SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door is a new-to-the U.S. product from the United Kingdom. It uses RFID technology to read a cat’s veterinarian-inserted microchip and determine whether or not to let the cat inside. This prevents strays, and other animals, from entering a home and adds a high-tech level of convenience to the homes of outdoor cat owners.

Last year, SureFlap was kind enough to send me one of their doors for review. Since Allegra and Ruby are indoor kitties, I passed it on to our former feline vet, Fern Crist, DVM, who provided a comprehensive review of how well the SureFlap works for indoor/outdoor cats.

I recently came across a different use for these innovative cat doors. Feline obesity has reached epidemic proportions, and anyone who’s ever tried to get a cat to loose weight knows how challenging it can be – especially in a multi-cat household, where only one cat needs to be to on a diet, and perhaps, another cat is at risk of not eating enough.

A cat guardian in the UK decided to use the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door to help her cat Pie lose weight. Pie lost 5 pounds and is now a svelte 13 pounds, and was even awarded the Top Cat Loser Award in 2011. Pie shares his home with his feline friend Pudding, who is at a normal weight. The cat’s guardians installed the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door as an internal door to block Pie from getting at Pudding’s food. Read how Pie lost weight with the help of the SureFlap cat door, in Pie’s own words.

Visit the SureFlap website for more information.

We’re giving away one of these doors to one lucky reader. Please tell me in a comment why you’d like to win a SureFlap Microchip Cat Door and how you would use it in your home. For an additional chance to win, share this giveaway on Twitter or Facebook, and leave the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Tuesday, May 8.

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  1. I have two cats, one must live outside due to her “habits”. The other goes back and forth. My problem is that the outside cat’s food is constantly being eaten by other cats in the neighboehood. I would also like her to have a warm place in the winter. I thought the flap would wotk great fro allowing her to enter into the service porch to eat and sleep out of the weather, and also allow my other cat access in and out as she wants. I think I would need two doors for this, but one is a great start.

  2. This would so awesome for my kitty who likes to take her time eating her wet food, but sadly can no longer do that since I adopted my super fast eating, perpetually hungry kitty. Sometimes she likes to eat part of her food and come back for the rest a little later, but I can’t leave her food down because my other cat will scarf it up. This cat door would really make my life easier. I may save up and buy one even if I don’t win…but I hope I do! Thanks!

  3. This would be great for the Ranch. Keep out the skunks, raccoons, opposums etc., but let the kittehs come and go!

  4. This door would be great to feed my diabetic cat Elmo. He currently gets shut in the bathroom at feeding time because he requires a special diet and medication in his food and needs to be fed seperate from my other cats. Thanks for giving me a chance to win.

  5. I would love to win this so I could use it to help my 20 lbs cat lose weight. I have two other cats and she often hogs their food, so this would be a way to keep her separate at eating times. What a great idea the person in the article had to use this in an alternative way.

  6. This is very innovative, though in our case it would be for access to the backyard, so they don’t have to wait for me to let them in & out!

  7. I would love to get this to help with my kitties’ weight issues…I have 1 overweight, 1 underweight, and 6 good weight!

  8. Have you ever had a raccoon regularly raid your kitchen for food? Have you ever had a skunk come visiting at 2:30 in the morning, spar with your dog and leave his/her scent all over so you have to move out of your house for days while it is being fumigated? Have you ever had an opossum decide your den chair is a good nest for her little ones? Have you ever had a dachund decide he liked your house better than his own (he dug under the fence)? Have you ever had a couple of neighborhood cats fight inside your house? We’ve had all these things happen. Please, please, please help us!!!!! The Sureflap Microchip Catdoor would be fabulous as our 3 cats are microchipped and two of them prefer outside flower boxes. It would mean no raccoons, skunks, opossums, small dogs, or other cats in the house (just those that belong here).

  9. I would love one of these. I have a small pet door going into our garage where we keep our cat box. I have 2 very large dogs both 80 lbs who can sqeeeze through the cat door which presents 2 problems one they can get into the garage and they help me keep the cat box clean (yuck) and two when we come home at night and open the garage door to pull the cars in both dogs come through the cat door and run out into our front yard. The problem with this is our front yard is not fenced and if the boys see another animal they will take off after it putting the other animal in danger of being attacked and the boys in danger of being hit by a car. This cat door would give my 3 legged kitty, Peggy Sue, peace when she goes to the kitty box and possibly save my boy lives. I will have to look into getting one of these.

  10. I’ve done magnetic cat doors for my diabetic who was losing weight to cancer. I wanted her to get some extra food during the day and couldn’t leave it out because some of the other cats are chow hounds. An indoor cat door can be a great thing!

    I’m not too keen on the implant for it though. I would prefer a key on a collar as I can better regulate who has access.

  11. My balcony is THOROUGHLY fenced in and safe for the cats. It even has a “grid” I installed to keep predatory birds off my balcony. Both of my kitties are Microchipped, even though they are “indoor only” cats. When I let Big Bad Baby Twinkle out to enjoy HER Balcony, I have to keep the screen door open and although Cee Cee (who lived outdoors fas a stray does not care for the balcony — I guess she equates the Balcony with the outdoors) LOVES to chase the flies that get in this way — I don’t. The flap would be great — I would install it on the (double-thick) screen door and BBBT can go in and out as she please.

  12. This is great! I thought about getting a flap for diet reasons. I have one cat with extensive food allergies and another who is a little flabby in the tummy. I wanted to make them feeding boxes with the personalized flaps but I didn’t want to have to put a “key” on their collars. Using their ID microchips would be perfect!

  13. This would be awesome but I think we would actually use it the opposite way we have two cats who are indoor/outdoor cats but we have another that we don’t allow outside as she has little babies this would be awesome cause then My girls could get in and out and we don’t have to worry about the other cat getting out

  14. I have indoor/outdoor cats and have had multiple experiences with night time visitors and various critters trying to make their way into my house though the cat door. This would help to ease my mind knowing that this devise would help to keep the cat door monitored. 🙂

  15. We’re buying a farm and Vir would love too be an indoor/outdoor cat so that he can have the best of both worlds — catching mice on the farm and curling up indoors on the bed while I work on the computer. A cat door like this would be perfect for him because he’d be able to get out when the mice are most active and come in to sack out on the bed when he’s finished — all without having to find me to let him in or out.

  16. that is a great and innovative use of this type of cat door! We have featured SureFlap before as well and think the concept is great for indoor/outdoor cats so that animals cannot get in…your point about using it indoors (since it is microchip activated) is great for weight control ….super good idea!

  17. This would be a blessing to have. I am in the country and own 5 indoor/outdoor cats. I have had a stray cat to enter my house at night, and a possum has tried. I would sleep much better at night knowing the Sureflap Cat door was controlling what little critter was entering my house.

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