The French Cat Rachel Hale

“Cats make their own decisions, follow their own instincts. French cats are probably the most independent and enigmatic of them all.” This perfect quote from The French Cat sets the scene for a collection of beautiful cat photographs in a beautiful setting. Award winning photographer Rachael Hale says this assignment was like a love affair for her. Having previously photographed animals in a studio setting, this project allowed her to work with them in their own environment, using natural light.

Born in New Zealand, she moved to France with her new husband in 2009. France intensified Hale’s creativity. “Every corner I turn…makes my mind and eyes explode with inspiration.” And then there were the cats. “The…wonderful thing about French cats is that they occupy one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Artists through the ages have relished France for its old-world villages, rustic charm, and most of all, for the luminous quality of its light.”

All of this is reflected in the exquisite photographs in this book. Whether they are village cats, city cats, cats in a library or cats in a castle, Hale captures each individual cat’s essence with her camera.

The French Cat excerpt

This is a book to be savored. Each image is a tribute to what makes us love cats so much, whether it is their playfulness or their mysterious ways. The occasional captions or quote add to the allure of the book, but the photos really stand on their own.

If you’re a cat lover, you will enjoy this book. If you’re a cat lover who also loves France, you will be in heaven.

Portrait photographer Rachael Hale is widely regarded as one of the world’s most popular photographers and her images have been published on calendars, posters, greeting cards, and stationery around the world. Rachael is the best-selling author 101 Cataclysms: For the Love of Cats.

I’m giving away one copy of this gorgeous coffee table book to one lucky winner. To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win this book. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Friday, March 23. With apologies to my international readers, this giveaway is open only to readers in the United States.

This book was sent to me by the publisher. Receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

39 Comments on Review and giveaway: The French Cat by Rachael Hale

  1. What an awesome idea! The photos you’ve showcased are fantastic. I can almost imagine a wondrous place to live where outdoor cats are safe and loved.

    I’d love to win a copy to continue that fantasy.

  2. My daughter is studying high school French and also loves cats, so I know that she would also love this book! =^.,.^=

    • My absolutely passion are cats. I love the photos–the one with the cat by the bricks is so beautiful it almost makes me cry. If worthy I would share this book with everyone including my two kitties to spread the beauty of French kitties.

  3. I have four cats of my own, but circumstances here are such that I can’t let them outside (I’m in a city and my street is a freeway offramp) and those photos of the cats outside made me take notice … although I might hide it from my kitties lest they get any ideas.

  4. I would love to have a copy of this book. I visited Paris in May 2010, and when I saw your article about this book, it reminded me of one of the pictures I took when I was in Paris. There was a cat curled up asleep on the seat of a motorbike parked on a Paris street looking as if it owned the world. Which I’m sure in it’s mind, it did! I love taking pictures of my two 4-legged kids and am intrigued to see more of Rachael’s work.

  5. Beautiful, misty pictures. Would love to win it – hopefully it would not give my cats any more ideas about being superior to the rest of us.

  6. Beautiful photos! I would love to win this book- as I am the Executive Director & Co-Founder of Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. ( and we love to share great new cat books with our volunteers and supporters— books and photos have an amazing way of gaining people’s attention and allowing them to focus on what’s truly important in life— not material things– but LIVING BEINGS! If I won this book- I would certainly donate it to Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. so that it can be shared and enjoyed with our many, many volunteers and supporters. We will share the link to the book on our A4A Page!

  7. I would love to win a copy of The French Cat! I love the beauty of cats, I loved visiting France … It is a beautiful country, and I love beautiful photography. My house is decorated with photos I’ve taken from my travels. If I am lucky enough to win this book, it would be proudly displayed in my living room on the coffee table, of course. This would allow not only myself but also my guests to enjoy its beauty.

  8. Hey, this would be so neat to win! I would love this because I’ve grown up around cats, and have always been amused by their aloof personalities and willingness to love someone. On the other hand, my husband had never had a pet of any kind until we moved in together. He is slowly beginning to get used to my two orange tabby’s, and it’s been a hilarious ride the whole time! I love picture books of cats, and it not being in a studio seems like a beautiful idea.

  9. I would LOVE to have a copy of The French Cat. I love cats, photography and France. What more could there be!?!? lol. The photos in this book are amazing. Just looking at the different photos would be like meditating, it would soothe your soul to see such beauty. What an insightful photography Rachel Hale is!

  10. I have two Delta Society registered Therapy Cats, Bullet the Wonder Cat and Ollie Fur Therapy Cat in training (each has a facebook page! =^..^=), that I volunteer with weekly at Primary Childrens Medical Center in Salt Lake City. We work with the children on whatever they need – using their hands to brush one of the cats, getting them to talk and distracting them during procedures. We give them something to think about other than their discomfort, and I will share a book with children who are too ill to do much of anything else. We have been told dozens of times that Therapy Cats are *much* more calming and soothing than all those Therapy Dogs!

    The French Cat would be a marvelous tool for me to use with the children! I am sure all the lovely photographs would be a hit, plus we could talk about foreign countries and other languages.

    Thank you for your kind consideration in your latest give-a-way!

    Dana (and Bullet & Ollie)

  11. I would like to have this book to give to my mother who has terminal cancer. She has little to look forward to. Right now she is trying to stay strong so she can see her 1st great-grandchild (girl) that is due in May. My mother has always loved cats and been a cat “parent” her entire life. I remember many wonderful cats in our family growing up. She taught me by example how to love and care for cats and dogs. She talks about how much she will miss her own cats when she passes. I think this book would give her something to look forward to EACH day. She can look at these amazing pictures of beautiful cats each day and I know it would brighten her day and bring a smile to her face. I think this book would bring peace and joy to the remaining days my mother has left.

  12. Ms, Hale obviously knows cats to be able to capture them so well going about their everyday lives. I love the photo of the group of cats looking up – perhaps for their much expected everyday meal. I wonder if this is a group of feral cats. I’d love to see the whole book.

  13. I learned to love photography and it’s many dimensions when dating a professional. I absolutely love cats and everything about them. I take as many photos of my cats as I can and appreciate other photos of cats and have them all over my Facebook page. I believe if I were a rich woman I would have a sanctuary for lost cats and post their photos for them to be adopted or just appreciated.
    I would LOVE this book not only for its CAT value but for the photographic value.
    This would be one of my very treasured items.
    Chester’s Mom (and T-Lo’s too)

  14. This book is gorgeous. I have looked at it before in the store. Do those cats realize how fortunate they are living in France. you were right about me liking today’s post.

    Have a good day.

  15. I would love to win ‘The French Cat’ to add to my collection of cat books. I especially like coffee table books with beautiful photography in it. The fact this book is devoted to and all about cats makes it purrfect. I too love cats and books. They just go together. I also shared on my Facebook page about this giveaway.

  16. Two of the most important things in my life are cats (I have 6 presently.) & books! I know I will love & appreciate this book! I already plan on buying a copy….win or lose!

  17. If the front cover photo is any indication of the photos inside the book, it is a beautiful book and would be a welcome addition to any collection of someone who loves all things cats!

  18. I would love to own a copy of this book. I adore photo books about cats. Another one of my favorites is The Silent Meow by Paul Gallico. My children love it too.

  19. I would love to win this book to donate to the Good Mews fundraiser this fall, for the silent auction. Not that I wouldn’t want to keep it for myself – it’s beautiful!

  20. This looks like a beautiful book. I would like to win it to donate to the silent auction fund- raiser for the cat rescue organization Feral Friends. I volunteer with this group.

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