My two little product testers have been super busy lately! Our newest product is the Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes Sofa Scratcher Chaise. The scratcher comes complete with some heavy duty organic catnip, but we didn’t even need to sprinkle that on. As soon as I put it on the floor, they both checked it out.

The cardboard portion of the scratcher is nice and strong, featuring a honeycomb texture that allows cats to really get their claws into it. The bottom is covered with a sturdy piece of paper to prevent catnip and loose cardborad pieces from falling through to the floor.

Allegra loves scratching posts of all types, and immediately went to town on this one. The video I shot of her using it may be turning her into a TV star: a British production company making a special for National Geographic, provisionally called “The Wild Side of Cats,” which looks at the behavior of domestic cats and examines how that compares to big cat behaviour in the wild, may be using this clip in the program!


Ruby thinks the scratcher makes a great lounging spot that sets off her cuteness.


We’re giving away one of these scratchers to one lucky winner. To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win a scratcher for your cats. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway is open to US readers only and ends Thursday, September 6.

For more information about Imperial Cat and their products, please visit their website. You can purchase the Scratch ‘n Shapes Sofa Scratcher Chaise from Amazon and other online retailers.

114 Comments on Review and giveaway: Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes Sofa Scratcher Chaise

  1. Well, I have 7 beautiful, furry reasons, all but one of whom came from the horror of the streets, never knowing the basic comforts but all knowing how to scratch things. I go through these at hurricane speed. One that they can scratch & lounge on is a major bonus!

  2. I have a multi-cat household in which the cats think everything in the house is THEIRS!!! I haven’t been able to afford a new scratcher in years, so all my furniture is in tatters and the cat trees are are not stimulating to them anymore.

  3. I took in a feral kitty who recently gave birth to three beautiful baby boys. Needless to say, they’ll soon be searching for something to sharpen those claws on!

  4. I would love to have this scratcher, it will give my kitties a different type and I definitely want them scratching on anything but the furniture… 🙂

  5. My cats, Portia and Ginger would love to win this fabulous scratch -o- lounger!! Then they could return my fur-niture to me!!

  6. Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes Sofa Scratcher Chaise looks wonderful I’d love my 4 rescue kitties to try the chaise I bet they would use it all the time!
    tweeted@ laurieacampbell

  7. I want to win this for my cats because they love to lean on their scratching posts and this looks like it would be much more comfortable for them to do so!

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