One of the most important lessons animals teach us is to live in the moment. Our cats don’t waste time analyzing the past, and they don’t worry about the future. They’ve truly mastered the art of stopping to smell the flowers, as Odin so aptly demonstrates in the photo above.

On this Sunday, take a moment and let your cat show you how to stop and smell the flowers. Perhaps she’s trying to entice you to a vigorous play session? Or maybe she’d like you to join her for a Sunday afternoon nap?

What are you doing today to stop and smell the flowers?

Photo of Odin by Layla Morgan Wilde

2 Comments on Conscious Cat Sunday: stop and smell the flowers

  1. I took my cue from my girls who found the sunny spots in the house for peaceful naps, and found my own sunny spot on the deck and spent a glorious hour reading, and napping, in the sun.

    On a more regular basis, Ruby, in particular, reminds me every day to take a break from being on the computer by walking across my desk and starting to bat things around.

  2. Odin and all our cats help me smell the flowers literally every day while I’m playing with them, walking them or as they “help me” garden. Odin created his own “organic compost” in the herb garden yesterday.

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