I was first introduced to Zero Odor about a year ago at a feline behavior seminar hosted by Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS, DACVB. Zero Odor was a sponsor of the seminar and each attendee received a bottle of the Zero Odor Litter Spray. Litter odor is not a problem at my house – I scoop practically the minute Allegra or Ruby leave their box – but I decided to put the product to the test for other “odor challenges,” such as trash cans and cooking odors, and it worked remarkably well for those.

I connected with Zero Odor at the 2012 BlogPaws conference earlier this year, where they sponsored the fabulous Catification Lounge, and received a sample of their Odor Eliminator, which works amazingly well.

All Zero Odor products are based on a patented formula that eliminates pet odors on a molecular level. It actually turns odor molecules into non-odor molecules, so pet odors depart forever. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable, so you can feel good using it around your cats. And for me, the best part is that the products don’t cover odor or mask it with heavy fragrances. They simply eliminate the offending odor without leaving a scent of their own.

We’re delighted to be able to offer a Zero Odor Pet Multi Kit to one lucky winner!

To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment which odors you’d like to eliminate with the products. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway is open to US readers only and ends Thursday, September 20.

For more information about the products, please visit

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  1. I put in my Facebook comment that it would be great to have this. I have cats who don’t cover, I can’t hardly use my stove, it leaves a strong odor and not from burnt food! Last night I would have been in 7th heaven if I could of used this!! Last but not least is my bunnie odor. I haven’t found any litter that doesn’t let you know theres a bunnie in house!!
    P.S. My little bunnie rules my cats!!!! It’s funny to watch. I’m careful not to laugh out loud and hurt my kitties feelings and no one is hurt.
    So it would be great to win!

  2. There are five lovely felines residing with me, two of them are 20+ years old. I’ve never used Zero Odor and would love to try it! If it works, “Bullet the Wonder Cat”, my Pet Partners registered Therapy Cat will give it a shout out on his personal FB page =^..^=

  3. I would love to eliminate the “pet” or “doggie” smell that I sometimes catch in my living and bedroom… I wouldn’t complain about getting rid of kitty box smell either! Thank you for this fun opportunity! :

  4. I already use Zero Odor for litterboxes and garbage cans. But now I need it for my car! First, for the cat pee that leaked out of the cat carrier when I picked the cats up from the groomer. It saturated the passenger seat–yuck! And worse…I accidentally dumped a latte on the floor of the car…the weather is still warm so the rotten milk odor is pretty rank! I bet Zero Odor would be perfect for that!

  5. I already use Zero Odor for litterboxes and garbage cans. But now I need it for my car! First, for the cat pee that leaked out of the cat carrier when I picked the cats up from the groomer. It saturated the passenger seat–yuck! And worse…I accidentally dumped a latte on the floor of the car…the weather is still warm so the rotten milk odor is pretty rank! I bet Zero Odor would be perfect for that!

  6. With four geriatric animals, three cats and one dog, there are “accidents” on occasion. Inside the litter box is no problem, but when it’s outside the odor needs to be eliminated.

  7. I’m in charge of the upstairs in my house, and my boy Smokey is in charge of the finished basement. His food, water, litter, toys, etc. are all down there. Unfortunately, so is an obnoxious odor from him that I cannot seem to track down. Plus, the ventilation down there isn’t that great. So this product would be very helpful and welcome! Thank you!

  8. I would LOVE to be able to eliminate litter box odor (an issue with 8 cats, even when boxes are kept scrupulously clean) and I have an area of carpet that cats have ‘gone’ on periodically. I’d love to eliminate any residual from that. Thanks for your page and the great information and products you bring to our awareness!

  9. I’ve wanted to try this product. We have a cat that occasionally sprays in the garage in response to the neighborhood cats she smells on the other side of the door – THAT is an odor I would like to eliminate! Thank you for the generous giveaway!!

  10. I could use this for all of the above referenced ‘Oh-dears’… Thankfully the stains are few, but as mine age, I know I’ll be in for it.

  11. Thanks for mentioning that you used this for garbage cans because i don’t need it for the litter box either but would love to try it and use it the way that you did, for the kitchen garbage can.

  12. My senior cat (18 years-young) and I share a small apartment. So, exterminating odors from his ‘bathrooms’, hairballs, barf, and urine & poop accidents would make us both feel so much better. 😉

  13. I would be most interested in the Pet Stain Remover. After saving a very old cat from the street we have had a lot of extra “accidents” to clean up as seems to be common with older animals. Having two other cats we want to clear the odors of his accidents so they don’t try to cover anything up.

