I was first introduced to Zero Odor about a year ago at a feline behavior seminar hosted by Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS, DACVB. Zero Odor was a sponsor of the seminar and each attendee received a bottle of the Zero Odor Litter Spray. Litter odor is not a problem at my house – I scoop practically the minute Allegra or Ruby leave their box – but I decided to put the product to the test for other “odor challenges,” such as trash cans and cooking odors, and it worked remarkably well for those.

I connected with Zero Odor at the 2012 BlogPaws conference earlier this year, where they sponsored the fabulous Catification Lounge, and received a sample of their Odor Eliminator, which works amazingly well.

All Zero Odor products are based on a patented formula that eliminates pet odors on a molecular level. It actually turns odor molecules into non-odor molecules, so pet odors depart forever. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable, so you can feel good using it around your cats. And for me, the best part is that the products don’t cover odor or mask it with heavy fragrances. They simply eliminate the offending odor without leaving a scent of their own.

We’re delighted to be able to offer a Zero Odor Pet Multi Kit to one lucky winner!

To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment which odors you’d like to eliminate with the products. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway is open to US readers only and ends Thursday, September 20.

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  1. After seeing the inventor on Shark Tank, I had to try it. Having rescued over fifty cats I can honestly say that this is the best product for odor control I have EVER tried!

  2. I’d like to get rid of cat stains from getting sick. My cat gets ear infections regularly, so I have to clean her ears. She hates the sticky liquid that gets left behind around her ears so she constantly grooms herself which results in hairballs. We all know what happens to hair balls. It’s a regular thing that I have to scrub the floor. I am still looking for a product that will pull the stain out of the carpet. Hope I can try your product!

  3. Definitely could use the stain & odor remover & litter spray. With 4 cats odor is hard to control & one with recent “pee problems” due to tyroid.

  4. We have 19 cats and 6 litter boxes. Our house stays pretty clean but there’s always a little bit of an odor lingering around. I would love to see what this could do!

  5. I scoop the litter box 3 times a day and I can still smell it. I would love to use it to help make the kitty room more appealing to everyone!

  6. With 3 cats and 5 litter boxes I am continuously on the hunt for better ways to eliminate odors. Plus, being a military family we move often and we plan to sell our house this year… so odors must be eliminated! I’d love to try ZerOdor.

  7. I would love to try this in my house! It’s a multi-cat household – some don’t cover and a couple of the boys tend to miss the boxes 😉 Plus, I’m still battling lingering smells from very sick cats, including one who just refused to use the box for a very long time. I hate perfume-y coverups (and they don’t work anyway) plus, I only use natural products, so Zero Odor is a real win-win!

    • Paws down, the worst would be urine from the liter boxes and carpet. Having 6 cats they each have their own catitude! Does it come in gallon size or for carpet cleaners?
      Thank you for telling us about this product and giving us all a chance to win some!

  8. When we got our newest cat he had accidents in the office on the carpet. We were paying so much attention to him that we didn’t notice one of our other cats was doing the same in the bedroom out of protest! Sadly we caught the second set of accidents too late, and are currently looking for a way to get rid of the lingering odor.

  9. We have four rescued cats – found and rescued in our own backyard! We clean their boxes twice a day and put the waste in a garbage can in a cabinet under the laundry room sink. We empty this garbage can every one to two days. Despite keeping on top of things, this garbage can sure smells. I would love to try this non-toxic product to help with the odor. we always try to use non-toxic products around our home.


  10. I have 2 cats, 1 litter box , 1 male roommate and crohns disease!!! We get some smells around here!!! I try to clean the box daily but even then it seems like it still stinks by the time I get home from work. The cats are very good about using the box but not as good about covering the messes. I could use Zero Odor because the sweet, perfumy odor sprays make me nauseous and I need something to freshen up my apartment. Thanks 🙂

  11. I moved into a house that had multiple animals and lots of accident spots everywhere that hadn’ t been cleaned properly. Needless to say that the odors come back as they had been let set into things. Rugs(which I removed ) and floors under them.

