’t understand cats’ natural behaviors.

This just in: Animal Planet has renewed My Cat from Hell for a fourth season, and they’re put out a casting call for the new season. If you have a cat whose behavioral challenges are driving you crazy, they want to hear your story! It hasn’t been determined which cities they’ll be filming in this season, so this casting call is open to all US locations.

Here’s what your submission should include:

About You

  • Your Name
  • Age
  • City
  • Contact phone number
  • Who you live with
  • Tell us about your cat and how it’s affecting your life/relationship

About Your Cat

  • Be sure to include your cat’s name
  • Cat’s age
  • Cat’s breed
  • Where you got the cat and
  • Tell us, in detail, about your cat’s behavioral problems and why you (or your family) are at your wits end.

Your Pictures

  • Include pictures of you
  • Pictures of your family members and
  • Of course pictures of your cat

E-mail your submission to

Will you be submitting an application for your cat?

13 Comments on My Cat From Hell now casting Season 4

  1. I was wondering when the fourth season is scheduled to air?
    And thanks to Jackson I’m using his methods to rehabilitate a lot of stray cats to loveable cats at the Richardson Animal Shelter and give lots of useful advice based off of his methods and research for non cat people to get them a lot better. Even my twin boys love helping with animals and they’re only a little over a year. So thank you Jackson for all the diverse and fundimental teachings and can’t wait to watch the next seasons and learn more to help save more cats with my family.

    • I’m not sure when the new season will air, Bethany, but I’ll be sure to post about it as soon as I find out! I learn something new from every episode, too.

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