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I’m always careful about changing to a different brand of cat litter. Cats can be funny about where they do their business, and sometimes, changing to a litter they don’t like can lead to them avoiding using the litter box altogether – something none of us wants to deal with.

I use clumping clay litter. I would prefer to use something more environmentally friendly, and don’t think I haven’t tried. I offered the new litter in one box, and kept the old litter in the other. I also tried a gradual changeover, adding only a small amount of the new litter to the old litter (in one box only). None of these approaches worked. My cats always made it clear that clumping clay litter was their preference, thank you very much.

When the PR agency for Cat’s Pride’s new Fresh & Light litter contacted me, I was intrigued. The litter is clay based, but is said to be 25% lighter than other clay litters with the same number of uses. Who doesn’t hate lugging heavy litter jugs or bags? The litter comes in two versions, scented and unscented. I asked to try the unscented version – I don’t recommend scented litter for cats. Cats’ sense of smell is much more sensitive that humans’, and scented litter can be a sure-fire way to turn cats away from using the litter box.

When the litter arrived, I filled one of our boxes with it, and left the other one with our old litter. The litter looks like regular clumping litter, but definitely feels lighter. The 15 pound jug filled the box to a higher level than the same amount of regular clumping litter usually does. Allegra and Ruby both took to it immediately. In fact, they seem to prefer it to the other litter.

It scoops easily and the clumps don’t stick to the side of the box. It has good odor control, although we’re not a very good test case for that aspect, litter box odor doesn’t seem to be much of a problem for us. It tracks must less than our current supposedly low tracking brand.

I like this litter a lot, and once I’ve used up what I have of the other brand I’m currently using, I’m probably going to switch. We definitely give this litter two thumbs and eight paws up!

And thanks to Cat’s Pride, not only can you win a jug of this litter along with this fantastic prize pack:

  • A 15-lb jug of NEW Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light™ Multi-Cat Scoopable (Fragrance-Free also available)
  • A 150-lb donation to your favorite shelter
  • A $15 Petsmart gift card to purchase food, treats or toys
  • A reusable tote bag for everyday items— including cat litter
  • Temptations® Cat Treats
  • A copy of Cat Fancy magazine
  • A coupon for an additional jug of NEW Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light™

To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win this prize pack. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Monday, December 5.

For more information about this litter, please visit the Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light website.

66 Comments on Review and giveaway: Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light prize pack

  1. Like so many other multi cat households, we are CONSTANTLY lugging in more and more litter it seems. I’d LOVE to try this brand for our 8 cats. We’ve been in the process of trying to find a different litter recently. This would be a great opportunity for us!

    And I KNOW our favorite animal rescue would LOVE the opportunity to have free litter as well. Times are tight all over, especially in animal rescue as we all know. What a wonderful give away! Thanks!

    {I keep telling my husband that I wish we could just have a litter truck pull up and dump litter into a bin in the house like they used to dump coal in the old days, lol} Ok..wait… not that I remember that happening first hand mind you! lol

  2. I would like to win this litter. We are a multi-cat household and our current cat litter clumps hard and sticks to side of litter box. I also have 2 forms of arthritis in my hands and some of the clumping cat litter jugs are very heavy and hard for me to lift and pour. This new Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Multi Cat scooping litter sounds like a great innovation in scoopable cat litter!

  3. My cats would love to win this as they already use and like Pet’s Pride Cat Litter. I haven’t seen the Fresh and Light version in any of the stores near us. We would love to try it out and have a coupon for an additional bucket of this litter.

    The tote bag will come in handy as I am collecting as many as I can. I know plastic shopping bags will go away some day and I need a way to get groceries, cat food and cat litter from the car into the apartment. I love the plastic bags as I throw my old litter away in those to put in the trash.

    My cats love Tempatations cat treats so that would be very appreciated too. We would love the Petsmart gift card as I shop there and I also read Cat Fancy Magazine.

