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I love bringing you information every day to create a happy life for yourself and your cats. Knowing that cats are living better lives because of something someone may have read here on this site makes me feel good. Allegra and Ruby enjoy entertaining you with their purrsonal columns.

All three of us would love it if you would take a moment to nominate us for the About.com Readers Choice Award for Best Website About Cats.

About.com’s definition for this category is: “The Best Website About Cats will be one which provides information in a professional but friendly manner on all aspects of cats, including, but not limited to cat care, health, behavior, senior cats, special needs cats, and the feline-human bond. An added plus would be an active community of readers, with the ability to share photos and stories about their cats.”

Nominations are open until February 15. Nominations are then narrowed down to five in each category, and  voting polls will decide the winners, who will be announced in March.

Complete the nominee information as follows:

Name: The Conscious Cat

Nominee URL: http://consciouscat.net

Why are you nominating this website: This is where we hope you’ll say something nice about us.

Click here to submit your nomination

The Conscious Cat - Allegra and Ruby cats in front of computer

Allegra, Ruby and I thank you!

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