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When the folks at Nature’s Logic approached me about doing a giveaway for you, I was intrigued, but since I wasn’t familiar with this company or their diets, I wanted to do some research first.

Let me first say that I have no personal experience with these diets. I like what I feed Allegra and Ruby, and I won’t use them as product testers for testing diets or treats whose claims I can’t verify. However, I can take a close look at diets I haven’t tried and evaluate them based on my criteria for what constitutes a species-appropriate diet for cats. 

My first criteria is always that a feline diet must be completely grain-free, and it must be canned or raw. I don’t recommend ANY dry food for cats. Nature’s Logic’s canned and raw products meet that requirement. The raw formulas are a little lower in protein than I like to see, I prefer to see a 95% protein/5% vegetables and other ingredients ratio, but at 90-92% protein content, I still consider them acceptable. 

Nature’s Logic believes that the safest and most natural source of nutrients for cats is food. According to the company, they have created the first and only, full-line of commercial pet food in the world with no chemically-synthesized vitamins, minerals, or other ingredients. Nature’s Logic states that all the nutrients in their formulas come from whole foods or 100% natural ingredients.

Nature’s Logic foods are said to be rich in high-quality protein, derived from beef, chicken, duck, lamb, fish, venison, and rabbit.

Nature’s Logic also makes Ponderosa Pine Cat Litter, which, according to the company, is 100% natural and made entirely from ponderosa pine. It does not contain silica particles found in typical clay litters. This litter is said to be virtually dust-free and safe for cats, kittens, and other small mammals. I have no personal experience with this litter, either – just like food, I won’t use my cats as product testers for litter. We like what we use, and we’re not taking any chances by switching.

Nature’s Logic is offering a voucher valued at $25 good for the following to one lucky reader:

  • one 3-lb bag Raw Frozen Diet or nine 5.5-oz cans Feline Diet
  • plus, one 12-lb bag Ponderosa Pine Cat Litter

How to Enter

Leave a comment below letting me know:

  1. Why you’d like to win this giveaway.
  2. Your choice of which of the two food types (raw or canned) you’d like to win.
  3. Your choice of flavors – visit the Nature’s Logic website to see available flavors.
  4. Tweet about this giveaway or share it on Facebook and post the link in a separate comment for an extra chance to enter.

This giveaway will end Tuesday, May 31.

For more information about Nature’s Logic and their products, please visit their website.

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17 Comments on Giveaway: Voucher for Nature’s Logic cat food

  1. My five cats are picky about the canned food. I would love to see them win some new food to try…and anything would be fine. I thibk they like anything chicken or fish.

  2. The cats are the joy of my life. Let the naysayers have their negativity! How many times have I heard, “Barbara, you have too many cats”. Even though it doesn’t exactly reflect my philosophy, I reply, “God sends ’em; I take ’em” and let it go at that.
    That being said, I’ve always prided myself on giving the best possible care to these little guys. My only regret is that I’ve only recently realized that the recommended diet I was feeding them was undoubtedly not so good for them. So now I have cats who are seemingly addicted to kitty junk food. And they’ve been, at best, lukewarm to the various designer foods I’ve tried on them.
    So I’d love to try out this Nature’s Logic food. If they go for it, I’ll be committed to driving the 20 miles or so monthly to the nearest source. Chicken seems to be the most accepted flavor in my household; and apparently I shouldn’t give raw food to the FIV’s and FeLV’s so we would need to get canned food if we were fortunate enough to win.

  3. My cat loves to eat many different flavors and brands of canned food, otherwise she will get bored of them. She has never had Nature’s Logic before and I think she would like it! Plus, I love that it’s natural and grain-free because she deserves the best! She’s not always fond of all types of rabbit food so I would just want 2 cans of those, and then 3 chicken and 4 duck & salmon.

  4. I would like to win this because our cat (who is 16) has an extremely expensive taste in canned food. Her favorite ones cost the most so it would be great to win some! If we won, we would like the cans, 3 of each different flavor (3 chicken, 3 rabbit, and 3 duck & salmon). Thanks!

