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Since Ruby already has her own column, Ruby’s Reflections, here on The Conscious Cat, it was time to incorporate her into the design of the site as well. Allegra and Ruby wanted to redesign the header themselves, but having both of them on the computer at the same time did not seem like a good idea to me. It was much safer to ask our fabulous web designer Nathan Landis to help us out.

Amber, the inspiration behind The Conscious Cat, remains, and always will remain, front and center. Allegra and Ruby obliged with perfect poses on Amber’s left and right. In the interest of symmetry and balance, we made the decision to take Buckley out of the header. Since she has a special place on the site, smiling at us from her book cover just below the header, I think she would approve.

Allegra and Ruby give the new header design four paws up. What do you think?

Photo credit: istockphoto

19 Comments on The Conscious Cat got a facelift

  1. New header looks wonderful Ingrid – you, Allegra and Ruby have a very meow-worthy and beautiful site so full of great information and fun reading. Congrats on the NEW LOOK!

  2. Ingrid, just a quick, does Allegra have green/black eyes and Ruby gold/black eyes?. Or was it a camera angle. Hope I am right. You will have not choice but to be for the gold and black.

    • Teri, I couldn’t have just taken Buckley out of the header without an explanation! Interesting comment about the ears from you and Rebecca.

  3. Oh wait – as soon as I submitted that comment the new page loaded, sorry! I like the symmetry of the poses. The “questioning ears” also add a more dynamic, less static feel. 🙂

    • You had me worried there for a second, Rebecca! I couldn’t believe my luck that I got those two photos of Allegra and Ruby with almost identical poses. I’m glad you like it!

      • Did you try arranging them so the cats/ears point inward? My only concern might be that the outward slant directs readers’ attention away, not towards. (Then again maybe I sat through too many art class critiques.) I’m just kind of curious as to how that would look.

  4. I am still seeing Buckley smiling at me from th upper right corner… I’m not sure I’m seeing the changes. ??

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