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You may have seen the BrawnyCat Lounge on My Cat From Hell a couple of weeks ago. You may have seen it featured on Moderncat. And if you  haven’t already bought one, it’s probably on your wish list for your cats. What cat wouldn’t love one of these fabulous scratch lounges?

The original BrawnyCat Ultimate Cat Scratcher/Lounger was designed by Andrew Lesko for his 25-pound cat when he found that “she loved to lounge on her cardboard cat scratcher. It was just her natural spot to hang out on. Her own scent, left by her scratching activity, gave her a sense of ownership and comfort. Not that it was comfortable. It was flat and small (for her). She needed something larger that would also give her more comfort.”

He couldn’t find anything in stores that worked for her, so he decided to design his own. “My prerequisites were that it would be oversized and accommodating for cats of all sizes, be super comfortable, and incorporate a heavy duty, long lasting scratching pad that was also reversible and replaceable. It would be earth friendly, elevated, and have a hidden storage space for kitty toys which would also collect cat scratching residue flakes to keep floors clean.”

In addition to being fantastic from a feline’s point of view, these scratch lounges are also beautiful! Andrew was a finalist in the Apartment Therapy Design Showcase 2011.

And just last week, BrawnyCat released a brand new collection of scratch lounges. The 2012 Comfy Collection features the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge, the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft, and the Big Baby’s Comfy Boost.

All lounges are designed and handcrafted for maximum cat comfort. They include BrawnyCat’s exclusive Comfy Bolster™. This makes curling up easy even for the biggest cat, and as with all Brawny Cat designs, feet, paw, butt and neck support is abundant and sensible. These scratch loungers are purr-fect for big cats and multiple cat households.

Zeke on BrawnyCat lounger

Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy’s cat Zeke, shown in the picture above, loves his Brawny Cat Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Lounge! According to Jackson, “it’s become a favorite among all of our cats. The scratching surface is very attractive to them and rugged, as well.”

For more information about these loungers, and to purchase, please visit BrawnyCat.

And now you can win one of these beautiful scratch loungers for your kitties – a $189 value! The winner will have a choice between the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge and the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft. Your cat’s name will be inscribed on the back as shown.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment and tell me which of your kitties would enjoy this lounger the most, and which of the two loungers you’d like to win. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Thursday, February 23. This giveaway is limited to readers in the United States.

This just in! Two additional winners will win a
Scratch’n Slumber® Comfort Padlet!

Brawny Cat Comfort Padlet

These comfort scratchers are made from the tightest cardboard honeycombed fluting pattern available ensuring maximum durability. The shape and texture of the Padlet is irresistible to cats. Symmetrical and reversible, the Comfort Padlet allows for double use and exceptional long life. With comfy sculpted bolster sides for maximum kitty comfort, they provide great back and head support. As an extra bonus, each Comfort Padlet includes Washington grown “Brawny Cat Delight” organic catnip.

Photo of Zeke ©Jackson Galaxy, used with permission, photo of Olive on Comfort Padlet ©Andrew Lesko

856 Comments on Giveaway: Win a Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge or Big Baby’s Comfy Loft from BrawnyCat

  1. They are both so gorgeous it’s hard to pick, but I would love the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge for my own big baby SweetPea. I rescued SweetPea 8 years ago and although she has leg problems and cannot jump anymore, she can still climb and loves to lounge on things on floor/low levels (aside from my lap). I call her my uber kitty because she has such a large build and she needs all the lounge space she can get! 🙂

  2. I got my two cats of the same litter from a small farm in New Hampshire. They have been the bright light in the lives of both me and my husband for 8 years. They are a joy to be around and have really have affected our lives in the most wonderful way. I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been since they’ve been in our lives. They’re our kids and we love them more and more every day.


  3. All of my kitties would love any of your products. I think Max my Ragdoll would probably be the biggest hog though. LOL I think they would really love the Padlet, but would be thrilled to win any of them. Thanks!

  4. I have five cats. I think Ichigo, my oldest would really enjoy this the most because he is our resident lounge kitty, though he’d share it with his house mate kitties. He also enjoys scratching my walls, furniture, and doorways. He is not fussy. He’s a big kitty so the Big Baby Comfort Lounge would probably fit him the most, plus his birthday is coming up soon.

  5. My Princess Callie would love the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge. She used to be in a hoarders house, until I rescued her. Well, she kind of rescued me. I needed a cat, and she had come along, walking outside and I spotted her. She was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. She let me pet her and pick her up, though she didn’t like being picked up much. Now, after 6 months of living with me, she loves being held and picked up.

