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You may have seen the BrawnyCat Lounge on My Cat From Hell a couple of weeks ago. You may have seen it featured on Moderncat. And if you  haven’t already bought one, it’s probably on your wish list for your cats. What cat wouldn’t love one of these fabulous scratch lounges?

The original BrawnyCat Ultimate Cat Scratcher/Lounger was designed by Andrew Lesko for his 25-pound cat when he found that “she loved to lounge on her cardboard cat scratcher. It was just her natural spot to hang out on. Her own scent, left by her scratching activity, gave her a sense of ownership and comfort. Not that it was comfortable. It was flat and small (for her). She needed something larger that would also give her more comfort.”

He couldn’t find anything in stores that worked for her, so he decided to design his own. “My prerequisites were that it would be oversized and accommodating for cats of all sizes, be super comfortable, and incorporate a heavy duty, long lasting scratching pad that was also reversible and replaceable. It would be earth friendly, elevated, and have a hidden storage space for kitty toys which would also collect cat scratching residue flakes to keep floors clean.”

In addition to being fantastic from a feline’s point of view, these scratch lounges are also beautiful! Andrew was a finalist in the Apartment Therapy Design Showcase 2011.

And just last week, BrawnyCat released a brand new collection of scratch lounges. The 2012 Comfy Collection features the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge, the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft, and the Big Baby’s Comfy Boost.

All lounges are designed and handcrafted for maximum cat comfort. They include BrawnyCat’s exclusive Comfy Bolster™. This makes curling up easy even for the biggest cat, and as with all Brawny Cat designs, feet, paw, butt and neck support is abundant and sensible. These scratch loungers are purr-fect for big cats and multiple cat households.

Zeke on BrawnyCat lounger

Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy’s cat Zeke, shown in the picture above, loves his Brawny Cat Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Lounge! According to Jackson, “it’s become a favorite among all of our cats. The scratching surface is very attractive to them and rugged, as well.”

For more information about these loungers, and to purchase, please visit BrawnyCat.

And now you can win one of these beautiful scratch loungers for your kitties – a $189 value! The winner will have a choice between the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge and the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft. Your cat’s name will be inscribed on the back as shown.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment and tell me which of your kitties would enjoy this lounger the most, and which of the two loungers you’d like to win. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Thursday, February 23. This giveaway is limited to readers in the United States.

This just in! Two additional winners will win a
Scratch’n Slumber® Comfort Padlet!

Brawny Cat Comfort Padlet

These comfort scratchers are made from the tightest cardboard honeycombed fluting pattern available ensuring maximum durability. The shape and texture of the Padlet is irresistible to cats. Symmetrical and reversible, the Comfort Padlet allows for double use and exceptional long life. With comfy sculpted bolster sides for maximum kitty comfort, they provide great back and head support. As an extra bonus, each Comfort Padlet includes Washington grown “Brawny Cat Delight” organic catnip.

Photo of Zeke ©Jackson Galaxy, used with permission, photo of Olive on Comfort Padlet ©Andrew Lesko

856 Comments on Giveaway: Win a Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge or Big Baby’s Comfy Loft from BrawnyCat

  1. Both of my kids,Neechee and Junior would love to have Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge to relax upon.
    Junior is the oldest at 7 yrs old so he should probably rest more 🙂 but Neechee does fancy a nap with a pillow after a rowdy play session even though he’s only 3,he does play hard.
    I’m sure Neechee would probably let Junior decide who would get it if they were to win since he is older and wiser.
    The Scratch and Slumber padlet is more Neech’s style.He falls asleep on his scratcher now but it is way too small for sleeping & he has to hang off one end or the other.
    I have shared this on my Facebook page as well.
    Thanks for having a great contest!

  2. I only have one kitty, Nora (a 20 pound Norwegian Forest Cat), whom I adopted from the shelter as an adult cat and she would absolutely love the lounger. I recently built steps on the wall for her to access the top of a very large and sturdy wall unit in my office. She loves to go up there, but there’s nothing to do because she is a “pusher” (has to push anything that weighs less than her off of any surface). I think the lounger would make a perfect “desk” for Nora so she can be a really comfy and happy assistant while I’m working each day!

