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I came across Sue Cassidy’s Singing Sue Chef blog via a Google search a while back, and the cute logo caught my eye. Even though I don’t cook, I enjoy reading recipes. Weird, I know. Anyway, I investigated a little further, and it turns out that Sue was in the process of writing a book about cooking with the feline love of her life, Clyde. Now I was really intrigued.

I connected with Sue on Facebook, and realized that she lived in Northern Virginia, so we decided to meet for lunch one day. Sue picked my brain about publishing, and I enjoyed getting to know a fellow cat lover and soon to be published author.

Last week, Sue and I got together for another lunch date, and Sue personally delivered my autographed copy of Cooking with Clyde: Fabulous Food With My Feline Friend. Before I even started reading a single word, I was completely enamored with the book’s design. From the eye catching cover of a drawing of Clyde in Sue’s kitchen to the beautiful interior design, this book is a feast for the eyes.

If you are a cook, and are always searching for the next great cookbook, and if you’re drawn to cookbooks that have fabulous recipes plus captivating anecdotes, this book is for you. If you have a feline friend who likes to hang out with you in the kitchen, this book is definitely for you. And if you’re someone like me, who loves cats, doesn’t cook but wishes she could learn to enjoy cooking, you’re going to love this book, too.

Sue’s philosophy is that variety is the spice of life and cooking. Cooking with Clyde keeps you turning the pages, because you never know what’s coming next. This book reads more like a novel than a cookbook. Personal stories and commentary from Sue’s family and friends provide a personal context for the recipes. The more than 300 recipes span the globe and feature customized flourishes that make them creative.

The book also features plenty of photos of Clyde, along with his feline wit and wisdom.

I did not expect to be unable to put this book down. After all, it’s a cook book. I don’t cook! And yet, I found myself spell-bound and kept turning the pages. Sue’s warmth, and her love for Clyde, come through on every page of this book. The recipes all sound absolutely amazing, and provide thorough and detailed directions. I recommend not reading this book when you’re hungry.

This delightful book makes a wonderful gift for the cat loving foodie in your life.

For more information about Cooking with Clyde, and to order, please visit Sue’s website.

We’re excited that Sue offered to give away one autographed, personalized copy of Cooking with Clyde to one lucky reader. To enter the giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win this book. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Friday, November4.

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  1. This is the cook book I’ve been waiting for. It combines 2 of my greatest loves, cats and cooking. My cats are not interested in the kitchen and I’m hoping this book might have some tips to bring them into the fold of culinary joy.

  2. I don’t cook but I love to eat good food & since my grrlfriend loves to cook this book is purrfect fur me to give to her so she can cook pawsome meals fur us. Plus she’s a GRRaphic designer & will love the design of this book!

  3. I regret to say that lately my life has been so focused on being a solo entrepreneur that cooking (which I used to enjoy), has ceased to occur in my household. And that has meant a loss of time spent with my animal family – namely four cats and a dog who all love to watch and (if allowed) assist as taste testers and cleanup crew.

    Not only might winning a cat-assisted cookbook help inspire me to spend more time in the kitchen, it could result in some some great stories that I can share with readers of my blog and newsletter, thereby spreading the love of cats and good food!

  4. My cat Quimby Jones is very simular to a dog, whenever I sit down with a plate of food he will try to sit next to me of course as close as possible looking with his big big green cateyes at me waiting if I can bring myself to share food with him. He will follow the food with his eyes as it goes into my mouth and he will sit and wait and wait…….

  5. Like you, I love to read cookbooks but don’t know how to cook. I’m trying to lose weight and learning to cook would help me control what goes into the recipes and the portion sizes. I’m hoping a cookbbok infused with cat stories and antidotes would motivate me to cook… as my three cats and one dog (all rescues) anxiously await any stray morsels that might fall to the floor!

    • I forgot to mention that I was drawn to the cookbook because Clyde is a tuxedo cat! My very first cat, Dallas, was a tux. He passed away on June 20th, 2008. I still miss him terribly. He inspired my love of tuxes, and I fostered many of them during my rescue days.

  6. I would loooooove to win this book! I’m an absolute cat lover, and did volunteer work with the cat rescue network of ottawa. I took in fosters until they found new homes, … except for the ones I insisted on keeping with me! lol

  7. Since it’s just me and my furkidz I could really use a kitteh themed cookbook with fresh ideas to delight us all >^..^<

  8. My cats are always showing signs of wanting to cook – sitting on the kitchen counter, sticking their paws in anything edible – so I’m sure they’d be delighted if I won this cookbook!

  9. This would be the purrfect gift for my husband. Not only does he share my love of our 6 cats, but he is an avid cook. This book combines both of his interests. ;0)

  10. this sounds lovely! I would love to give it to my BFF, she lives in NYC with her 2 kitties and loves to cook. It would be a great holiday present for her.

  11. I collect cookbooks myself and love to try out new recipes.Since I’m a cat lover also and this particular cook book involves a cat, it’s a must have!! I’m very interested in the cat/cooking connection, as our Montana likes to “help” whenever we cook or bake anything in the kitchen. I would love to win this book.

    • Layla I couldn’t agree more…but…I am WAYYYYYY more selfish than you are! I had considered sharing…but…I realized if I were to share it will reduce my chances of winning this book and I sooooooooo want this book!


      Good Luck!

      If you win, I will stalk you to the DEATH! (just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  12. OMC this is RIGHT up my alley!

    I am an avid cook, I am a Food Network/Cooking Channel, subscribe to food mags, junkie!!!

    I have a collection of cookbooks that is taking over my home…I am ALWAYS on the prowl for more!

    I have everything I can possibly crossed, crossed that I would be lucky enough to win this!!!

    This sounds like something I will cherish always!

    I would be honored if you would please enter me and thanks so much for an outstanding (as always!!) review!

  13. I love cookbooks, I love to cook, I love my kitchen and so do my cats. I also really love the design of the cover (why don’t I get illustration commissions like this?!). I need this book!

  14. To tell you the truth, I would love to win this book as a gift.

    The person I wish to present it to is a first-time cat owner. He was down-sized and had to move away from his friends and family to save on rent. At a particularly down moment, a little tuxedo kitty adopted him. She basically saved him and is now the love of his life (even with his allergies!).

    He is also the most wonderful cook I know. Cooking and his cat are the biggest parts of his life. In fact, his cat “herds” him into kitchen. She is most happy sitting and watching him cook.

    So, I’d love to give this to him on his birthday next month! It’s made for him.



  15. This book looks awesome! I have a cook book addiction and love to cook and bake. My Sphynx, Frank Skinatra (my other addiction!), has his own perching spot in the kitchen where he is allowed to sit and watch, and occasionally taste test, the cooking and baking. He knows when the cook books appear on the table it’s time to get into position for the fun to begin 🙂

    Any book that combines cooking and kitties sounds like a MUST read to me!

  16. This sounds like a great read! I love reading cooking memoirs and cooking, and my 4 cats love reading about cats and eating – so this sounds like a purrrfect addition to our household! 🙂

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