  6. Ohhh! My kitty Surrey (well all really but her most) would LOVE the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge. She is a maine coone mix & LOVE all scratchers especially the cardboard ones but most are too small for her to sprawl comfortably on!

  7. Wow – What great participation in Ingrid’s Conscious Cat Giveaway Contest!
    I really enjoyed reading all the comments and your understanding that these new Brawny Cat Loungers are very special. Although our older Scratch’n Slumber models were love by so many kitties across America, we wanted to design our 2012 “Comfy Collection” with even more Cat Comfort features. Hope your kitties get to enjoy one of these real soon. Thanks all so much for joining in and for your support.
    Wish you all could win this great giveaway contest! Well done Ingrid!
    Best always,
    Brawny Cat

  8. I have 15 cats and all of “our children” would enjoy any of these wonderful Brawny Cat products! I have purchased some of their other loungers models (last year) and they are constantly in use. they are more like real furniture! the owner of the company, Andrew, is the nicest man! Huey and Aramis would especially enjoy it the most. But if I have to choose, my favorite would be the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge.

    Amy, Chris + 15 cats

  9. Our CB would love the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge, which we would like to win!!!

    They’d all like the Scratch’n Slumber® Comfort Padlet as well 🙂

  10. What a great giveaway! We have 5 cats and I can never tell who will take to something. I think Stella would enjoy this but who really knows the mind of a cat…. However, everyone would enjoy this as a wall-mounted lounge. We even have kitty shelves up that use these same brackets so it would be a perfect match. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  11. I have just the one cat but I am pretty sure he would be happy with the loft model. He does love to scratch cardboard too 🙂

  12. My three kitties would probably share the Lounger. They usually take turns using whatever new bed I get them. I know Toto, my 12 year old diabetic baby would love to stretch out on it. He loves to lounge. 🙂 Most likely he and Punky will lounge together. They usually do. They’re best buds.
    Thanks for a great kitty bed!

  13. We recently adopted two new members into our small family, Gracie who is 11 months old and Blue who is 7 months old. Gracie is a gray house cat who was a rescue kitten found in a tree after the tornadoes and storms tore through Arkansas last spring. We adopted her from Paws and Claws rescue in Hot Springs. Blue was found sleeping in a pile of dry leaves at my mom’s place on last Christmas’ chilly night. Blue and Gracie spent a week apart, only getting to know each other through a door. When the time came to open it, they made fast friends. Maybe it’s because they are the same color or maybe they just wanted to have someone that could understand their language, but the two sisters are never too far apart, although one is a bush dweller who hides under the bed and the other is a tree dweller who loves hiding on top of the pipes in the loft.

    Our facebook is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=645940094

    We think the Big Baby comfort lounge would be perfect for our girls because they are not only both scratchers, they are loungers. It would give them a chance to share something that is really theirs instead of our bed and our couch. Since the seating is limited in our small apartment, it would give them a chance to sit somewhere in the living room without having to be moved or kicked off. Our cats have never had a piece of furniture of their own and we figured this would really be something great for them.

  14. My cat Gracie needs a place to sleep near our bed. I think she would absolutely love the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge. This would be the sweetest gift of all for my beautiful cat!

  15. My 10 year old Indy would love the comfort lounger. She was abandoned on the street, she was declawed and fixed and someone threw her away!!! We rescued her and have given her all the love we can. She loves to just lay around and watch over everything. When we first got her she wouldn’t play or let us touch her, she would cower away from us. Now with a lot of love and patients we have gained her trust and she is a completely different cat than the one we brought home. I just know she would love and appreciate a new comfort lounger.

  16. My Tortilla Soup enjoys the original Big Baby Scratch’n Slumber lounger, and it still looks pretty good — haven’t had to replace the scratch insert yet!
    Only problem is the puppy, Flanagan, can get to her so low to the ground, and he seems to think she’s a toy…. Yesterday I moved the lounger onto a short dresser, just so she can get some height, and Tortilla slept on it all night. However, the dresser is not a good surface for the lounger, since the lounger is so wide….
    Having the new comfort loft would be awesome for her!
    Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  17. What a fabulous piece of FURniture! It would be purrfect for our cat Lola. (We have five) She is a large cat – ok, ok, her belly sways like an udder when she walks. And when she lays on the floor her body spreads out like gray pancake batter on a griddle. She is the diva of the house, and what better way to recognize that than with a Cat Loft that reads “Lola’s Loft”, makes her comfy, AND cradles her large belly?

