2011 Hartz Chewable Vitamins Award

I am honored and excited to announce that my article The Joys of Adopting an Older Cat won the 2011 Hartz Chewable Vitamins Award at the annual Cat Writers Association conference this past Saturday in White Plains, NY.

The award is sponsored by Hartz Mountain Corporation and honors the highest-quality entry on the topic of older cats. According to contest judge Letrisa Miller, MS, DVM, owner of the Cat Clinic of Norman in Norman, OK,  “this article was a joy to read and was an excellent article with a strong, clear voice. The purpose of the article was clear throughout the piece and was very entertaining while educating people on the advantages of adopting senior pets. This is a well-balanced, educational and entertaining example of great cat writing. The decision was not an easy one, but in the end this article was the most outstanding.”

Hartz Everyday Chewable Vitamins Award 2011

Even though I’m the proud mom of two young cats, senior cats are a topic that’s always been close to my heart. Buckley was the first cat I adopted as an older cat, and if you’ve read my book, you know that she changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. Even though we only spent three short years together, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss even a minute of that time.

It seems fitting that I won this award during Adopt-a-Senior-Pet month, an initiative sponsored by Petfinder. Look for a post tomorrow which will introduce you to some beautiful senior cats who are looking for their forever homes.

Photo ©Layla Morgan Wilde

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  1. This is awesome news. So glad you have become so successful. I can brag I worked with you. Thanks Ingrid for all your contributions and making aware of the animal community. Your doing a super job. Have a great thanksgiving…. Tammy

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