When the big box addressed to “Allegra and Ruby King” arrived last week, the girls were very excited. The box had paw prints and cats on it! They couldn’t wait for me to open it. When I took the Catpods Original Catpod™ out of the box, they immediately went to investigate.


What is a Catpod? It’s a scratcher, playhouse, catbed, and big cat toy, all in one. Even though at first glance, the cat pod looks like your average cardboard scratcher, it is most definitely not average. It is sturdy, and heavy enough so it won’t move around when your cats go to town on it. It’s made from recycled packaging materials and with non-toxic adhesives.

Allegra started to use the Catpod as a scratcher immediately. Then she crawled inside. Not to be outdone, Ruby came over to investigate. She particulary likes the three holes on each side: she peeked inside, then stuck her paw in to bat at Allegra.


We also got a bag of Kitty Pucks with our Catpod. I love a company who recycles, and this is a super creative way of  not wasting anything in the production process. The pucks are what’s left when the holes are punched in the side of the Catpod. Ruby and Allegra love batting the pucks around. They also seem to love leaving them in strategic spots where I’ll be sure to trip over them. The Kitty Pucks are currently available at no charge with any new order.


The Catpods come in a variety of designs. I think I’m going to look into getting a Puzzle Lounger for the girls. They both had so much fun poking at each other through the holes in the Original Catpod, I bet they would have a blast with the Puzzle Lounger version.

Allegra and Ruby give this innovative product four paws up. They’ve played with it or used it as a scratcher every day since I put it up. Even though they have plenty of other scratchers, this one seems to have become the “go to” scratcher for them.


For more information about Catpods and lots of photos of kitties enjoying these innovative pieces of cat furniture designed for the feline mind, please visit

And now you can win an Original Catpod for your cats! To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment why you would like to win. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Tuesday, May 15. This giveaway is limited to readers in the Continental US only.

306 Comments on Review and giveaway: Catpods cat furniture for the eco-friendly feline

  1. Hi,
    I Have 9 rescued Kitties,
    Who would love the cat pod or two!
    I plan on buying one..
    I have two Brawny XL
    But my cats would love to chase and scratch and sleep in this
    Cool cat pod!
    I have a mama cat who was feral
    And had blessed us with five kittens.. Now a year old..
    I love to spoil them all..
    And would love To spoil the with a New cat Pod!
    Because they are all being good in accepting our newest rescue
    I am praying we win! Thank you!

  2. My cat would love to have this! She loves all things cardboard, and I really like the design aesthetic.

  3. My Dubbie-man and Pepper would LOVE to win one of the Catpods! I can see one of them inside while the other is batting away from the outside through one of the holes just like Ruby did to Allegra. They both have pretty good right and left hooks!

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