Petstages Cuddle Coil cat

The Cuddle Coil from Petstages is a combination play tunnel and cat bed. The sturdy coil “cave” has only one end open, the idea being that it can provide a safe and secluded spot for your cat. The interior is a soft, almost fleece-like material, the outside is a sturdy parachute type material that makes a crinkly noise when touched.

Allegra and Ruby, my two little product testers, were more than ready to test the cuddle coil. They could hardly wait for me to get it out of its plastic case (which, by the way, is really nice, and resusable). Allegra immediately marched into the coil as soon as I put it on the floor – not even a second’s hesitation! Ruby, not to be outdone, wanted to follow her inside, but Allegra didn’t think that was a good idea. You can see the “discussion” here:


In the second video, Allegra demonstrates how to use the Cuddle Coil as a (more or less effective) disguise:


For more information about the Cuddle Coil, and for Petstages’ entire line of cat products, please visit the Petstages website.

6 Comments on Product review: Petstages Cuddle Coil

  1. That’s hilarious – the first video where Ruby is swatting at Allegra inside the Cuddle Coil. I think they really liked it – do you like it? Doesn’t seem like you said so, but maybe it was implied by the videos.

    • Jenny, it doesn’t much matter whether I like something or not – if the girls approve, it stays! I do like it a lot, and it sure is getting a lot of use at our house.

  2. Very cute! I see little “handles” on the sides and wonder if they could be used to hang the tunnel or tie with rope onto wall hooks or let’s say a curtain rood for elevation and a window view?

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