John Clement generously offered to donate two copies of The Cat Sitter’s Pajamas by Blaize Clement to two lucky Conscious Cat readers! If you read my review of this latest in the Dixie Hemingway series earlier today, you already know that I loved the book.

If you’d like a chance to win a copy, share your favorite cat sitting story with us. Tell us why you love your cat (or pet) sitter. Share something funny that happened while your cat sitter was taking care of your pets. Tell us how you chose your cat sitter. Anything and everything related to cat sitting qualifies you to win.

For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Friday, January 13.

10 Comments on Giveaway: The Cat Sitter’s Pajamas by Blaize Clement

  1. I had a friend that stayed at my house and cat sat for six of my cats. I have two Main Coon’s that really hide and a shot hair domesticated that usually hides. Well they were sitting in my dinning room each reading a book and behold Flacco one of my Main Coon’s came and sat on one of their laps, the other two scared kitties came out too. So it just goes to show that cats know when someone really cares for them, but the funnest part of all is they all try to hide in the suitcase before I go and on this last trip Oreo almost made it but the lump in the suitcase gave him away.


  2. I have 4 males that I affectionately refer to as the mafia kitties. Their antics and coordinated naughtiness awarded them this name. The youngest of them is named Wonton. Poor kid was found in a dumpster and didn’t have the best start in life which probably accounts for why he is so neurotic but not everyone is aware of how bad he is and the lengths the other three go to help him out. One vacation our regular cat sitter was busy so I asked my friend to stop by and check on them. I gave her the run down of where things are etc. and told her not to be alarmed if she found some puke when she came by. Wonton is a known puker while we are away so this is to be expected. She texted while we were gone that all is good and no puke yet. By the end of the week I was so surpirsed that Wonton was doing so well. When we finally got home from vacation I noticed a small minefield of socks, paper and large toys scattered throughout the living room. As I approached the items I noticed they were perched oddly in their spots. I picked the first one up and it all became clear. Each of the toys, papers and socks had been strategically placed to disguise his deposits. The mafia kitties had been up to their tricks and snowed another cat sitter. When I told her what happened she felt so bad but I told her not to worry the other three were just covering for their buddy as usual 🙂

  3. another story-thankfully after we moved I was cat sitting my old neighbors cat and decided the night before to leave my new house key with her. The next day I went for a ride and locked myself out of my house-good luck I called another neighbor who had the key to the neighbor’s house and rode over and got my house key-I was in my bike clothes my husband was out of town and the thought of waiting about 5 hours for him to return had no appeal to me.

  4. Given that P. is asthmatic I needed to find a cat sitter who could give her the inhaler and understood the importance and was willing to have patience with the naughty one when she hides under the bed. My vet referred me to a former vet tech who worked in their office; this was after I interviewed numerous cat sitters. Funny story-Magellan was chasing her around the house-P. not the cat sitter and P. went and hit. Well then the cat sitter could not find her and I was on the phone with the sitter suggesting places where the pumpkin could be hiding-she was on the counter next to the cutting block blending in with the granite.

  5. My cat (and dog) sitter is actually a boarding kennel out by our airport…I’ve had a couple of not-so-good experiences when family/friends took care of my critters that I finally decided to find a kennel I could really trust. My animals mean so much to me and I would rather pay someone than have to deal with being unable to forgive a friend or relative for letting something bad happen…the best thing is that I’ve become good friends with the woman who runs the kennel and she is the same about her animals and her customers’ animals that I am about mine.

  6. That book looks adorable. I cat sit for a friend, and her cat gets lonely and as a result, she looks for trouble. She knocks everything that is on the kitchen counter onto the floor. And I do mean everything. My friend had a large ceramic bear cookie jar. The cat pushed it all the way across the counter and knocked the head to the floor. It was busted and beyond repair.

  7. I had a cat sitting/dog walking business for 7 years! I once took care of three kitties for a couple that was on their honeymoon. During the first visit I was never able to locate one of the kitties, so the next day I brought my husband to help me search for it. We searched their apartment from TOP to BOTTOM and never located the third kitty (we did find several things that we wish we wouldn’t have!) I was totally convinced that they had let the kitty out when they were leaving and tried to contact them several times. I was never able to contact them and NEVER found the kitty.

    When they arrived home they called me to thank me for taking care of the kitties (all three of them!) and assured me that the third kitty had been there all along. He liked to hide inside the couch frame – all the way up in the back of the couch. I was relieved that the kitty was okay . . but like I told my husband . .that is information I could have used BEFORE they left!! All’s well that ends well 🙂

  8. We were on vacation and a neighbor was drafted to come down once a day and get the mail, clean out the litter box and feed the cat. Well, after 2 days, she got worried because she had not seen the cat at all!! So she looked everywhere without success until she peered into the guest bedroom and saw a lump in the middle of the bed under the bedspread! Eureka!!! Cat found!!!

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