    I would donate the 150 lb litter donation to the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in St. Pausls, NC. They find forever homes for blind cats who would otherwise be euthanized in conventional shelters. If they can’t get them forever homes they give them a forever home there. This is my favorite cat charity.

    Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway.

  4. I have 8 kitties and could really use the litter! I would need to get the Fragrance Free one, though, because neither I nor my cats tolerate fragrances. I haven’t tried the multi-cat for that reason. I’m a big fan of the regular Cat’s Pride litter, already, and would love to get some of the Fresh and Light for both my kitties and for the Humane Society here.

  5. I have 3 cats & had been making do with 2 litter boxes set up by my washer/dryer. I have just set up a 3rd litter box in another room and found that that one off by itself gets the heaviest usage. Obviously, privacy is a bigger issue than I thought! I would love to make them even happier with a litter that is easier to replace more often! The weight when you change it out totally has to be a consideration, both for lugging home the new litter & putting the used out or the garbage pickup.

  6. I’m already a big fan of Cats Pride products and the Oil Dri Company. A lighter weight and trackless litter would be great since I scoop 9 litter pans twice a day and change all once a week, and I’m getting a little too old for all that lifting and carrying. My cats’ favorite treats are Whiska Temptations, we love Petsmart, I work across the street from the Humane society, and who couldn’t use another tote bag.

  7. I have three cats and can really use it! Oops- I have been asked to say that I have one handsome and intelligent cat, and two disheveled teens that need to get off the lawn and get a job.

  8. I would like to win the Cats Pride gift pack. As I myself do use clumping cat litter for my cat Missy. Cats Pride is a good brand. Thanks 🙂

  9. What a wonderful give-away! I got a jug today to try out. hope my cats like it. I really liked the fact that the jug was not heavy at all!
    Would love to win this b/c our cage free shelter goes through so much litter a day..this would really help!

  10. I would like to win because that is an AWESOME giveaway first of all, and secondly, the litter sounds great. I would prefer to use corn based litter but like your cats, mine also have a definite preference for clumping clay. They will use the corn litter, but they don’t cover anything, which makes is pretty difficult to keep a clean box with three cats.

  11. An excellent review for Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light! We are owned by just two kitties, but I’ve got five litter boxes. This way, no matter where they are in the house, there is a box nearby and neither cat can be territorial. My first chore every morning, after getting out of bed, is to ‘police the cat commodes’. We too (like so many comments above) have tried other brands, but clay clumping litter is the one they prefer and we buy in large quantities whenever it’s on sale to save a few $$. And since our boy has become a ‘vertical’ urinator, we’ve had to buy tall plastic containers (22″ high!) and he often hits just one inch below the rim! Litter that doesn’t stick would certainly come in handy for that!

  12. I would love to win this four my 4 cats (Vivian, Violet, Cindy & Cleopatra) and I. I haven’t tried this new litter yet, but if it’s lighter weight, that sounds wonderful! And I would like to help Rita’s PurrEver Ranch & Sanctuary.

  13. I would love to be the winner of this package, I have 7 cats, all rescues, I am 57, live alone, and I my back is really bad and lifting does not make it any better.

  14. I would love to win this prize package because we are always looking to keep our clan of SIX kitties protected from chemicals in their litter. We choose unscented litter too, but have trouble keeping things as odor free as we would like, so would love to try this new version of Cat’s Pride litter for sure!
    We shop at PetSmart so the giftcard would be wonderful to help us feed and litter our felines, and we also buy things with coupons to donate to their charities.
    I have a number of cat rescues I help with coupons, and would be thrilled to donate $150 to one of them!
    We use tote bags to help with waste in our environment, and ANY Tote or item with Cats connected to it are a favorite to me personally!
    I also have Fibromyalgia, so the idea of Cat’s Pride designing a new lightweight container brings a smile to my face too!
    I love this contest, please offer more of them for your readers and fans!! I love my cats dearly, so always reading, researching and learning so they have the healthiest, happiest lives possible!