  18. Having 4 cats is a handful. We are on a limited income but still took in rescues because we just love them so much. All of our cats could and would use this and we can’t afford these kind of scratchers unfortunately. Watching Jackson Galaxy’s shows saved our lives, seriously. Elvis is our real problem child and anything we can do to keep him scratching and occupied helps tremendously with our stress and the other cats stress as well. He’s got so much energy he’s been terrorizing the other cats and us. But, thanks to the tips from Jackson things are changing for the better and we got our first night of sleep in months!!! We thought about re-homing him, but he’s such a loving cat and all he needs is playtime and more things to attack(plus we love him WAY TOO MUCH LOL). He would like the Big Bay’s Comfy Lounge with his name engraved as our personal gift to him as an apology for being such bad kitty parents not recognizing his needs and as a celebration that he gets to stay with us! I mean, his name is Elvis, isn’t it a requirement to have items with his name on it anyways?!?!

  19. Hello. Our cat, “Patches” would definitely love this! If she wins, she would enjoy the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge. Thank you.

  20. I am a Ragdoll Breeder of 30 years, and most everyone’s ragdolls of today have my breeding if you go far enough back in the pedigree. When I began , there were only 12 Ragdoll Breeders in the US.
    My Silver point Ragdoll, male, now 14 , was on his death bed , 2 mo. ago , for unknown reasons.
    I had neutered him last Summer and he never bounced back. The shock at his age , must have gotten the best of him and he lost the will to live.
    I brought him in my bedroom , fed him by syringe , and gave him fluids by injection for 6 weeks.
    I have never had a cat so close to dying as this one in 30 yrs. All of a sudden , one day , he went to the bowl and ate a piece of his dry food, Life’s Abundance. From then on he improved a little every day. I am so grateful to the Powers Above for not taking this favorite cat of mine away from me just yet. I think Silver deserves your Big Baby’s comfy Lounge to live out whatever time he has left. I expect him now to last for years as he is almost like a kitten again.
    I would also be able to promote this Lounge off my website on my Kitten Care page if you would like me to. I have about 400 hits a day.
    Thank you for considering Silver.

  21. I have 6 indoor kitties right now: my best friend passed away in August and left me two of her cats, Lucky and Calie, 12 yr old sisters. The cat who would enjoy the lounger most would be Calie, a calico cat (she came with the name!) She misses her Mom, Linda, the most and spends most of her day sleeping and trying to chew her tail. Calie has been working on her tail since Linda was diagnosed with melanoma, last year. Her fight to beat the horrible disease was lengthy and terrible, and I’m sure it is the reason Calie began chewing her tail tip….she is a very sensitive kitty. Since I am not about to amputate Calie’s tail to stop the chewing, I try to pamper her. When I’m home from work I carry her around the house and try and engage her in play. But at 12 years old, she’s a bit difficult to amuse–guess she has seen it all! Just recently, Calie has been coming up to sleep with my herd at night in bed. This is a major accomplishment. Now, don’t get me wrong…my other cats will most likely try to enjoy your lounger, too; especially Bear, the man of the house. But Calie deserves it the most. She would love the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge the best, so please pick her.

  22. About a year and a half ago I adopted an all black Persian found emaciated on the streets, with chronic GI issues. He’s become perfectly regular and a total Zen Master. He is the best cat ever and puts up with 3 dogs and a regular barrage of foster cats and dogs…he deserves a lounger at his age!

  23. I was debating between the 2, but I think the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft would be most appreciated by either of my 2 cats. Flower has taken over the cat tree I have, so I think Binker would love to have a perch of his own. Especially since spring is around the corner and bird-watching is always enriching. 🙂 Even the Comfort Padlet would be amazing since Flower enjoys sharpening her claws on my couch!

  24. After reading about all the deserving kitties who would love to win a a Big Baby Lounge or Loft, Larry would like to inform you that he merits, above all, to be the recipient of such a grand prize. After years of putting up with the other kitties (aka rabble) in his life, he feels strongly that it is about time that he win such a grand throne, upon which to place his royal self while his subjects enter his presence.

  25. My 18 pound part Maine Coon would LOVE the Lounge! He is always in bed with my husband and I and usually takes over the space! This lounger would be nice for him to scratch on as well sleep and give us our bed back while keeping an eye on us as well!

  26. My skitty kitty, Sassy, is always looking for an ego booster. Per Jackson’s suggestions, I try to get her to go up high to survey her domain. A Big Baby’s Comfy Loft would be great for her and her self-esteem. I think she would spend a lot more time up high if she had an awesome place to sleep. I really hope we win.


  27. I shared the contest on my FB page, but I fully admit that I asked my friends to NOT enter…..I don’t want to decrease my chances of winning…..lol. JOKING, obviously~

  28. I am one of the Directors and co-founders of the CATS Cradle Shelter in Fargo, ND. We have many cats in our shelter at all times, several with weight issues and some with health issues. One cat that I think would love one of these Big Baby Comfort lounges would be Nuzzler, she is a cat that was rescued from a hoarding situation, she is a very large girl and I would like to help her be as comfortable as possible while she stays with us, she has been with us for over 7 months now and it could be some time before she finds her forever home.

