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Jackson Galaxy just launched his brand new online store, where you will find many of the products shown or mentioned on the show.

New from Petmate: The Jackson Galaxy Collection


If you’ve been watching My Cat From Hell, you’ve probably learned that there are frequently two themes to the challenging cases Jackson works with on the show: vertical space, and play therapy. One of my favorite lines from this season so far is “you’ve got  to catify your house!” If you’re anything like me, you’re probably intrigued with some of the toys, scratching posts and wall shelves Jackson recommends on the show.

Here’s a round up of some of my favorites from recent episodes.


The four-tiered cat tree from Mountain Cat Trees shown above is on Allegra and Ruby’s wish list. I love the combination of natural wood and sisal. These trees are handcrafted, so no two are the same. The wood is treated with a non toxic and environmentally safe clear coat finish. This finish is pet safe, has no odor and helps prolong the life of the tree.


I also love these cat climbers. I think Allegra and Ruby would have a blast with these – I just have to find a space in my house to mount them! I particularly like that they have manila roping to define the edges of the shelves. The shelves come in various sizes and even include a corner shelf, and the clean, simple design will go with any decor.


I don’t think there’s been a single episode of My Cat From Hell when the Da Bird toy hasn’t come out of Jackson’s guitar case. This toy is a perennial favorite at our house.

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59 Comments on Catify Your House! Cat Products Recommended by Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy

  1. I recently purchased a toy at a local store. It has a telescoping handle and wire string that has a black and yellow ? insect. My cat took after it and now as soon as the drawer open she can’t wait to play with it. The only thing is the wire came out of the telescoping handle. I tried getting it back in but unable, so now I just play with the wire with my cat. Just wanted to let you know so maybe you could make some improvements on it. I live in a small, one traffic light town so next time we make a trip to either Pittsburgh or Erie, I plan on picking another of the same toy! Thank you.

  2. Hi I have enjoyed reading all the comments about everyones cats and toys. I am also looking for a scent balls necklace ? used in one of the My Cat From Hells episodes. Couldn”t catch which episodes it was. But was used around one kittys neck with her roommates scent on it so they would get used to each other again. I have 3 cats who lived together for about 2 yrs ,then the youngest saw another cat thru the window and its been hell ever since. So we are trying to get them back together again. Any help would be appreciated. Merry Christmas to all !!!

  3. Regarding the shelving that is shown in the episodes…I have an older house, has lath and plaster walls. I’m not sure even with Toggle Bolts that I can put up anything (when I put up nails for pictures, plaster falls in between the walls). Has anyone tried putting these up with that kind of wall? Can you tell me what type of nails/screws/bolts you used? Thanks!

    • Just wondered if you had any answers yet. First time on here and l also would like to put up shelving but have plaster and lathe walls.

  4. Did anyone see the recent episode – early May, 2016, about the father and son who cared for feral cats; towards the end of that segment they received some free outdoor cat houses from a company which I think Jackson said was HTX – however, nothing comes up on google for that name – does anyone know where they can be found online – thanks

  5. If your cat plays rough and is not a timid cat the retractable cord with the feathers, plus the wire that just loops around will not last long. i have went thru three of these in the last month. feathers completely destroyed and my two 8 month old Bengals love these but after $60.00 in one month on the most expensive teasers is just too much…….. Just a little more effort and some R&D and this would be worth it maybe

  6. I saw an outdoor cat enclosure on last night’s My Cat from Hell episode which appeared to be manufactured of pvc pipe and some kind of wire cage material. Jackson said the brand name but I didn’t catch it. I have been unable to locate it on the web. Any help appreciated.

    • I saw the same episode a couple days ago as well and I thought it was a cool deal to try to make one. It didn’t look too hard to do. Haven’t tried it tho but may in the future. catandcaboodle.com has some tips on making your own.

  7. hi, I am trying to find info on the cat glass Jackson used in the episode with Einstein. can any one help? many thanks

  8. I found a cat activity mat from manufacture “Petlinks” at Petsmart Store for around 13.00-14.00. Seems to have good reviews. I am going to buy a couple of more toys to add to it as I think my cat will destroy the feathers. I will sew more on. My cat is 17 yr.s old and cannot get around now that she has a growth on her leg. But she still wants to play and gets bored not being able to run and jump like she use to. But she will try to bat at feather toys and likes her crinkle noise. So this will probably be something to try as she lies around a lot these days. You can order it online.

