Allegra and Ruby got a ridiculous amount of presents for Christmas (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), but their paws down favorite is the Cat-A-Pole interactive wand toy. This is no ordinary wand toy!

For starters, it’s huge! The wand is about 4 feet long. It’s made from sturdy plastic. And here’s the best part: unlike other interactive toys, the Cat-A-Pole doesn’t use string to attach the toy. The pom pom toy with feathers is attached with a short, sturdy chain to a 40lb fishing line that runs inside the plastic tube. This clever design creates a completely unpredictable motion, and, unlike most other interactive toys, there is no string to get tangled up during play.

Like all fishing pole type toys, it moves like a mouse when dragged along the floor, and like a bird when zipped through the air. Allegra and Ruby went absolutely nuts for this toy!

The toy initially presented a bit of a challenge for my hand-eye coordination (which isn’t one of my strong suits to begin with), and it’s a good thing that everything on my shelves is already achored with museum putty, or else a few things would have gotten knocked off as I got used to manipulating this toy.

Watch Allegra and Ruby have fun with this toy in the two videos below.

As an aside, the videos also demonstrate the completely different playing styles I alluded to in my recent post Allegra gets advice from Jackson Galaxy: Allegra is much more strategic and waits and watches before batting at the toy, whereas Ruby just starts pouncing!



For more information about the Cat-A-Pole, and to order, please visit

One word of caution: among the tips listed on how to use this toy, they suggest to tie the toy to a chair so the cat can play with it while you’re away. I think this is a bad suggestion. Even though, unlike with other interactive toys, there is no string to potentially choke the cat, interactive toys are called interactive for a reason: they’re meant to be used with a human supervising play. Besides, it’s far more fun for your cat when you play with her.

I purchased this toy after reading  about it on

6 Comments on Cat-A-Pole: the ultimate interactive cat toy?

  1. Cute! Clever design too – Sam adores feathers and doesn’t eat them – just pulls them off and leaves the mess for Mommy to clean up! LOL I agree with you and Caren about tying it to a chair though – Sam got tangled up as a kitten in a toy with an elastic cord and I’m SUPER careful about those things ever since.


  2. Ruby is just like Cody, Cody dives right in!

    i agree with you about not tying the toy to a chair…I noticed the feathers on it and Cody would devour them in no time if left unattended.

    It is a super cute toy but I am hesitant because of the feathers. Cody just focuses on eating the feathers whenever he sees them!

    • Caren, you could just cut the feathers off. We have many “disabled” toys at our house: blind and earless mice, birds without wings or feathers, and more – and the disabling is done by me, not the girls. I’m very careful with anything that looks like it could even remotely come loose from a toy. I don’t worry as much with interactive toys, since I supervise play.

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