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I’m honored that my article The Truth About Dry Cat Food won a Petlitzer Prize! The article won in the category for persuasive essay.

The Petlitzer Prize contest was created by Sid Korpi, the award winning author of  Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss and a professional writer and editor with more than 20 years’ experience, to recognize quality literary works for writers who specialize in writing about animals/pets. “It’s the pet writers’ Pulitzer,” says Korpi.

A panel of pet experts judges each entry, and winners are chosen by majority vote. Winners receive a certificate of award and first place receives a beautiful medal.

Judging was difficult, and for this category, the judges were tied, resulting in two first place winners. Congratulations to fellow winner Sara Henderson. For more on the Pelitzers, and to read the winning entries, please visit Sid Korpi’s website.

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23 Comments on The Truth About Dry Cat Food wins Petlitzer Prize

  1. My indoor cat is 2yrs. Old. I feed her 1/3 -1/2 cup hills science oral diet plus 1/2 tin wet food daily.
    Should I alternate between hills science DRY diet for INDOOR cats and the oral care diet? Or stick with the dry oral care diet.
    Your help is appreciated

  2. Wow, congratulations, Ingrid!!!!! I just read your article, it’s really so informative and well written! Now I am quite concerned, because my Zoe eats almost no canned food, it’s really hard to make her eat any now, but I realize it all started when she had the choice at the beginning (dry + canned)…

    • Thanks, Anna! I’d try to start weaning Zoe off her dry food if you can. You may need to go slow, but it will be worth being persistent in the long run. In the meantime, depending on what type of dry food you feed, one thing you can do right away is transition her to a grain-free dry variety. I’m unfortunately not familiar with what brands are available in Europe, so I can’t recommend anything specific for you.

  3. Congratulations on your Petilizer prize. That is so exciting. And it was a great article. I only have one cat that will NOT eat canned food. I spent an entire month trying to get him to eat it and the only good thing was that he lost a lot of weight. But he would not eat it. Good job Ingrid. I am so happy for you.

  4. Congrats! The article is very infomative. Unfortunately, Lola has all of a sudden stopped eating canned food. She got sick again and stopped eating much at all, and when she got better that was it for wet food! I’m trying different brands to see if I can stop the dry food altogether again.

    • Thanks, Dawn. I hope you can find a brand of dry food that Miss Lola will like. I haven’t personally tried it, but a lot of my clients with finicky eaters seem to love the Weruva brand.

    • you should try Wild Calling pet food. Relatively new company – food is all meat – they have rabbit, pheasant, duck – my oldest cat has IBD – straightened him out within a couple days – he didn’t have just diarrhea, but explosive diarrhea – have four cats – they are now thriving. This is what they eat in the wild – no junk in this food – go to – check it out for Lola’s sake.

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