BestFriendBox is a fun way to spoil your cat: this monthly subscription delivers a box filled with an assortment of all natural treats and hand-picked toys directly to your door.

The friendly folks at BestFriendBox sent a box to Allegra and Ruby, and it was a big hit with both of them. The box contained a bag of natural treats, grooming foam for cats, a tin of high-test organic catnip, and two fun toys. Ruby is particularly enamored with one of the toys, which looks like a stuffed bumblebee.


As you can see in the video below, the girls had fun checking out their goodies. Allegra was particularly interested in the crinkly filler paper.


This innovative service offers several subscription levels. Gift subscriptions are also available for a single box, or a 3-month of 6-month subscription. A single box is $35.00.

BestFriendBox was created to provide pet-owners reliable access to the best pet products available. Each box is hand-packed with lots of love and care. 10% of all profits are donated to cats and dogs in need. The company supports shelters, foundations, and other animal charity groups. For more information, please visit the BestFriendBox website.

One lucky Conscious Cat reader is going to win a box for their cat!

*** This giveaway is closed ***

To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment why you would like to win. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Thursday, May 31, and is limited to readers in the US and Canada only.

252 Comments on Giveaway: Enter to win a BestFriendBox for your cat

  1. Between my 12 and the dozens of fosters that I have every year, there are never enough toys! My gang deserves some extra love!

  2. I previously won 3 months of these terrific boxes. Cats are delighted with selection. Anyone who enters but does not win it will be worth investment to keep your family members happy year round without hassle.

  3. I would love to win! I have 4 cats of my own and foster cats and kittens for rescue so am always using up supplies!

  4. My cats love when they get something new after we come home from shopping – they think that every time the mail comes or we come in with shopping bags it’s for them – it’s super cute.

  5. Just adopted kitten Figaro, which has Senior Cat Fredo down in the whiskers -this would perk him up as he loves treats and toys – and most especially , boxes. Great way to feel like top cat, and to bond with his unexpected little brother

  6. After Sweetie our Weiner Beagle passed away Quincy our Maine Coon has stepped up to the plate to be mommy’s lil man.
    As a group of 3, him being the only male cat of 2 dogs, some comfort responsability became a job for him.
    I would like to reward him for doing a great job helping my fiance through these hard times.
    This would be a nice idea.

  7. Ever since my cats and I lost our home from arsonist, my cats lost their toys and scratching posts. I couldn’t afford anything for my cats, but food and love. I feel that my cats deserve something special out of blues to keep them happy and entertained rather than nothing to have to play with. Thank you. Best of luck to anyone.

  8. My lovely boys, Jasper and Nakori, really deserve a Best Friend Box. They’ve earned it.
    You see, I adopted not one, but TWO–Mini Australian Shepherds from a breed rescue group. This made for a huge lifestyle change, cat-wise. Neither cat has ever lived with a dog.
    For several weeks this meant confinement to the upstairs area only (self-imposed confinement, I should add). As the dogs have adjusted to their new home, the kitties have been such good sports. No litterbox accidents, no redirected aggression; just my sweet boys being their sweet selves. In time, I believe everyone will be able to share this living space, both floors.
    In the meantime, I’d love to give them a thank-you and I-love-you gift!

  9. I’d love to win this box for my kitties.
    I have to work a lot, and am in college,
    and they don’t like it when I’m gone.
    I would love to get something like this for them,
    because they mean a lot to me.

  10. Kitty Kat and Buddy are bored! Time to get a new game going or some new toys. Hopefully the toys and goodies in THIS box will suffice.

  11. My kitty could use some love. He’s not very happy that I’m away and is ignoring the cat sitter. He could use some treats when I get home!