  29. ALL of my cats would LOVE these! But the Matriarch (Flame) would definitely lay claim to the lounger. I have five cats; two of which are 20+ pounds (Flame and Oreo). Thanks for the opportunity to win these items. They are PAWESOME~

  30. My Hannah is kind of new-8-22-11-she is a Blue Point Ragdoll -being very young we do not have many things for her yet-I’m sure she would feel very Princess like to have her own Scratching Place and comfortable bed on wich to take her naps-she loves to stretch out-when full grown she will be a big girl-hope she will get to use this lovely new piece of fun-Thank’s for the chance to win-

  31. Kitten Foster Season is just around the corner! I would love either one of these to start these orphan kittens off right! The more I can educate and train the kittens where to scratch the less chance they will face De-Clawing when they go to their “Forever Homes” !

    Barb K
    Foster Mom
    West Suburban Humane Society Volunteer
    Downers Grove, IL

  32. I’m one of the directors of the Cats Cradle Shelter. I’d like to win one of the Big Baby’s Comfort Lounges for our shelter ambassador, Manxine. Manxine was born with some physical deformaties of her spine (she has no tail) and internal organs. She moves around just fine, but she has periodic difficulty with fecal incontinence. Manxine was abandoned outdoors in November near Fargo, ND (a cold time of year, around here). Our veterinarian examined her during her spay surgery and told us that she will develop problems with megacolon some time in the next few years…but she is such a sweet and wonderful cat that we decided against euthanasia – We will keep her at the shelter and take care of her as long as her quality of life is good. We’d love to get her a beautiful throne…appropriate to her position as the queen of the shelter. Please see a picture of Manxine on our Petfinder site. Search for shelters in Moorhead, MN and select Cat’s Cradle Shelter.

  33. Hi, thanks so much for the opportunity to share again HOW MUCH my Ragdoll Mulsanne LOOOOOVES his Sleeky Lounge. He has been using it often since he was a bitty kitty, and it is part of our living room decor. But now that he’s a bigger boy and over 2 years old, he’s interested, very interested in upgrading to a Big Baby Comfy Lounge. He thinks it may match the decor and handle better more of his size. After all, his pet sibling is a GIANT breed dog, a sweet Newfoundland Jewel, and this Bib Baby Lounge would make him fit in to all the big stuff in the house, and yet still be too small for her.

  34. I have 11 cats…….every one of them would just love the big baby comfy loft!! I’m afraid that I’ll have to purchase a couple more of them so they can all share! What a great product! I see Jackson suggests it a lot on the show!! So from Brother, Solomon, Baybe Boy, Tiger, Tuxedo, Romeo, Sophie, Princess, Cherokee, Muffin and Babette; “Please choose us!”

  35. I’m one of the directors of the Cat’s Cradle Shelter. I’d love to get one of the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounges for a cat named Madelaine who lives at our shelter. Madelaine is a BIG girl – well over 15 pounds and it’s hard for her to get comfortable in standard sized cat beds. We have oversized beds (dog beds) that fit on our extra-wide windowsills for Madelaine…but I’d sure like to get her something special of her very own that she could enjoy at the shelter and that could go with her when she gets adopted. Madelaine is posted on PetFinder. Search for shelters under Moorhead MN and select Cat’s Cradle Shelter.

  36. Having three cats it’s hard to decide which cat would love the lounge but probably my 18 year old cat Chyna-she’s my shelter cat that I adopted 15 years ago and she’s always looking for someplace to scratch and to sleep so I knpw she’d love it. My kitty Pepper would also love it if she could get a chance at it when Chyna isn’t using it and our Casey would love it as well once he decided it wasn’t going to bite him.

    • We spend our days enjoying the dynamics of a kitty colony of 15 who go in or out at their own will through a pet door. Some of our babies tip the scales in the upper range of normal, maybe even past the upper range of normal……….ok, a few of them are definitely obese. The kitty furniture/toys that are to be given away here are not the typical run-of-the-mill cheapo yet expensive cat posts that we all have been forced to pick up at WallyWorld. These items here on the Conscious Cat are well constructed and designed with function and fun in mind. Someone designed these with the mind of a cat!!!! My 18 yr old guys would enjoy these as much as my 4 mo. old newbie. I might even be able to take those silly tape strips down off the corners of the furniture – those strips did not create any impediment to scratching the furniture anyway. All the babies would play and lounge on those toys – I’m sure they would be occupied 24/7.

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