  15. After reading your informative review, I would definitely like to try this litter. The lightness appeals to me, current litter I’m using and it’s container are way too heavy for me to lift. The non sticking is another plus..
    What a great giveaway! My cats deserve a treat or two, as most cats do, but I have been ill for more than a year and haven’t had any extra funds for my much loved kitties. I’m new to your website

  16. I would love to win, I have tried the unscented version and it works great. My cats would also love to win the giftcard so they can get some new toys. Also my local animal shelter could really use some litter because they are overflowing with cats and kittens right now. I always take treats to teh dog whe my dogs don’t like something but can’t afford to buy litter to donate. With having 5 cats I always need litter, and they really like the cats pride fresh and light.

  17. I’ll give this litter a try. I used to use one of their clay scoopables before switching to a corn litter, in my everlasting search for the perfect litter. I wish I could find information on the internet about what this is made from and how it’s made. I haven’t had any luck with that yet.

  18. I would like to have this litter because it is lighter (easier on the back and heart), and mostly because of your great review. I checked in my area on their page, and it is not available here yet. That’s another reason I’d like this prize 🙂
    Also, my favorite shelter in CT could put it to good use!

  19. I would love this litter for all the reasons you listed. I want a more environmentally friendly litter, which my cats will actually use and track less as both my girls are big diggers! I am also intrigued by your comment that the litter doesn’t stick as much. We have an old male cat with kindney issues and cleaning his clumps is very laborious.

    Finally, our local animal welfare group did so much to keep our old male alive when we found him on the street we do anything to help them so being able to provide them that much litter would be fantastic!

  20. I found the Cat’s Pride Fresh & light at the mega-mart and it is great. My cat Dorrie is a digs everywhere -mostly outside the pan, and would fling crumbs everywhere. So I used to buy the heavy duty clumping, double odor protection. While it is cheaper to buy it by the bucket, it is very heavy and has a bit of a strong smell. I wasn’t sure Dorrie would like the idea of me mixing new litter into her pan, but she is perfectly happy with it and so am I. It’s more affordable. The bucket is much lighter. There is no odor for either of us and It is not flung outside the box anymore. We would love to win a jug of this litter and Dorrie cat would definitely like some extra treats and toy. 🙂 Plus it would be nice to share something with my local animal shelter.

  21. Hey there! I find that with two cats I have yet to find the right litter and trying the cat’s pride just might work for us! 🙂 If I won I would be happy to try it out and I read here that there is a coupon for a $1.00 off, well that makes it even easier to try this brand of litter. Thank you for the review!

  22. I would win this more for the HSNEI than for myself. We have only a few people who foster cats-and it seems most of our donations of any “shrink” goods from stores are dog-related. Cat litter would be very helpful, even the treats ^_^ This would make some foster kitties very excited!

  23. How coincidental! When I saw Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light in my store last week, I purchased some to try. And we love it!
    I’m not a fan of greasy, clumping clay litter either, but the cats definitely prefer it over the Feline Pine (clumping) and other organic litters I’ve attempted to wean them onto.

    What I loved best about this Fresh and Light that one 14.5 pound box easily fills 2 litter boxes, instead of buying a couple of 25 lb. containers. The same volume but less weight! 🙂

    Odor hasn’t been a problem for us either… I noticed the organic litters seemed to be less efficient with odor control. I scoop every day and clean the boxes between changes, but while scooping I could smell the waste more strongly with the Feline Pine.

    Donating much-needed supplies to a local shelter was a fabulous incentive! Thanks Cat’s Pride!

  24. This would go to one of my local cat rescues.

    Thank you Ingrid-we already use another litter that works great with P. asthma so I would be hesitant to change-however I am sure that any rescue would welcome this.

  25. We love it and enjoyed doing own giveaway. The box with the crinkly paper which the prize pack came in remains a favorite cat play fort. My only issue it’s the litter not readily available yet in many locations.

