Conscious Cat Limited Edition ModKickers

Congratulations, Max the Quilt Cat, Marg, Sammy One Spoiled Cat, Azar and Debbie! You are the winners of our anniversary giveaway of a Conscious Cat Limited Edition ModKicker!

Conscious Cat Limited Edition ModShakers

Congratulations Deborah Julian, Jody Vernay, Ellen Wexler, Chris, and Jennifer Chung! You are the winners of a Conscious Cat Limited Edition ModShaker!

Look for an e-mail from The Conscious Cat. Allegra and Ruby are eager to pack up your toys and get them out to you!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on our anniversary post. It means so much to know that this blog has helped you and your cats, and that you look forward to reading every day. Allegra, Ruby and I are honored to be a daily part of your lives.

And if you didn’t win one of our Conscious Cat Limited Edition toys, don’t worry. You will still have a chance to get your own toy. I have a very limited number of toys left, and I will be selling them here on the site. Stay tuned for an announcement in a few days!

5 Comments on Anniversary giveaway winners

  1. Hello Ingrid, Allegra and Ruby!!
    Thank you so much! I am very excited, as is Marmalade, Lucy and Tucker. We love your blog so much. It is fun and full of good information about kitty care.
    We enjoy learning about torties as non of us have ever known one. The way you describe them, they sound very sweet and entertaining.
    Well, we will be anxiously awaiting our limited edition Modshaker with pictures of Allegra and Ruby!
    Thank you again,
    Jody, Marmalade, Lucy and Tucker

  2. Well we are all excited too. This is so exciting. We have a new tortie here so it can be her toy. I brought Missy home, one of the ones that I wrote to you about. I couldn’t stand for her to go to the shelter. So we shifted things around and so far she is doing really well and very glad to be in a house even if she is in the bathroom right now. But she comes out every now and then but it is going to take her awhile to get used to the other kitties in the house. Thanks so much Ingrid for this drawing.

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