Da Bird interactive cat toy recommended by Jackson Galaxy

If you’ve been watching My Cat From Hell, you’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been a single episode when the Da Bird toy hasn’t come out of Jackson’s guitar case. And I’m embarassed to admit that until recently, Allegra and Ruby did not have a Da Bird of their own. Since they’ve registered complaints about this oversight on my part after every single episode for the past six weeks, I finally caved and got them their own Da Bird.

It was a huge hit, especially with Allegra. As I’ve mentioned before, Allegra’s play style is very strategic and deliberate. Unlike Ruby, who will pounce on and chase after anything that moves, Allegra watches and waits. She also often takes a step back to Ruby’s more exuberant play. When I spoke with Jackson Galaxy about this, he explained that this is a personality thing: some cats are natural hunters while others are quite happy to sit back and let another cat do the hunting. But, he said, Allegra still needs a chance to play so she can do her own “hunting.” I’ve since stepped up play therapy and increased play time, but it’s still been a challenge to get Allegra to engage with a toy for any length of time.

Not anymore. As you can see in the video below, she goes absolutely nuts for the Da Bird. I can’t even describe the joy I felt when I saw my usually cautious girl pounce and jump after the feathers.


And even better, as you can see in the second video, she and Ruby played together!


I never doubted that Ruby would enjoy the Da Bird, and of course, she did – complete with her signature low growl, which accompanies play with any toy she gets really excited about.


The DaBird is available in retail stores and online, or you can purchase the Da Bird directly from Jackson Galaxy. Use code CONSCIOUSCAT for a 10% discount.

What is your cat’s favorite interactive toy?

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  1. Dear Ingrid:

    I was all set to get Da Bird, then I read some concerning reviews on Amazon.com regarding how the glass fiber pole can shatter in your hand. I ended up buying a look alike at a local store instead… Would you mind looking into this and share what you may find?

    • I had not heard that before, Akiko. I read some of the Amazon reviews, and that’s certainly troublesome. I’ll definitely be keeping a careful eye on this.

      • Well I caved in and got a two-part rod one. My cat loves it an so do I, the way the feathers flutter. I did find that the bare end of the half rod that fits into the joint, did split into fine threads that irritated my fingers for about half an hour afterwards. You are supposed to be able to take them apart to store the toy away, however I plan to keep them attached because I don’t want to experience the discomfort. The toy otherwise is super cool! I’m getting one for my neighbor and his baby too.

        • I’m glad your cats love the toy, Akiko. I keep the toy assembled as well – I don’t think my Allegra and Ruby would stand for the extra time it would take to put it back together when I take it out of the closet!

  2. I have the same problem – one cat pounces on DaBird and the other just watches. She will, however, get excited enough to go after the Cat Catcher with the other cat present. She also goes crazy for peacock feathers.

    Just be careful to put away DaBird when not playing. Last year we were doing some home renovations and someone left the closet where we store DaBird and the other wand cat toys. I came home to find one cat running around with the DaBird feathers and the wand outside the closet door with about an inch of string. She ate pretty much the entire string. We were lucky – three days later I was getting ready to take her to the vet when she finally passed it.

    • Oh my goodness, Tricia, what a scare you had! I’m so glad your cat was okay. All of our interactive toys are under strict lock and key for that reason.

      Allegra and Ruby both love peacock feathers – in fact, we just got a new order in today!

  3. My cat LOVES Da Bird, too! For some reason, though, he is scared of the Neko Flies toys 🙁 Can’t figure that out because leaping after bugs is one of his fave things to do when outside.

    My three dogs, however, are the ones who go absolutely bonkers over Da Bird (same with the laser toy). They have their own, which is pretty much a destroyed thing from the get-go, since they range in weight from 85 to 100 lbs!

  4. I remember when I first got Da Bird years ago my my disgruntled-I-don’t-like-anyone-but-my-mom-who-belongs-to-me-Fawn (a torbie) broke her rules against playing with other cats to go absolutely nuts over Da Bird! She shredded one a day, practically, which is when I started making my own and perhaps learning the art of “fletching” to set the feathers so they spun and fluttered and made lots of neat noises. She would grab it in mid-air, no matter how high she had to jump, get it in her mouth and growl just like Ruby, and then take off with it, leading me by the string and pole. By the same token, shy Kelly leaps after it too, but no growls from her. I’ve never lived with a cat who could resist Da Bird.

  5. Ingrid these videos are adorable and I think I am going to order one for Cody, he would LOVE IT! Loved watching your girls play!

    Thank you for providing us a discount as well!

    Cody’s current faves are the cat catcher (I think that is the name) and omg the name of the other one that you and I reviewed totally just slipped my mind! The one with the fuzzy mouse at the end and the Kragon! OMG I am getting old!

    On another totally unrelated note, just want to thank you for being YOU!

  6. We like Da Bird, but with the sparkler attachment, not the feathers. Get that sparkler in a patch of sunshine and oh my, yes…cats go bonkers.

    • I do the double-handed play, too, Layla, even though my hand-eye coordination leaves a lot to be desired and I have to steer clear of nearby shelves…

  7. Allegra sounds very much like my Billy. He sits back and watches while Sammy plays with da bird. It seems like he wants to join in but doesn’t want to get pounced on. I’ve tried playing with him alone but Billy will still just watch and before he jumps in Sammy gets wind of the fun and comes running. I’ll try a little harder to engage Billy. It would make me happy to see him play too.


  8. Oh I heard Ruby growl a little bit. That is the greatest toy. My problem is that I need more arms since there are usually six or seven cats in here and they all want to play with it. We have been through at least five feather replacements. But it really is a fun toy.Glad Ruby and Allegra got one. Hope all of you have a fun day.

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