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Cat videos are taking over the internet. According to some statistics, 30% of all videos on YouTube are cat videos. You’ve probably seen some of them: Surprised Kitty (52 million views), The Two Talking Cats (44 million views), or Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten (32 million views),  just to name a few.

Did you ever wonder how these viral videos are created? You’ll be surprised to find out that it takes a lot more than a camera and some cute cats. Watch and find out what purrportedly goes on behind the scenes at the filming of cat videos.


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9 Comments on Kittywood Studios: Behind the scenes of the most popular cat videos on the internet

  1. Great actors, great video. They just happen to be around whenever kitties do funny things! LOL. 🙂

      • Yeah, well it is cleverly done. I actually had to google it to make sure. But they even confirm it on their YouTube description: Awesome special thanks to the guys at Rooster Teeth who lent us their studio and talent for this vid.

        Just google Kittywood Studios spoof and you’ll see.

        • Well, they got me! And it’s not even April Fool’s.

          I guess the fact that I couldn’t find a website for Kittywood Studios should have been my first clue…

          • Anyone could found “Kittywood Studios” website?
            I have the same question.
            all source link to youtube video,but no one link to their website.

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