  3. both my boy, Patch, and my girl, Shmooshy, would love the lounge. but Patch would probably use it more – he always gets his way.

  4. My cat Ollie would LOVE a lounger. He was ferel & found him sleeping in my garage last winter when the temps were below zero. I coaxed him in the house with food & within days he was right at home. I have a Shih Tzu & a Mini Poodle that love to play with him. He uses the dog door & has never gone potty in the house. The dogs have beds & I think Oliver deserves his own lounger. They are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Both of my cats would love this and since my biggest cat weighs in at a slim 16 lbs (and he is not a fat kitty!!), this might be something that will fit he nicely. I think the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge would work best here. And I know exactly what to inscribe in the back “Spoiled Brat”. 🙂

  6. My rescue baby, Olive, an all-black Maine Coon mix, would love either one. She is so sweet and dispite her shyness, she and I have managed to develop a special bond over the past year. I just adore her!

  7. All four of our rescue cats would love the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge, but I think our 13 1/2 lb. Harry Walter would fit on it the best!

  8. I run a small cat rescue called, Saved By A Whisker Rescue. We have a very special foster kitty, Olive, that would LOVE a Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge. Olive was found laying in the parking lot of a construction site. They did not think she was alive, so one of the guys went to move her off of the parking lot and when he picked her up, she purred! Poor Olive was barely alive. She had a severe upper respiratory infection, ear mites, an ear infection, severe glaucoma in one eye, and the other eye was gone! Olive had to have her other eye removed and she is now completely blind. Despite all that she has been through, she is the sweetest kitty ever. Because Olive cannot see she is much more comfortable on the ground and spends most of her time lounging on the floor. She loves to roll around and scratch on her cheap cardboard scratcher, so I know she would adore a Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge! It would be great to have something that she loved and was familiar to her, to send with when she is adopted.

  9. Our kitty, Pooh, would absolutely LOVE to lounge in the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge! A royal resting area for our furry prince 🙂 He is a shelter cat that we adopted when he was a kitten and he is such a lover. 🙂

  10. Tyson our older cat would love a nice bed to keep away from the terrible 3 younger cats. They love her but constantly torture her!

    The 3 younger cats came from the wild cat Jaws outside who has now been fixed. Jaws was kept inside for 3 months to give birth through recovery. Why Jaws? She drew blood through 3 layers of blankets while we were cleaning her cage. She is back outside and we are blessed with 3 powerfully smart cats that need to play feather several hours a day!

  11. I have four rescue kitties, and I think they would all enjoy it. However, my oldest kitty, Olive, would enjoy it the most! She likes to have her own space 🙂

  12. Oh! The Lounge would be perfect for my Isis girl! She’s a Lynx Point Mix, and so shes got a stalky build to begin with. She loves laying on the cat tree i bought for my girls, but that top bed spot is just so small that she looks so uncomfortable on it. When it gets later at night, and she wants something more restful, she usually retires to the bed, instead of staying out in the living room with me and Nefertiti. To give her an amazing bed like this, she could have something just for her, and be more comfortable so she’ll stay out with us! She would just love it!

  13. I’m the proud momma of two of the best fur babies ever! Pugsly and Sherman. they are 7 yrs old and i adopted them from Hearts and Paws in Voorhees, NJ. Sherman (named after the Sherman Tank) is my fearless fetcher and is by my side 24/7. he is about 30 lbs and no, he is not fat, just big boned!! lol Pugsly is my social butterfly and must meet and greet everybody who comes to visit. He is only 14 lbs…they are both Mainecoon mixes, brown and carmel in color and look like brothers but are not related…..they both follow me around the house and both are very playful and are just a pleasure to be around. Pugsly would Love to lounge on the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounger! Every morning, Pugsly brings his two favorite toys (a battered feather toy and a fishing pole with string attached) upstairs and drops them in front of my hubbys side of the bed. Once he knows my hubby is awake (barely), he jumps onto his chest and meows until he’s fed!! Please choose my Pugsly to win!