  26. I’m getting too old to lift the heavy bags of cat litter plus having a bad back and I’m always hoping that they will come up with something that is lighter so I’m anxious to try it. Thanks, Jeanne, for telling us about the $1.00 off coupon as cat litter is very expensive……I would hate to spend the money on new litter, only to have my 3 kitties turn their nose up at it.

  27. Considering I buy 6-8 40# bags of litter at a time, any way to lighten the load while getting the same performance as my current litter would be a godsend. I’d also like to have a lighter brand to recommend to my Mom who has to buy smaller bags (more expensive) just so she can carry them. The fact that the company is also donating some to a rescue/shelter is just great as well.

  28. Linsdey is so picky about his litter that with your recommendation, I’d love to try this one out. Vir isn’t so picky, being young, but it would be nice to see how he reacts to it.

  29. Just visited the Cat’s Pride facebook and left a link to this review. They have a $1 off coupon for the litter there for anyone else who would like to go ahead and try it.

  30. Please tell the Cat’s Pride people that your review has already inspired one person to try their new litter: I intend to stop and buy some today. As I get older, those boxes and jugs of litter just get heavier and heavier. I can’t buy some of the value size because I can’t lift the things without fear of injury. Plus I’ve been a bit concerned about the fate of my cats’ preferred litter: I’ve noticed it’s getting less shelf space. Once before I was caught flatfooted when a favorite litter went away and Nicky–who was VERY particular about his litter– ruined the bathroom carpet before we found an acceptable substitute. As a result I’ve already been experimenting with other brands of litter against the day when Most Favored Litter will be no more. One national brand is a no starter no matter what sort I get; ditto a smaller brand which I would really really like to support. (I have multiple litterboxes; one has been filled with Good Hearted Litter for months and has only been used twice, neither recently.) So I will stop and get some Cat’s Pride. Like you, I try to get unscented so I’m very glad that option is available. My only concern is that I have a really enthusiastic cover-er who throws litter. It’ll be interesting to see how far she can fling this!

  31. This would be a Godsend for me in lugging litter for my large cat crew. Always use scoopable because that’s what the cats like and use, but the heavy litter is getting to be too much for me to handle. What a super giveaway. Thanks so, so much for this chance to win.

  32. I would LOVE to win this litter!!! I just got a brandy new electric cat box that only using clumping litter. It works great! BUT, I am still searching for the perfect clumping litter for this machine. Could this be it? Boy would that be great. A GOOD clumping litter that doest break my arm when I try to bring it in the house. Could it get any better for me and the kittys? 🙂

  33. The reason I would love to win this is being cat mom to 17 cats hasn’t left me much choice but to use a cheap regular off brand clay litter. Not only is the litter extremely dusty but it’s heavy to lug to the trash can when litter boxes get changed 3 times a week not to mention trying to get the heavy trash can out to the curb on trash day. I’m sure the trash men wonder what in the world is in my can. This stuff sounds like it might be right up my alley to begin making a gradual change over to a clumping litter that will be lightweight and easy to deal with not to mention help with better odor control. Also, my local cat shelter is always in need of litter so a 150lb. donation would greatly benefit them. My cats are already drooling at the $15 Petsmart gift card. They are making out their Christmas wish list as we speak :D.

  34. Would love to win this for my kittens. This trackless clumping litter I am using isn’t trackless and I was intrigued by this product in the store.

    • I’d like to win the Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Multi-Cat Scoopable litter prize pack! When I first brought Cami home this was the litter I chose, mainly because it was cheaper than some of the others. She took to it right away and got good “coverage”. Then I switched to another brand but found that it clumped too well, it was like trying to scoop up concrete rocks! So I’m ready to go back to Cat’s Pride. It is amazingly lighter and nicer to my back. So Cami and I both say “Please please please chose us for your giveaway!”

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