Congratulations, Susan!
You’re the winner of our Furminator Deshedding Tool giveaway!

Look for an e-mail from The Conscious Cat.

And stay tuned for our next giveaway, which will be announced tomorrow morning.

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3 Comments on Furminator Deshedding Tool Winner

  1. Hi Ingrid, Congrats to Susan! But, are you able to let me know where one can purchase one of
    these Deshedding tools? My little girl (Ragdoll) Miss Phoebe would love one (I’m sure!!!) – I brush and comb her often throughout the week, but she whimpers and meows all the time – I try to be as gentle as possible (I used to get her ready for the shows after her bath) but she is a ‘sook’ and it hurts ME more than her. I have not seen one of these tools here in Perth, Western Australia..Thanks for any information on it – Warm regards Myrna

    • Hi Myrna, here in the US, most pet stores carry the Furminator. You can also get them online at Amazon, here’s a link: I don’t know how much shipping to Australia would be.

      Allegra and Ruby say thanks for the hugs!

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