  14. My parents cats cali and kerry would really love this. Cali is my girl that I rescued a long time ago and my parents kept her after I got married and then after we were told my dad has brain cancer my mom thought it would be a good idea to get him a younger kitty that was full of life and that is excatly what they did. They rescued a lil girl named kerry from the pound. She is full of life and I think this would be something nice to put in my dads room for the kittys!!

  15. My little diva, Soxie would love the Big Baby Comfy Lounge. She is a bush kitty… she does not like to be up high. She is a ferral that wondered into our yard and into our hearts. She has learned to love us just as much as we love her. Thank you so much for this show, we have learned so much. We also have Tommie, we adopted a year ago after Tom our old man kitty had to be put down. We have had our ups and downs helping them accept each other. It is so wonderful to know that there are others with similar issues and there is someone that understands them as much as you do.

  16. My cat Ms. Cleo would love to lounge on it. And Squeaker a stray who adopted me about a month ago would us it to scratch and play with. As the smallest cat in my house weights 12 pounds the extra size is very needed.

  17. Jackson,
    I have 4 cats in the house and they promise to share and would love either the Big Baby’s Comfort Lounge or the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft or the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Padlet.
    Pistol, Ralph, Moose and Splash!

  18. I have 3 cats that would enjoy the comfy loft, however our newest addition Cambria would definately enjoy it the most

  19. I have oodles of kitties–some ranging in the 15-20 category (I do foster care for a local rescue group); many of the kitties would enjoy the lounger. I think the 21 year old kitty, (rescued from a shelter after being DUMPED there at 19 years young! so she could live out her golden years in comfort) might enjoy the lounger the most. She is always looking for a comfortable spot for her arthritic limbs! Thank you for offering the contest!

  20. We have 11 cats in our household, but our Maine Coons Indy and Giles would LOVE a Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge! The extra size would really come in handy for these big boys!!

  21. I have two cats of my own, as well as two foster cats. As soon as one of my foster cats gets adopted, I replace him/her with another foster cat. Being a multi-cat household, I always have to separate a foster cat for the first week or two (or longer, depending how introductions go) that I have them. I think this would be the perfect bed to welcome in the foster cats after they have spent far too much time in a cage! Of course having such a nice bed of their own would make them feel special right away! A perfect beginning to making them feel loved and welcomed into their new home. I think the “Big Baby’s Comfy Boost” would be the perfect model so I could accommodate any size foster cat and I could also use it to put the small towels I use in the other cat’s beds to help introduce the new cat to the scents of the other cats in the house before introductions. (A tip I learned from Jason!)

  22. We almost lost our older fur-boy when he was a kitten. Georgy spiked a high fever after his second round of vaccinations and our entire family made the midnight trip to the emergency veterinary clinic. Had we not done this, he could have suffered brain damage or worse. He’s rather spoiled to this day, taking full advantage of our almost-loss to manipulate us into doing his bidding. We love all of our fur-babies, but I believe that Georgy would be the one to get the most use from a new Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge (and the others would like it too— when he’d let them!).

  23. Which of my cats would enjoy this? Let’s see… all 14 of them! lol! Really though, I have 3 who just LOVE the cardboard scratch pad on their spinning ball toy, so they would probably love it the most, and they are Tie-Dye, Buster and Miss Misty. I know they’re are hoping we win!

    Kat Herder

  24. I have 3 cats. One of them is almost 20 pounds. Jake would be the one I would like to use it but I have a feeling Elwood would take over then Starkitty would use the scratcher part (they all would they are using my kitchen mats for scratchers now even though they do have one of their own!). Thanks for the opportunity. Would love Jake to have a bed he could fit on.

  25. I share my life with 12 happy housecoats and they would all enjoy any of these–but my Jasper is close to 20 pounds and a lot of regular lounges and posts are too small for him to use or lay on comfortably. My Abyssinian, Max, is also a kitty who likes his soft spot, so he would lay claim to these as well The Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge is truly awesome.


  26. I have three fur kidz and Cabby the Tabby would love the lounger, although I am sure all three would have to take turns because they share everything. They are all lovers! 🙂

  27. I have three kitties: Bonehead, my almost 18 year old kitty (will turn 18 on April Fool’s day of course), EllaBella (my neurotic dark Tortie) and Josephina aka Jonas, whom I inherited when my dad passed away. They are all rescue kitties. I’d love to have the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft for Bonehead. He’d love a place to get away and snooze the day away. He deserves a little comfort and special treatment. Thanks!

