Amara cat sleeping on sofa

June was designated as Adopt-a-Cat Month by the American Humane Association, and I featured some adoptable cats looking for their forever homes in previous posts (click here and here to see the cats). I also asked readers to contact me if they had adopted any cats during the month of June.

Amara was one of hopefully many lucky cats who were adopted in June. Conscious Cat reader Gail found the now 3 1/2 month old kitten at the Quincy Humane Society in Quincy, IL. She was looking for a companion for her 2-year-old cat Wilson, also a rescue cat.

Gail said that after deciding to add another cat to her home, she researched what would be the best fit. She decided a younger, female cat would be the best match for Wilson, and Gail began looking. She made several trips to the local shelter and spent hours on, where she found Amara.  She was described as playful and laid back, which has proven to be true.

Wilson and Amara Quincy Humane Society

And, as you can see in the photo above, she turned out to be the purrfect companion for Wilson. Within 24 hours of meeting for the first time she and Wilson were playing together. A week later, as you can see from the photo above, they were best friends.

Congratulations on your forever home, little Amara!

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10 Comments on Amara found her forever home during Adopt-a-Cat Month

  1. What a wonderful thing! These are my furry niece and nephew. That picture of Amara on the couch was taken the weekend I met her for the first time. She is just a wonderful little cat. Her big brother is a gem. Congrats to Gail!

    • Yes, it is. Here’s hoping that your foster girl will find all of that on a permanent basis. For now, she’s so lucky that you took her in.

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