    • I hope you have taken your cat to the vet regarding the growth on her leg. It may simply be a fatty tumor (non-cancerous) that can be removed. My cat easily lived past 17 years of age so be sure to give her quality of life and don’t let that growth remain.

  9. What kind of rehab did they setup for the cat who had the stoke? Are there lists of exercises for them as there are for humans?

    One of my cats had an episode of vertigo, after 24 hours she’s fine except her back legs wobble like the kitty on the show. Also, did they do a brain scan to see if she had a stroke?

    (I resisted saying a “Cat Scan,” )

  10. I’m looking for a product Jackson recommended on a recent episode in late April or early of May of 2014. He called it a cat puzzle rug. Can you help me find this product, please?

    Many thanks in advance for you efforts…

    • According to Jackson’s office, they are currently working on creating this product. I’ll update when I have information on when it will be available for purchase.

      • I am in the UK and would be very interested in the cat puzzle rug as Milly, my black three legged cat would love it as she only plays with toys on her own due to been very very timid and scared of feathers on sticks. I am slowly trying to gain her trust. Milly is happy in her way. I am able to put my hand right near her but stroking is another thing as she hisses at me, not nasty, but she does not like been touched at present. I thought the puzzle rug would help her play more as she is also a lazy cat too.

  11. I would like to take my cat for a walk. Jackson had a harness that seemed to zip up the back. Is this a dog harness? I have not seen cat harnesses.

  12. Hi! I saw cat steps made of fiber, wall mounted, cactus shaped on My Cat From Hell, season 1 episode three for a cat named Duff. I’d love to know where to get that, can you help?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t recall seeing these steps, and also don’t know where you might find something like that. You can try The Vertical Cat or The Refined Feline for unique cat shelves.

  13. I like the Bird Catcher-we have a multi level cat tree already-which they love-theirs has two little houses-the lower one does not get much use, because they cannot see outdoor-however the upper one gets a ton of use from them. We also bought window perches except do not laugh-they started chewing the wire and I had bad images of the perch just collapsing. I think they get toys more often than I do.

  14. I’ve been thinking about mounting some type of cat climbing shelves on my walls. With 2 large dogs, I have to put the cat food way up on top of my tallest chest of drawers –just to keep the dogs out of it. And right now, for the cats to be able to get up to their food, I have the ironing board set up all the time. Not pretty. They jump up on it, then spring on up to their food on the dresser. Would LOVE to mount some climbing boards on the wall for this purpose. But the price of these is ridiculous. Places like Lowes has regular shelving that would work if I added the rope border or maybe covered the shelf in carpet. Would love to put my ironing board away!

      • I have the same one! But I got mine for $85, including shipping from rakuten.com. They have loads of them.

        • Try shopping for cat trees on Ebay. I got a really good deal on one made by Armarkat. It’s 6′ tall with five platforms and a “house” about halfway up. I think I paid about $69, which was way less than the retail price.

          • I just checked, and the one I bought on Ebay costs $130 at Petsmart, so I paid about half price for it.

    • Tristi, I don’t think it would be that hard to make some of these things yourself, assuming you have some talent when it comes to DIY (which would rule me out :-).

    • Well tristi, just remember that part of the cost we pay is going toward the charities that Jackson supports. It’s not all profit.

  15. I love the tree and so would my six kitties. Just started watching the show and two of kitties are hooked on it too.

  16. I don’t have cable, so I haven’t watched My Cat From Hell, but I have enjoyed your discussions about it. I love that tree! And the shelves too! What a great idea! Have you ever seen the house some people built just for their cats? The whole house was designed to be home to 15 or 20 cats. I found it somewhere on YouTube…sorry can’t steer you directly to it. You probably already know about it. Wouldn’t that be fun!

    • Jody, I think I know which house you’re talking about. I believe there’s even a book about it. There was also an episode of last season’s Must Love Cats where a man in the midwest built all these cat walkways and cat tunnels in his house – it was amazing!

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