  28. We adopted two kittens a while back and one of them is a scratcher while the other is the lounger. They are great and happy to say not qualified to be on the show at all. 🙂 They would love the scratcher. Really? What cat wouldn’t??

  29. My two little goddesses, Athena and Persephone, would love the lounger and probably share it (of course, not at the same time). I have one of those small rectangular cardboard scratchers that they love and lay on (but like you mentioned…not quite big enough).

  30. This is hard decision to make, but I really think my cat Rigatoni would love this! Well actually both of our cats would love it. The Big Baby’s Loft is soo cool.

  31. I’m the proud mom of 2 rescued cats. Our newest addition, Legs, is a petite 10 month old little girl. My big mushy boy, JP Lovecraft, would LOVE the Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge though! He is about 18 pounds, and not terribly overweight (although he is a bit), just a large boy. He loves lounging on one of the small, cheap, corrugated cardboard scratchers that we have now, and he flows over the sides! One of these Lounges would be perfect for him!

  32. Oh my goodness! My Mama kitty, Miss Yin Yang, would absolutely adore the Big Baby’s Comfy Loft! She’s the feral we rescued who just happened to be a few days pregnant when we brought her in! After being fed outside and slowly gaining her trust, she showed up with an injured back paw! The vet deemed it was an infected puncture wound, and her life as an inside cat began. A measly 4.5 pounds, we beefed her up to 11.5 pounds just before giving birth to 5 beautiful, healthy baby girls. After a stressful, near-death sickness, we managed to keep all 6 kitties with us and healthy. Now at 7 months old, her little girls bully her off of the furniture she loves so much. This could be mounted on “her” window, the one place she’s managed to keep the kids from claiming!

  33. My 8-month old (12 1/2 lbs) orange manx, STUMPY, would love this! Hes a little wild, being a manx and all, but this would help calm him down a bit! A place to finally relax!

  34. Both my cats would LOVE it!! And, they would fight over it! But if I had to pick who it would go to, I would pick Bowden, he’s just soooooooooooooooooo sweet! (Sorry Ford, you’re just such a grumpers!)

  35. Ziggy would love either one of these! He’s always hogging the couch pillows, adorably of course. Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. My cats Rinpoche and Lhotse are both rescue cats.Lhotse was adopted from the shelter as a 5 year old, declawed (UGH!) cat. She was traumatized while at the shelter and it took almost a year for her to relax and enjoy life again. Rimpoche was a feral cat along with 6 others, living of construction workers lunch left overs. I trapped all the cats in have-a-heart traps. Took up a collection and along with help from my vet, got all spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated. Was albe to get all the cats adopted out but just had to keep Rinpoche for my self. Both are now living a contented life with much love and pampering. As they are getting older, lounging is becoming most appealing although a bit of a scratch here and there is pretty much fun! We have no where her in PA that sells such beautiful cat furniture. I am sure they would enjoy having such a fun piece of furniture of their very own. BTW, the cats have a close doggie friend….Dharma the Great Dane! Peace

    • My 7 year old adopted dsh cat named Sabastian would love to win The Big Babies Comfort lounger. He would like the lounger because every night when we are unwinding, he loves to sit on his small card board scratcher like a prince with his feet tucked in and a smile on his face. When he is not unwinding he works very hard at chewing his cardboard scratcher.

      • My Sabastian would love to win one of these comfy loungers.
        Giveaway: Win a Big Baby’s Comfy Lounge or Big Baby’s Comfy Loft from BrawnyCat | The Conscious Cat
        Enter to win one of these fantastic Scratch’n Slumber Lounges – a $189 value!..
        LikeUnlike · · Share · 12 minutes ago

    • i have 6 inside cats that were all once strays and they would all push and shove to have a chance to lounge but the one that would be there the most is the 20 lb er white cat or the 3 lb tortie that just showed up 3 months ago. we also have 6 more outside cats all strays. sadly we live where people dump animals but they find a good life here.

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