Here in the United States, we’re celebrating Labor Day today, and this post is dedicated to all the working cats out there.

I’ve had a number of working cats in my life. Virginia was my first office cat at the animal hospital I managed, followed, of course, by Buckley, as those of you who read my book know. Amber wasn’t so much a working cat as she was the inspiration behind The Conscious Cat, although who’s to say being a writer’s mewse is not hard work. Allegra and Ruby not only write ther own columns, Allegra’s World and Ruby’s Reflections, they also work hard at testing new products for you and your kitties. The picture above was taken a week after I adopted Allegra: she was getting an early start on learning the computer!

Cats hold any number of jobs. There are store cats, office cats, clinic cats, and nursing home cats. I love visiting stores or offices who have a resident cat. I think having a cat on the premises completely changes the energy of a business.

Does your cat have a job? Do you visit a business with a working cat? Please share in a comment!

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  1. Both my kitties have jobs-they remind me to stop and smile when I see them and constantly pet them. They are my stress reducers.

  2. I loved this blog about Allegra and Ruby working! My Cisco has a job of checking on his brother and sister. If they get medicine or his brother is picking on his sister, he will run to them to see if they are ok. He has taken on this job ever since I brought him into the home to spend his life with his brother and sister. All of them have a job twice a day, letting me know it is time to eat. They eat in the morning and then in the evening and they all know when it is time. They come hang out around me. Princess will start meowing, Meeko stares at me and Cisco and will keep jumping up in my lap and back down again. They fulfill my life and never make it dull!

  3. Ms Rainbow has two main jobs in my apt. As a guard she vigilante listens and smells for any unusual occurrences around the premise. One time on a quiet full moon night she woke me up by stepping over me, which she has on no other occasion ever done to date. She was growling and edgy. She led me to the bathroom window where I could see a strange man peeking in over the back fence. Her other job is being my manager. She has the perfect timing to interrupt me for my exercises, meals, and breaks from the computer, as well as for her meal and play times, like an alarm clock. I wonder if she is a Virgo 🙂

  4. “work” and “cats” are a contradiction of terms 🙂

    Then again….Cody is a “blogging cat” as Allegra and Ruby are. He is a product testing, book reviewing cat as well…..he is also an “eating cat” which with as much as he eats…that’s A LOT of work!

    I have known a number of “Shop Cats”…but they really didn’t “work” they were there to add to the retail “therapy” experience 🙂

    Happy Labor Day!

  5. I’d rather have my human work for me, but I take it as my job to make her smile and laugh and to be there when she needs a little comfort.
    And of course I have my blog (thanks for your visit by the way 🙂
    Allegra seems very serious about her job in front of the computer!

  6. My cats are the muses for much of my art work. But they also like to participate in creating the work I sell. They are in charge of supplies and thoroughly inspect very box of art supplies I order. Sammy is an excellent paper weight. I never have to worry about sheets of card stock flying away. Now that I am making keepsake boxes, using paint and glue, I have had to set up a table just for the cats so they can supervise from a safe distance. Of course, they will only use this table if they have piles of paper to sit on. They are always so helpful!

  7. My cat, Annapurrna, is no longer with me, but… she did earn her keep. She was a great ratter and mouser. Then, won a beauty prize of $25 at a household pet contest. Later on in Purrna’s long life, she was in a research study at the veterinarians, on feline renal disease in old cats. She saw the veterinarian at regular intervals, and each visit was $100 to Purrna for being a subject. So we always laughed that Annapurrna was maybe one of only a few cats that worked and got a paycheck!

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