Do you ever have trouble making decisions? Perhaps you’re being too rational about it. Life isn’t all black and white, and a decision is rarely all right or all wrong. Contrary to the picture above, there really are no wrong decisions (although the kitten in the photo might disagree), there are only different choices.  Additionally, very few decisions are irreversible. We always have the power to make a different choice.

Another reason why making a decision can be difficult is fear. Fear of the outcome, fear of how a “wrong” decision may impact our lives and the lives of those around us, fear of taking some risks. A fear-based decision is never a good decision. Fear limits. Fear is never truth.  If you feel fear, remember to connect with your spiritual core and remind yourself that there is no room for fear when you are connected to your true self.

Psychotherapist and bestselling author Margaret Paul, Ph. D., writes in an article on The Huffington Post that “making decisions can be difficult, but we make it especially hard when we try to decide from our mind, rather than from our inner experience.” She goes on to say that when she has to make a decision, she opens herself to her deeper experience. “My feelings generally let me know what is right or wrong for me. Since there is never just one right answer, I need to go by what feels good to me. My mind has no idea about what brings me joy, what feels fulfilling to me, what is esthetically pleasing, what feels peaceful. My mind is too filled with what I’ve learned to know what is right for me.”

It seems to me that this approach goes right along with how cats make decisions. Should I go sleep in the sun puddle, or do I want to curl up in my kitty condo? Do I want to play with the catnip mouse, or chase the fishing pole toy my human is waving at me? For cats, it comes down to this: if it feels good, do it.

I try to follow this feline guidance when I have to make decisions. Additionally, one of the best pieces of advice I got from one of my mentors was to make decisions from the place I want to be, not from the place I’m in. This means that if I’m thinking and dreaming big, I need to be ready to make decisions that support that kind of thinking.  I can’t decide from a place of fear and scarcity if I want to live a big life.

Do you have trouble making decisions? What helps you choose?

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  1. Ingrid, thanks for this. I have been dealing with a lack of motivation and fear of rejection for a book I am writing. This is my first book and sometimes I get so fearful that I don’t work on it. This has made me realize I am doing it for myself and I do not care if it may not be liked by some when it is done. The important thing is doing it. When cats want to do something they just do it as they are impulsive and listen to their inner self. Any advice on this since you are an author?

  2. “…make decisions from the place I want to be, not from the place I’m in.” Wow! Never thought of it that way, but it makes sense and sounds just right. Thanks.

  3. “Do you have trouble making decisions? What helps you choose?”

    Should I take in another cat Answer always seems to be yes. A forever home to a cat brings happiness to everyone. Except Stirfry.

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