  14. With 6 indoor kitties, I try my hardest to stay on top of cleaning. Scooping multiple litter boxes, vacuuming, lint rolling the furniture..the list goes on! Recently, I’ve been researching products that are safe to use around my cats. I’ve become more aware how harmful all of the fragrance sprays and cleaners are! I would love to try this product and use it as a more safe alternative to what I have used in the past.

  15. With three resident cats and various fosters, there is always an order to be controlled. I would love to try this product.

  16. The odors I would most like to eliminate are those left over on the bedding that I was weekly for the cat rescue that I volunteer at. Often times the beds have been soiled with pee, poop, or vomit. I scrape it off, use hot water, lots of detergent and bleach but I always wonder if the beds smell badly to the kitties even after they’ve been laundered. I’d love to try this product and see if it might help.

  17. We live in the US Virgin Islands, on St. Croix, where we have a herd of 12 kitties, most of whom are “dumpster kitties” that we are fostering (all have been caught and spayed/neutered) – kitties that otherwise would starve to death, be killed by roaming packs of dogs, or caught and destroyed. We give them a home and health care without adding to the population. As a result sometimes we have a LOT of kitty odors, both inside and out! And living in the VI, we don’t have large “big box” pet stores to go to to buy products, so having the opportunity to try a new product would be WONDERFUL!

  18. It would be great for the outdoor trash can where I toss the bags of “stuff” collected from the litter boxes (I have 7 boxes). We have 2 indoor cats of our own and 2 fosters, about to be 3 fosters. I would also use it when I wash out the boxes.

    Shared on facebook also

  19. I would love to win these products. After moving into a neighborhood with approx 60 feral and stray cats, I’ve ended up with 10 cats inside my house with me, in addition to 2 dogs and a rabbit. The cats are all very well-behaved considering, but 2 get chronic urinary tract issues and occasionally eliminate outside the box. One of the ferals was hit by a car and though all stitched back together has some accidents at times. So I need something for urine odor. Also someone or another is often vomiting or having “issues at the other end.” So there’s a lot of stinky stuff to clean, in addition to just the usual smells from so many furry creatures.

  20. We have several outside Cats and they want to use the gravel driveway where I park my car as a litter box… I would like to find a product that could help me put a end to this, because they return to the same places… I need something that won’t hurt the ground or damage the water table…

  21. I have a Maine Coon cat named “Bandit” and he is quite sensitive about our new puppy. I would love to try this and have tried another enzymatic product to good effect. Thanks for the offer!

  22. I raise foster kittens for the local shelter – no matter how hard I try to keep the
    “kitten rooms” odor free, nothing seems to really work. I’d love to try this!! Thanks.

  23. Need to get rid of the smell of PEE! We have had 4 different cats with litter box issues due to illness.Georgie has FUS,Fraggle was in renal failure,Karma had Megacolon and she would strain to poop and end up peeing.Winnie near the end couldnt hold it and he also pooped all over the place at times as he would NOT use the box if ther was one thing in it!We even had 3 boxes! PLEASE PLEASE would love to try this.Its embarassing if anyone comes to our house.We have tried so many things to get rid of the odor.I had home nurse and physical therapist after my back surgery and I KNOW they probably told all their collegues about the smelly pee house.HELP!!!!!!

  24. Linsdey has passed and Vir needs a buddy, so we’re going to a local rescue today to pick him out a friend. I’d like to be prepared in case said buddy has some accidents as s/he learns about their new home!

  25. We have 7 rescue kitties – 9 litter boxes …. cleaned twice daily…. but we could use any help we can get. Thank you

  26. Although her poo doesn’t stink (just ask her) Annie’s bathroom is still a little, well, stinky sometimes. This sounds like what I need to spritz when we have guests. We’d love to try it!

  27. Thanks for the giveaway, I have cat and dog odor issues. Not so much the box but age related “misses”. No matter what I use an under current of odor pervades the whe house.

  28. I have two cats and live in an apartment, so the litter box can get pretty stinky. I use odor neutralizing sprays, but I have to use them often throughout the day, and there is always an undertone of smelly cat waste. To have something that eliminates the odors on hand would be so convenient and welcome.

  29. My husband HATES the cat box oder ……and he is always giving me an ultimatum of getting rid of my cats over this….

  30. We’re trying to sell our condo so we can get a house and have more room – Zero Odor would definitely come in handy when we have potential buyers coming to look at the condo! We need it to get rid of the litter box odor and areas where one of our cats, who has since passed, left her mark – that odor does NOT want to go away. Thank you!

  31. We love Zero Odor! Please enter us!! The mom used to get it at PetSmart but was disappointed to learn that PetSmart doesn’t carry it anymore. So now she has to go shopping on line for it!

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