If you watched My Cat From Hell, you’ve seen Jackson Galaxy demonstrate his almost uncanny ability to connect with troubled cats and their often equally, if not more, troubled humans, again and again. I love watching the transformation his work brings not just to the cats, but also to the humans. And isn’t it almost always the humans who need to change? The cats are just being cats.

I know I’m not the only one who hated to see the current season end. Animal Planet is currently casting for Season 3, but until the show returns with new episodes, we won’t have to go into Jackson withdrawal: he’s got a new book coming out on May 10.

Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love and Coming Clean is the story of Jackson’s personal journey from his days as a musician struggling with addiction and working part time at an animal shelter to his present status as the go-to feline behaviorist. Not surprisingly, a cat featured prominently in his story. The cat was Benny, who, says Jackson, was “the most difficult cat I ever worked with. I felt like I was constantly in a lab with him, trying to solve problems.” Jackson credits Benny with helping him come up with the methods that he still uses to help countless cats. But Benny also had a profound impact on Jackson’s personal life. I for one can’t wait to read this book.

Jackson’s work has saved countless cats’ lives by preventing them from being returned to shelters for seemingly unsurmountable behavior problems. He’s saved the cats he works with, both on the show and in private consultations, and the ones whose guardians learn from watching his show. And now you, too, can help the Cat Daddy save feline lives.

Here’s how, thanks to Jackson Galaxy and Tarcher-Penguin Books:

For every copy of Cat Daddy pre-ordered before May 10, 2012, Tarcher-Penguin will donate $1.00 to help homeless cats cared for by Neighborhood Cats, Best Friends Animal Society and Stray Cat Alliance. To make your pre-order count, simply e-mail your receipt (or a photo/scan of your receipt) to

Click here to pre-order Cat Daddy today
and help homeless cats!

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  1. What an amazing guy! And great book title! Living in Argentina is going to make purchasing this book a little challenging, but I’ll be sure to order a copy next time I’m in the UK.

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