  12. I would love to try this product. I have a big ex-ferrel cat that sometimes sprays in the house . He has even sprayed the air purifier and the TV. Also two big litter boxes in a closet that can really knock you out sometimes. I have tried different products with limited results. I could use something that really works.

  13. All of them! We need help! Had 10 cats but recently our 2 seniors went over the Rainbow Bridge, God bless their souls. They were peeing eveywhere & haven’t gotten rid of all the smells & stains yet. Now lil Bunnybutt & Ruby Roo have been vomiting, uugh! Down to 8 cats and always seems to be sumfin happening! They are our kids, our angels & couldn’t give them up for the world! The giveaway is awesome but never seem to win these things. Goog luck to everyone & thank you for the offer!

  14. Truth be told Leonardo’s litter isn’t that bad (unless it rains maybe) it’s always conspicuously tidy; but there is this sort of den, cat warren area in my living room where the upholstery and the rug could benefit immensely from the Zero Odor Pet spray I am sure.

  15. Thanks for this great giveaway. I would love to cover up litter box smells even more even though I keep up with the cleaning of the box. Hairballs and cat vomit is also another smelly situation this would be great for. I will post this on Facebook and Twitter.

  16. We have two rescue cats. Don is a bully, and sometimes won’t let Lucy use any of the THREE litter boxes we have for them, so she uses the nearest corner. We are in desperate need of an odor solution!

  17. I also scoop right away if I can, but I have odors I’d like to eliminate in the can where I keep the plastic bags with dirty litter until it goes out in the trash. I’d also like to hit the trash can and bathroom with asomething I know is safe for my cats, I do not like using heavy chemical products, i’m afraid that even if they dry/I rinse that they will still lick chemicals from ther paws. Thank you-great product.

  18. One of my cats doesn’t do a great job of burying her stuff, so it would be great to use these products on that. I would also love to try it on the trash cans as well… We’re in the process of switching the girls from dry food to wet food, and those cans stink no matter how many times you rinse them out and spray the can! Thanks!

  19. I have not used Zero Pet yet, but hear it is great! I would use the product to eliminate litter box and general pet odors as well.

  20. I would use the Zero Odor on my cat box. Coconut will only use one kind of cat litter and although it works well at keeping her to stay in the box.. It’s no so great at keeping odors in the box. It sounds like this would really help!

  21. I’ve tried the Zero Odor products before and really LOVED them. Having 11 cats now, we DEFINITELY need this product in our home. I try to keep the litter boxes cleaned as often as possible, but I work a 48hr shift which takes me away from home a long period at a time. Even though my husband tried to help, it still seems difficult to keep up w/the litter boxes and the odor. This would be an awesome help on that front. Thanks for such a great give away offer!!

  22. Having 4 cats, definitely produces some litter box odors and occasional ‘accidents’! Keeping the litter boxes clean, and not the main scent in the house, has often been a challenge. I would love to win Zero One products! Many products we have tried, are just too strong and our cats are not always impressed with strong scents. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Our family would love to try this product with our five cat family! We have one kitty who refuses to bury his droppings after going in the box, soooo..we could really benefit from getting rid of THOSE odors, LOL.

    We also have occasional hairball upchucks, so looking for a non toxic stain remover. We want non toxic choices to protect not only us, but our kitties from toxic chemicals in our home.

    We love our kitties, and also love fresh clean air in our home..

  24. I really would like to try the cat box(pee) odors spray,it seems like know matter how often you scope out the pee clumps,the smell does linger some,Thanks.

  25. The odors I’d like to eliminate this wonderful product are my pet cat’s litter box & the stains in my carpet from the cat.

  26. i never understand how other people have no odor. i scoop immediately, but sometimes the odor lingers even if nothing touched the sides of the box. i have tried many products without success. maybe this is THE ONE.

  27. With 4 cats and 5 litterboxes, litterbox odor can be the worst smell in the house. Even when I do my best to keep up with it!

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