We are honored to have been named as one of the top 25 cat blogs of 2012 by the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology! The veterinary profession will always hold a special place in my heart, which makes this distinction especially meaningful to me.

And we’re in some great company: here’s the full list of Bel-Rae’s 25 top cat bloggers.

1. Modern Cat
2. Daisy the Curly Cat
3. Cat Man Do
4. The Conscious Cat
5. Love Meow
6. Covered in Cat Hair
7. Thoughts Fur Paws
8. Floppy Cats
9. House Cat Confidential
10. Alasandra: The Cats and a Dog
11. Way of Cats
12. Glogirly
13. Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center
14. Whiskers and Leo Pet Care
15. Romeo the Cat
16. Pawesome
17. Mod Cat Love
18.  Forever Foster
19. Sparkle
20. Mouse Breath
21. Cat Fact Files
22. I Have Cat
23.  Cat’s Cats
24. The Cat Post Intelligencer
25.  Paper Bag and String

Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology is one of the largest veterinary technician schools in the U.S. that offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Veterinary Technology. Founded in 1971, Bel-Rea is also one of the oldest American Veterinary Technician schools.

28 Comments on The Conscious Cat named one of the top 25 cat blogs

  1. Well you definitely deserved it! I love your website, and could only DREAM to become as well off as you have with my own blog <3 I hope you continue on, never give up! My two kitties are definitely what keeps me going, especially during these turbulent first few months (we're expecting!).

  2. I have 2 cats, a 4 year old male, and a 4 year old female. The male has always been very affectionate, and the female is affectionate, but scared of almost everything. The two cats have been together since they were kittens and pkay and cuddle together. We recently moved, the male cat was brought to the new hone 2 days before the female cat because the female kept hiding on us at the old house. We finalky have them back together , and the male cat is growling and hissing at the female timid cat, and he won’t let the little girl in our room. This has never happened before, and we have moved them both in the past. What do i do to get hi. To stop his aggressive behavior??

  3. I have a behavioral issue with my 2 yr old Siamese cats. Recently we have 3 instances when they have been “spooked” (3 separate situations); 2 when walking with us on their harnesses&leashes and 1 when confronted at the window while inside their home. They have become a wildly, frantic ball of fur & claws that we fear losing control of, so we hold and get scratched to pieces. We walk them 2X/day normally and nothing happens, but once a familiar dog raced up to greet us. Another day a neighborhood cat attacked our window from the exterior and sent OUR kitties into a frenzy in which the male bit his sister/litter-mate and took weeks to become comfortable with each other. Most recent incident involved a probable sighting of a fox outdoors, that spooked them when walking later. While RV travelling across the country 4X/year, we also walk them at least once/day and although very careful about the surroundings, have never had any problems with this frenzied behavior.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  4. Fantastic! Well deserved. You have so much that is informative to cats’ health an welfare as well as just plain fun. So pleased for you all.

    Shallotte, NC

  5. Congrats! Love your blog and always find some great info here! Happy to see other’s feel the same!

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