  5. I’ve always donated to my local SPCA, but the reason I’d like to win is for my kitty George. After losing my two girls at 17 & 19 with diabetes, kidney problems, and thyroid issues, I had been going to my local shelter just to get my fill of kitty love. I had no intention yet of adopting (it had only been a month after Emma). It happened to be my birthday. George was disinterested and sitting in the center of his cage. After about 2 hours, I thought I’d better get going and told George okay I’m going home now. He jumped up in his cage, started head butting me and I laid my arm down, he laid his legs over my arm and we put our heads together for a while. Need I say more. It turns out that a woman had adopted him from there and had brought him back after a year saying that she thought he had cancer and should be euthanized. She had taken him once to the vet because of weight loss without any conclusive results, plus he has no front claws and this woman was letting him outside. After a month out back, he gained two pounds and they put him out front on my birthday and he chose me. After many tests (and a lot financial compassion from my vet), nothing conclusive, except I’m convinced that he has allergies (although not officially tested) and a problem with getting hair out of his gut. He could have had exploratory surgery, but I knew that would kill him. He’s been with me almost 3 years now. His weight goes up and down and his kidney values are just slightly up. I try to feed him the best I can get, but Nature’s Logic is very difficult to get around here. I would get the canned rabbit, because I think is easier for his digestive system. He is the most loving pet anyone could ask for. He’s 8 now and I’m looking forward to many more years together. My vet says that we are a perfect match and that George knew what he was doing when he chose me. He definitely mended my broken heart and I will do whatever it takes to keep him healthy.

  6. Trap/Neuter/Return has made a huge difference in the lives of our neighborhood’s feral cats, and I feed four colonies every day. I’d love to try feeding them the canned chicken food. Since they are only fed once a day, they are always hungry in the AM and it’s important that what they eat be of high nutritional value. Sounds like this grain-free food would fits the bill. I love my “cat route” every morning — it’s great to see the cats looking healthy, checking in on their lives, and talking to my neighbors who look out for them. And I love the chance to feed them nutritious, natural food, not the supermarket junk or the literal garbage many of them have eaten during their lives in Washington, DC’s alleys.

  7. I have never heard of this brand of cat food before, and I would really like to try it and see how my cats like it. I have 3 furbabies. Miss GLory is 21 years old, and Tripod Jack and Romeo are 2 years old.

    I would choose the canned food in chicken flavor. And the Ponderosa Pine cat litter would come in very handy, too.

  8. 1. Why you’d like to win this giveaway:

    I’d like to be able to donate some quality food to the shelter I got my Baron from. They run a food pantry, plus they have special needs kitties who could benefit from the better food.

    2. Your choice of which of the two food types (raw or canned) you’d like to win:

    Definitely canned.

    3. Your choice of flavors – visit the Nature’s Logic website to see available flavors:

    Ideally, I’d like 3 cans of chicken, 3 cans of rabbit, and 3 cans of the duck in case the shelter has kitties who need novel proteins.

  9. I’m always interested in trying healthier brands of cat food & litter, & I haven’t heard of these products before. My fine felines vote for canned in the chicken & duck varieties.

  10. I am on disability, but still have 4 cats of my own inside my apartment and I fed about 5
    feral cats outside my front door. So winning any kind of cat food would be greatly
    appreciated. I have two cats that are 6 years old, one is 3 years old and the kitten
    (the daughter of my 3 year old) is now 7 months old >^..^<……………~~

    I would choose the Feline canned food – Duck & Salmon
    and the 12-lb bag Ponderosa Pine Cat Litter will come in handy too!!!

  11. I’d use the giveaway to repay the shelter where my Kitty ‘Willow’ came from. I love my cat with all my heart. In 1998 my kitty Melody passed after a extremely hard cardiomyopathy. I tried everything I could to save her. I worked with my vet, drove her to the cardiologist, gave her injections and fluid everyday. She saved my life, she got me through a very rough period in my life, I so wanted to do the same for her but it was not to be. Willow helped me see I could only do the best I can, and I could offer something to another cat, and I love her with all my heart. If I don’t win please give to a shelter or cat rescue.

    I’d choose canned, it seems more special, and chicken and rabbit, based on Buffy’s taste (she’s not wild about Beef 🙁

  12. I’m always keeping an eye out for raw cat foods that fit my criteria. I’m not over the moon with the food I’m feeding at the moment, but it is the best of what is available in my area. I’d have to drive pretty far out of my way to purchase it, so I probably won’t with out incentive such as a coupon for a free product 🙂

    Since I keep rabbits as pets, I probably won’t choose that, and my cats seem to like and do well on chicken.

  13. I was at one time a cat rescue but I couldn’t give up any of my kitties. Through the years my population grew to 23. I moved six months ago and have had six kitties pass away since then; three within the last week. My heart has never been so “tried”, however, it has been a HUGE learning experience. I want to win this for my kitties. I want to give them all the good food and treats and love I can. People ask me how I keep up with so many and it’s because I love them. I didn’t really find any of them; they all found me.

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