The Conscious Cat blog anniversary

Today is our third blog anniversary! And while this is a huge milestone for Allegra, Ruby and me, this day really belongs to you, our wonderful readers. We wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing!

These past twelve months have been very exciting for The Conscious Cat. We went from updating three times a week to updating every day. We launched our popular weekly Mews and Nips and Conscious Cat Sunday features. We won the 2011 Pettie for Best Pet Blog. We won a Certificate of Excellence from the Cat Writers Association. Our post The Joys of Adopting an Older Cat won the 2011 Hartz Chewable Vitamins Award. We are nominated for Best Website about Cats in the Readers’ Choice awards. We’ve gained a huge number of new readers, and we’re growing more and more every day.

One of the things I love most about blogging is the community it creates. I love connecting with our readers, and with other bloggers. I treasure the friendships that have resulted from these connections. The most amazing example of how a blog can connect people is a post I wrote in August of 2009 titled Tortitude – The Unique Personality of Tortoiseshell Cats. The post has generated more than 9000 comments, and has turned into the online home of a community of tortie lovers.

I can’t wait to see what our fourth year brings. I know it will be exciting, and we’re happy to have all of you along for the ride.

To celebrate, we have a wonderful surprise for you. Allegra and Ruby almost leaked our secret last week. They’re so excited to finally be able to tell you about it!

Ruby: Look guys! Look what we have for you!

Conscious Cat Limited Edition ModKickers

Allegra: Aren’t these just the most amazing toys ever?

Ruby: And we’re on the toy, Allegra! See! That’s us!

Allegra: I know, Ruby.

Ruby: I love having toys with our picture on them! Wee! Where did these toys come from? It’s magic!

Conscious Cat Limited Edition ModShakers

Allegra: Mom’s friend Kate at Moderncat Studio designed and made them especially for us.

Ruby: I love Kate! She’s my new favorite person!

Allegra: We need to tell them the best part of the surprise, Ruby.

Ruby: What? I’m busy playing with my new …. Oh, right!

Allegra: We’re going to give some of these toys away to ten lucky readers and their kitties!

Ruby: Ten! Wow! That’s a lot of toys! How do they get them?

Allegra: Why don’t we let Mom tell them?

We’re giving away ten of these Conscious Cat Limited Edition Moderncat toys to ten lucky readers and their kitties. Five readers will win a large ModKicker, and another five will win a ModShaker. Leave a comment and tell us how you first found The Conscious Cat. For an additional chance to win, share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Thursday, March 8.

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97 Comments on It’s our third anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary! What a delightful event to celebrate. I can’t remember quite when or how I found you, but I must’ve been searching for information about tortiseshell cats because I ended up on the Tortitude page and it’s been a joy ever since. Emma and I send you, Ruby, and Allegra purrs and hugs!

  2. I honestly can’t remember how I first of of The Conscious Cat. It was definitely after my beautiful cat Lola came to live with me after being rescued from a shelter. After she adopted me my awareness of all things cats and animals was increased, which led to me finding new and exciting blogs. And of course, Buckley’s Story.

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I know that I first found you on Facebook and have enjoyed reading every entry. Great information! The natural and Reiki info have been very helpful.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I found you on facebook. And through you I’ve found lots of other awesome pages and sites! Thank you!

  5. I found your site when I was searching for articles about tortoiseshell cats. I have two of them. That was 2 years ago! I find your site very informative and interesting.

  6. I think I found you when I was looking for information about torties back in September, 2010. I have always had cats but Blossom is my first tortoiseshell and I figured out RIGHT AWAY that she was different from any other cat I had had. She is hilarious and hell on wheels!

  7. Happy Happy Anniversary! Cats really do leave paw prints on your heart! Wishing you many, many more blogs….your fur baby friends in PA…..Mitty, Pippy, and Mamama 🙂

  8. I wish I could remember how I first found “The Conscious Cat” (3 years ago?) but I don’t remember– however Cee Cee Tortie and I are very glad that I DID!!

  9. My cats love ModKickers…and Modern Cat is great! I need more…my cat Scotty goes through toys like crazy.

  10. Happy Anniversary on your blog. I discovered your website a few months ago when I was looking for information on cats health, behavior and how they really show love. I clicked on your web site and it has helped me a lot as a new cat mom. I love reading Ruby and Allegra’s blogs.

