Stephanie Baltimore Humane Society

Older cats tend to stay in shelters the longest and are least likely to get adopted, but they deserve forever homes as much as any other cat. Today, I would like to introduce you to some of these senior citizens who have not given up hope. Perhaps your home will be the home where they can find permanent happiness.

The gorgeous girl above is 12-year-old Stephanie. She was brought to the Baltimore Humane Society because her owner’s health was failing, and he could no longer take care of her. She admits that she is not much of a lap cat as she likes to be free to roam around. She can be a little stubborn at times since she likes to have things her way, but at her age, that’s just a part of her personality! Stephanie is available for adoption through the Baltimore Humane Society.

Simba Fancy Cats Rescue Team

Simba is a 12-year-old couch potato who loves all people. He is a sweet fellow who likes to have a sunny window to snooze in. Though front declawed, he still uses a horizontal scratcher. He has no interest in toys, but enjoys brushing and a good chin rub. He accepts a hug without protest, and is a wonderful, affectionate cat. He is being fostered through Fancy Cats Rescue Team in Northern Virginia.

Maine Coon cat

Columbo is a beautiful 10-year-old Maine Coon boy in Austin, TX. He is very sweet and affectionate. Columbo has food allergies, which appears to be limiting the number of people who are even interested in adopting him. You can find more information about Columbo on the Maine Coon Rescue Alliance Website.

Marble Baltimore Humane Society

You knew there’d be at least one tortie in this group! Marble is 10 years old. Her owner passed away , so she was brought to the Baltimore Humane Society. She is a nice cat, but she is a little stressed with the change of being taken from a home and put in a cage. She is hyperthyroid and is on medication. Marble is available for adoption through the Baltimore Humane Society.

Pandora Little Falls, NY

Pandora is a friendly, laid back cat. She is about 8 years old. She is so friendly that she followed a child home. Pandora had some dental issues, so when the parents of the child saw a drooling cat on their porch, they were terrified it was rabies. It wasn’t rabies – it was Pandora’s mouth, which has been treated. Pandora is a very lovely cat who would make a wonderful companion. She is available for adoption from Community Animal Programs in Little Falls, NY.

I’ve always loved older cats, and I’m thrilled that my article about the joys of adopting an older cat won the 2011 Hartz Everday Chewable Vitamins award this past weekend. I adopted Buckley when she was between eight and ten years old, and even though I only had three years with her, those three years changed my life in ways I never could have imagined and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a single moment of that time.

If you’re looking for a new feline family member, won’t you consider adopting an older cat?

14 Comments on November is Adopt-a-Senior-Cat month

  1. I’m looking for three healthy senior cats new homes. Their owner is neglecting them and is homeless, living on welfare. Owner of 6 cats… 2 arent tame and one needs medical attention which the owner is neglecting. She cannot afford to take them to the vet and refused to find them good homes. Waiting for them to die then she be free. No, I want the 3 to be rehome for their last tastes of freedom and happiness. They have traumas caused by the owner who moved around too many times and lived in a small room wherever she rented. Now the owner is at my house, refused to pay the rent and the cats are outside porch with cement floors and walls with wired fence. We want to evict the owner after the cats are adopted. They get cold at nights for their ages. Two are 15 and one is 14. One Russian Blue and two black males… It’s breaking my heart to see them suffer and feel so helpless. I dont want them to end up in the shelters and die! I know them since they were kittens.
    I need HELP, so are they, too!! Anyone help me find them a good home. Three should be together to be adopted. Any advices would be very appreciative. Thank you

  2. Ingrid, congrats again on your award for your article on adopting senior cats and for sharing these deserving older kitties. Adopting 12-year-old Gris Gris last year was the best decision ever. Now off to share…

  3. Ingrid thank you so much for posting this and for engaging so passionately in this so important campaign! Senior cats deserve so much love, it’s so sad when they lose their human and they have to go through loneliness and long waiting at pet shelters… I hope all these sweet cats are going to find loving homes as soon as possible!
    I love older cats too… they are wise souls and have SO much to teach us!
    And by the way, congratulations on the Award!!! Much deserved!!!!!

  4. Some great photos of some lovely feline senior citizens who deserve a FINALLY Forever Home. And a GREAT BIG congratulations, Ingrid, for the Hartz Award… are a most deserving lady! Your blog is entertaining and so full of wonderful insight, advice, and FUN. The articles are invaluable to those of us who are interested in everything there is to know about taking the BEST care possible of our feline families.

    Pam (and Sam)

  5. Hi
    I have adopted adult cats twice:
    Otis, who was about 8 years old, changed from “a piece of fur full of fear” into a very loving and caring cat. He was a warm and freindly spirit, enjoying 12 years together with us. His friend Gary, who we adopted with 12 years, turnes now 17 and ist still with us. A true senior with some health issues, nevertheless a very special cat: our gentle giant.
    Please look out for seniors twice whenever you are to choose an new friend: they are all you are looking for! And they are especially perfect for working people and/or for living in an apartment !
    I’ve made my decision: my cats to come will always be seniours from the shelter!
    Daisy-Bates with Gary (purring at my side as I’m writing this)

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