Our friends at Spirit Essences surprised Allegra and Ruby with two Cat Buddies last week! They turned out to be a big hit with both girls, and we would expect no less from any toy recommended by Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy.

Ruby immediately began wrestling with Cat Buddy Lola, pictured above. I keep finding Lola in different places throughout the house, even though I haven’t seen Ruby actually drag Lola around. Each Cat Buddy is handmade exclusively for Jackson Galaxy in Honolulu, Hawaii. The toys are filled with cotton batting and certified organic cat nip leaves and buds for long-lasting potency, and they’re nice and durable.


Allegra fell in love with her Mini Krinkle Cat Buddy, which is so new, it isn’t even listed in the Spirit Essences store yet. It’s a little smaller than Lola, and filled with crinkly material. She’s become quite possessive of it!

To purchase these, and other toys recommended by Jackson, visit the Spirit Essences toy store. And don’t forget to use code CONSCIOUSCAT for a 10% discount on all orders (toys and essences).

13 Comments on Allegra and Ruby love their Cat Buddies

  1. My 2 cats love their Cat Buddies! Their favorite is the Zack, the black Cat Buddy and Crunch Buddy. Purrfect for Halloween. My little girl rolls all over her Crunch Buddy. So cute. I love shopping at Spirit Essences store!

    • Don’t they have the best toys, Judy? I have to keep my credit cards under lock and key, otherwise, my girls would buy out the entire toy section! 😉

  2. Miss Gracie would just love one of these! She has two “dawgies” that are sort of kitten sized that she goes and gets from her toy box if she is left in the house on her own. I have a feeling that the cat buddies would definitely replace the dawgies in her affections! I have only just discovered Jackson Galaxy on pay tv here. What an awesome guy he is!

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