  11. Congratulations on your anniversary Ingrid! I first learned about your blog from Modern Cat. I’ve been a fan of you and Ruby and Allegra ever since. I read your blog everyday before work as it is always so enlightening and full of useful information. Your girls also do a great job as “guest bloggers” for you! Thank you so much for being a great start to my day!


  12. I honestly have no idea how I first found you….being a kitty lover I’m always looking for good blogs to follow (I’m a huge fan or yours AND ModernCat : )

    Happy 3rd Anniversary!!

  13. Found CC looking for info on FIP last year. Found this place informational so stuck around even after I lost my kitty :). Been very interesting and informational.

  14. Happy 3rd anniversary! I am relatively new to your blog (maybe the last 6 months) But I believe I discovered you either from Your Daily Cute or from Modern Cat. Either way Your Daily Cute is partially responsible at least because I discovered Modern Cat from the Your Daily Cute Blog!

  15. I was looking for a cure for FIP… Yeah, I was looking for hope for my Noelle, she was diagnosed with it and ultimtely passed away in december…
    Now I have Ernie and am an avid reader, I love your blog!!

  16. I found your blog while doing a google search on general cat information last year. My kitty Elvis and I have been reading your blog ever since 🙂

  17. Dear Friends,

    I found you when I needed advice on my beloved Chester Cheetah. I had rescued Chester from the truck drivers of Frito Lay’s. They found him in a dumpster behind one of their stores and had been taking care of him as best they could. He was only about 3-4 weeks old. I had never dealt with such a unique behavior in a cat before and I have had cats all my life. I needed to know if he was a ‘Tortoiseshell crossed with a tabby’. He was the colors of a tortoiseshell and a tabby cat but has since morphed into all tabby with a bit of orange tint. Your website has helped me understand his behavior (which really is tortoiseshell like) and to enjoy his uniqueness to the others I have had before him.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs and following the stories. Happy Anniversary to you all! Chester’s Mom

  18. I found you through Facebook. Saw a post from one of my friends and immediately added you to my Facebook! Congrats on your Anniversary and keep up the great work…LOVE YA!!!!

  19. I’ve followed your blog for so long–at least a couple of years–that I really don’t remember how I initially found it: maybe off BlogPaws? Probably just “surfin’ around” like I do :-). Anyway, I really enjoy your posts! Congratulations on all that’s happened and Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!

  20. Congrats on your 3-year blogoversary, and what a wonderful year you have had this year!!! I honestly don’t remember how I found your blog, but I am so glad I did. Wouldn’t be the same without you in blogville. =^..^=

  21. Congratulations and Happy 3rd Anniversary ladies. The new look is great. I love that the girls have their own designer toys, how neat. Here’s wishing y’all many, many more years of blogging. I love the fun and informative posts you share.

    Thoughts in Progress

  22. Happy Blogoversary, Ingrid, Allegra and Ruby!!!!!!
    THANK YOU for this wonderful website, it has become a favorite read and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the great features, articles and extremely useful information.

    How I “met” you? Well, I through a fellow Etsy artist, talented Susan Faye! So happy! 🙂

  23. I found out about this amazing blog after just web browsing in google….boy do I love google. I was looking for a way to connect with fellow cat lovers, typed in cat blog and yours was the first blog that came up! I really enjoy reading all of the articles you feature and look foreword to reading it every day. Thank you!

  24. Hmmm, I think we stumbled across each other during my time volunteering for JEARS after the devastating events in Japan in March of last year…?

  25. Congratulations on three years! I came across your blog through a couple of mutual friends and have enjoyed reading some of your blogs. Your Amazing!

  26. Thank you for your kind words! I’m really enjoying reading all your comments. It’s actually quite overwhelming, and it means so much to me to know that this blog has helped you and your cats, and that you look forward to reading every day.

    I’m honored to be a daily part of your lives.

  27. I found out about your blog through another blogger who listed The Conscious Cat in a side bar. I am not sure if it was Charlene Butter-bean’s blog or Fin the Granny Cat’s. I love your blog and hope you go for many years to come! Happy Anniversary!

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