  12. I recently lost my good friend, Fluffy to cancer. She was a large gray love bug that loved to sit and snuggle in the evenings. She was invaluable as a companion, especially this last year when my daughter left for college and I found myself home alone and with a lot of empty time on my hands. She loved to play, and had learned a few tricks, or more to the point she taught them to me… for example: “If I raise my paws in the air, then you give me a treat”… She knew I was lonely and she knew when I needed a snuggle. We have been together ever since she was a small kitten. Sixteen years just blew by. I live with other cats, who are also missing their Fluffy. Tinkerbell, the youngest, has decided to take over where Fluffy left off. She has become my shadow and couch buddy. I would love to give something special to my furry friends. My only wish is that Fluff could still be here with us to enjoy it, but I know she is looking down on me and is expecting me to save some for her. RIP Fluffy

  13. I would love to win this because money has been tight and my four cats have gone without a proper new toy or treat for a few months now. Can you imagine the looks that I get from them when I try to convince them that the empty paper towel tube is a fun gadget?

  14. My kitties would love this box, and with times hard here no job, little income they need a boast to show Mommy still loves her babies, they get me through some rough days.

  15. Ooooh I would like to win because my kitty, Luna, just celebrated her very first birthday in my home (she turned 3!) and we have yet to party and celebrate!

    She and her “big brother” Buzzy (turning 6 years old this year!) are both rescues as well, so they fully support the cause 😉

  16. My babies would enjoy this best friend box so much! They both love “treat time,” & the idea of all natural treats is appealing b/c although Clyde has an “alley cat” stomach, some brands of treats make Gideon sick, so we’re always looking for brands he likes & can tolerate. We’ve been playing the muffin tin game we learned from your site & we’re especially glad to see Gideon so fascinated with it bc as the feline “senior citizen” of the house, he doesn’t play as much as Clyde, but he loves the muffin tin game seeking treats & he gets better at finding them each time! They’d both enjoy new toys for the muffin tin pr their toybox. 🙂

  17. Our two girls, the Nut sisters- Nutmeg and Megnut, would love the contents AND o’course the box. As sisters, they share well and would be tickled pink to to be gifted with all this fun. And I believe, as their nutty mom, that they appreciate anything they get because they were rescue cats and are just thankful for whatever they have!

  18. Sixx just got over a neuter surgery in which he had complications, they over medicated him due to his small size and he was ill for days after. We thought we would lose him. He was a mothers day present to me, and simply one of the nicest things hubby has ever done for me. I would have been lost with out Sixx. He sleeps every night on my back, weirdo, and I love him. He should win the box because he is a super cat!

  19. My two kitties would greatly appreciate the BestFriendBox…they LOVE presents …and the boxes that hold said presents. Plus, since both of them were shelter kitties, they like that this company donates 10% of their profits to animals in need!

  20. My kitty, Magic, doesn’t play much. I am willing to try most anything to get her to play a bit more. She will occasionally play in the tub with the plastic centers from rolls of adding machene paper. Was thinking of getting some ping pong balls.

  21. My girls, Ginger, who just turned 2 and Portia who will be 4 in June, would love to share a Happy Birthday box. They will even let me use an post to share this instead of something wonderful about them!!

  22. I’m an onlie kitteh and always wanted a Best Friend. Now I have the opportunity to have one! Thanks!

  23. I have 5 cats, all of them rescues. My latest rescue Tucker will be 1 yr old on June 1st, this would make a great birthday gift!!

  24. I would like to win because my rescue kitten has had a hard life since birth and it would be nice to give her some joy…

  25. I have 4 rescues, & they would love to have a ‘special kitty day’ & be spoiled with these products!

  26. Because my black cat must be bored because she is this evening repeatedly, “on purpose” getting herself trapped on top of our microwave and then meowing sorrowfully until she is rescued.

  27. Leonardo would walk on his back feet for the contents of that box. heck, he’d wlk on his back feet for the box (he loves boxes).

  28. I’m a college student and have four cats. I’m able to provide the basics for them but am not able to spoil them as much as I’d like and this would make up for it a bit 🙂

  29. I’d like to win this for my cat because she’s a delightful companion & deserves to be spoiled! She’s much smarter than most humans I know.

  30. I own three cats– all three were rescue cats– I donate to a small charity run by a woman who rescues cats for adoption– I love my three and they truly are like best friends– I am sure they would all love what is in the BESTFRIENDBOX.

  31. Penelope just plain loves playing-so I am sure she would love some different toys. Magellan likes to play if I am playing with her. I would love a toy that would engage him for a long period of time.

    thank you Ingrid.

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