Moderncat Studio assorted toys

Allegra and Ruby take their product review duties very seriously, but never more so than when it comes to reviewing toys. When the big box from Moderncat Studio arrived last week, they were ready to get to work!

Moderncat toys

Ruby: Look, Allegra, it’s a box full of toys. In crinkle paper! I’m going to help Mom open everything!

Allegra: I’ll help, too!

Ruby: Oh my gosh, Allegra, look at all these toys! Are they all for us? I don’t even know where to start! And the smell – meowzer!

Allegra: That, my little one, is catnip. And based on my experience with it, this is some very potent stuff.

Ruby with Bamboleo

Ruby: Look at this little round thing. Mom, look! It rolls around when I bat it!

Ingrid: Ruby immediately picked out the Bamboleo, a toy made from repurposed wine corks, filled with organic catnip. As you can see in the video below, she had a great time with it, and it has remained a favorite.


Allegra: I can smell some serious catnip in that triangle-shaped toy with the red stripes. I call dibs! Ooh, it makes noise, too. Wee – how fun!

Ingrid: Allegra picked the ModShaker as her favorite. The rattle toy is filled with organic catnip, and if Allegra’s reaction to the catnip is any indication, that is some serious nip. Watch her play with it in the video below.


We also received Atomic Flyers, which are made from 100% Merino wool, a Jute Bomb, a  ModKicker, Felt RollersLynks (another favorite with both Ruby and Allegra), and Junk Food Flyers.  All the toys are wonderful and clearly designed with cats in mind. They use natural and recycled materials (the Junk Food Flyers are made from recycled cat food bags!), and they’re all designed with cats’ preferences in mind.  The design is also what I like to think of as “human-friendly:” all of the toys feel wonderful to the touch and are beautiful to look at.

And now you can win Moderncat toys for your cats! To enter our giveaway, tell us which toy you’d like to win. You can pick Allegra’s or Ruby’s favorite, or look around the Moderncat Etsy shop and pick the toy your kitty would like best. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Thursday, October 6. 

Moderncat is a website for cat owners with a modern style. Kate Benjamin, the founder and publisher of Moderncat and Owner and CEO of Moderncat Enterprises, seeks out the newest products for living with cats in a modern home. She tries to identify not only products that fit a modern aesthetic, but also items that are truly innovative and that make living with cats a more enjoyable experience. Moderncat combines product reviews with other useful information for cat owners in a clear and concise format. Moderncat Studio offers treats and toys for stylish felines.

39 Comments on Product review and giveaway: eco-friendly cat toys from Moderncat Studio

  1. Hi! It is so hard to decide since my cat Sprite snubs alot of toys. So, I think she might like a modkicker or lynks or perhaps, the jute ball (she does like to rub on rough surfaces). But really just something new to try would be great!!

  2. I have 10 furbabies and all have a different opinion but I do think they would concure on Ingrid’s choice, The Modshaker. Anything “catnip” sends them in to “happiness!. Thank you from a Crazy Cat Lady!

  3. My Furries, Fosters and i LOVE Moderncat!
    We would love to try out the Jute bombs or Bomboleos…. little Loki loves batting things around the house.
    Thanks for the chance to win! 😀

  4. Oh wow. My boys love catnip toys – especially the ones they can carry around, or kick! So I think they’d love the modshaker or modkicker. Wonderful toys make happy cats!

  5. I think my cats would enjoy the Bamboleos – Re-purposed Wine Cork Cat Toys with Organic Catnip (Blue Lagoon Three-pack) the best 🙂

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  6. I’ve ordered from Moderncat before – the Bamboleo is a particular cat favourite.

    I like to give one to my foster adopters when they take one of my kittens home too.

  7. Wow, this like an early Christmas! Allegra and Ruby, what hard workers you are doing all that serious testing! We love ModernCat for their innovative designs. Our cats like oblong objects, so I’ll go for the Kicker.

  8. We love the Moderncat website! They always have such cool stuff! I think Montana would like the Modkickers or Modshakers best! Allegra and Ruby, thanks for being such great testers! You do a wonderful job helping Mom!


  9. Her Supreme Largeness pats Meowmie on the shoulder and sez “Yo! Meowmie! lissin up– I want da MODSHAKER!!!”
    And Meowmie sez “But what about Cee Cee?”
    BBBT answers wif alacrity — “I doant want Cee Cee, thankyew…!”

  10. I’m sure my 7 felines would appreciate a Bamboleo to bat around the house! Some of them are a bit chubby and need the exercise. 😉

  11. My big cat, Merton, doesn’t get excited by many toys, but I’ve recently found that he likes jute, so I know he’d love a jute bomb! The modshakers look fun too.

  12. Vir, 12 week old kitten would LOVE a Bamboleo — he loves to bat things around the room. Sometimes, he will bat things rather than play with his fishing pole with me!

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