Whole Life cat treats

The only treats I give to Allegra and Ruby are freeze dried treats. Because they only have one ingredient – real meat – they’re a healthy compliment to their already healthy diet of mostly raw and some grain-free canned food. And they both love their freeze dried treats.

Freeze drying locks in the freshness, color, original shape, texture, and aroma of food while providing the shelf-stable convenience of canned or dehydrated food. During freeze drying, fresh or cooked foods are flash frozen in a special vacuum chamber at temperatures of -50°F.  When low-level heat is applied, the ice crystals evaporate without going back to the liquid phase. This process removes approximately 98% of the moisture and prevents the food from spoiling.

Allegra and Ruby have enjoyed freeze-dried chicken and salmon treats for quite some time, but never the Whole Life brand, so I was happy to accept when the company offered to send us some of their products for testing. Allegra and Ruby were ecstatic. Next to testing toys, testing treats is one of their favorite jobs!

We were sent three large bags of the chicken, turkey and salmon varieties. We also received samples of their other five flavors: cod, venison, beef, lamb, and chicken and liver . With the exception of venison, the girls liked all of them. Salmon was their paws down favorite, but since I don’t like to give them a whole lot of fish, we’ll reserve that for extra special days. Since I’m the human and have the final say so, we’ll stick to mostly chicken and turkey.

Whole Life cat treats

This photos shows my two taste testers hard at work (okay, so maybe Allegra got a little distracted.) Ruby demonstrates one of her endearing habits: whenever I put down a few treats, she quickly reaches out with her paw and pulls them toward her. God forbid her sister should get more than her fair share!

Allegra and Ruby give Whole Life treats four paws up. In addition to making a healthy, delicious treat, they can also help entice finicky felines to eat, especially when you’re trying to transition them from a dry to a raw or natural grain-free canned diet. Simply crumble some of the treats over the new food to spark your cat’s interest. (For more on how to transition your cats to a healthier diet, read How to Wean Your Cat Off Dry Food.)

For more information about these treats, please visit the Whole Life Pet Products website. Whole Life Pet Products are available in better pet stores and online.

Photo courtesy of Whole Life Pet Products

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  1. I’m looking at these on Amazon, some of them say specifically for cats, some say for both dogs and cats and some just say for instance Whole Life Pet Pure Meat All Natural Freeze Dried Lamb Treats 3.3 oz. Of course I can get the ones for cats, but what are the differences between the others?

    Thanks much.

    Tom Mary Beth and the furries.

    • Tom, the only difference I’ve found is that the dog version has larger pieces, but they can easily be broken into smaller pieces. I believe the ingredients are the same: pure freeze dried meat!

  2. Lucky product testing kittehs!! I have tried a few brands of freeze tried treats and my cats think they are pawsome. You can’t go wrong with one ingredient, esp. when it is meat. That said, the Canidae TidNips cat treats are also very healthy (and I’m told they are quite tasty too, lol) and do not have any icky ingredients like most other soft treats.

  3. I’ve been buying freeze dried chicken as treats for my cats but have not tried this brand. My cat Sammy–a true gourmand–will not eat the freeze dried meat. If I give it to him he tries to cover it with something as if it is somehow offending him. He does however love fresh poached chicken which I occasionally make for the cats even though I am a vegetarian.

    Deborah Julian

  4. I’ve been using these for several years. I was first introduced to them at a cat show several years ago and as I usually go to 2 a year, I stock up! Cats go crazy for these!
    Glad you’re in agreement Ingrid 🙂
    As always, wonderful info!

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