Sunny Seat cat bed, as seen on tv

When the folks at Sunny Seat™ asked me whether I would like to review their product, I jumped at the chance. I had actually planned to have Allegra write this review. She loves the window seats we have, so I thought she’d be excited about having yet another one – after all, everyone likes a little variety, right?  Oddly enough, though, she completely ignored the Sunny Seat™.  It may have been due to the fact that she already has all the window seats she needs, or because there’s already a piece of furniture or window sills wide enough for her to sit on in front of all of our windows. 

I still liked this product a lot, and, with Allegra’s permission, I’m offering it as a giveaway for one lucky kitty.  After all, one cat’s reject could be another cat’s treasure, right?

Sunny Seat cat bed, as seen on tvThe Sunny Seat™ cat bed is designed to attach directly to the window with four giant suction cups – no hardware or tools needed.  I’ll admit, I was skeptical whether something that attaches with suction cups would be secure enough to hold the weight of a cat.  The perch is designed to hold a maximum weight of 40 pounds.  In order to test the sturdiness of the seat, since Allegra wasn’t cooperating (and weighing in at only 8 pounds, she wouldn’t have been a good test subject for this part of the review anyway), I set an 18 pound bag of cat litter on it.  I even bounced the bag to simulate a cat jumping on the seat.  The Sunny Seat™ stayed firmly attached to the window. 

One thing to note, especially if you’re someone like me, who tends to not to read instructions:  it is important that you start with a clean glass surface.  When I mounted the seat the first time, I ignored that part of the instructions, and sure enough, within seconds, the seat detached.  Once I cleaned the window, it stayed securely attached.

The seat is covered with a sturdy cloth cover, which can be easily removed  and is machine washable.  The cover material is not particularly soft, but you can purchase a fleecy seat cushion separately, or you could just put a soft pad or cushion you already have on top.

If visually appealing design matters to you, this may not be the window perch for you – it’s pretty plain looking. Despite that, I think it’s a clever product, and a great solution if your window sills aren’t wide enough to mount some of the other perches on the market, or if you don’t want to damage window sills or walls with mounting strips or hardware.  And at $19.99, the price is right.

The Sunny Seat™ cat bed, as seen on tv:


For more information and to purchase, visit the Sunny Seat™ website.

To enter the giveway, leave a comment on this post and let me know why you think your cats would like the Sunny Seat™.  Tweet about the giveaway or share on Facebook and post the link in a separate comment for an additional chance to win. 


This giveaway ended March 11. You may be able to find additional contests to win a Sunny Seat Cat Bed on the Sunny Seat Facebook page.

This product was sent to me by the company.  I received no compensation for this review.

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  1. When my husband and I brought home a miniature schnauzer, both of our kitties rebelled against the new addition. A Sunny Seat would give them a place of their own from which to look down over their kingdom, and to reassert their dominance over the roost. But more importantly, a testing place our if reach of the dog’s cold little curious nose. I hope you choose us!

  2. (WHILE TYPING WITH MY NOSE)……..Please help. My 11 cats have taken me hostage and are holding me for ransom. They’ve tied me up with extension cords and refuse to release me until they get a perch for their window. If they don’t get what they want, I’ve been told that I will be covered in dead rodents. They say that I could be next! I’m starting to think these guys could really take me out! That’s all they’ll allow me to say for now. Man, I think they’re having a bad nip trip or something.

    Kimberly and my captors: Biscuit, Gravy, Hashbrown, Hunny Bun, Froot Loop, Buckwheat, Charcoal, Muffin, Puddin’, Scootch, and Hisssy Britches


  3. Our cat loves the outdoor. We have a patio enclosure that is all glass and he spends all day out there in the warmer months. We get alot of wild life in our back yard and there have been several times that the deer came right to the window to check out the cat on the floor. It would be amazing to be able to have the sunny seat on one of the windows so the cat could be up higher and see what the deer and cat would do.

  4. we had to put our cat, di, to sleep just before christmas. her sister is still with us and loves to sit on the back of the couch..but it d really be great just above the couch on the window she looks out of……she’s 14 and so sweet…….dk

  5. My cat Pepper would love this. She spends half of her time sitting by the window and knocking off my DVDs trying to stay on the ledge.

  6. Both of my felines would love this as it looks a bit more comfortable than the cat tree they presently fight over for first dibs to watch the birds and squirrels that we feed during the day. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  7. I volunteer at our little rural animal shelter. Our two intake/isolation rooms each have a small window that is nearly always packed with kittens lined up to look outside. It would be wonderful to have a half dozen of these seats so more kitties could enjoy the sunshine and birds, but even one would be so nice. We do all that we can to make our little ones safe and happy while they wait for their forever home.

  8. I have 5 cats and the live looking out the windows. We live in a mobile home that had no window ledges. They would love this.

  9. My furries would enjoy this. They spend lots of time watching birds out the window. My strictly indoor cats enjoy the birds, and the birds are safe.

  10. My Molly loves to look out our windows all day and imagine what it’s like outside since we don’t allow her to go! The only thing better for her would be a bigger seat for her to lay while she looks out instead of the small marble sill! She would love this!! I will post this on fb as well!

  11. I have been looking for something to enrich and entertain a very curious Siamese young lady. My husband has been against a tree house in front of our windows or affixing anything to the wall or sill. This would do the trick if it works! Joanne

  12. I’m moving into a new home with my mom. She is disabled and not a fan of cats 🙁
    I told her it’s a package deal- haha!I was looking at the sunny seat online because I need a place for them to be able to see out. They’re going from a large house to a room/bonus room with me with only one large window and that’s all. My mother swears she will not have my feline friends on “her floor” of the house.

  13. My kitties, Hank & Venus would love to snuggle up on this cat seat! Hank had one that hooked up to the window sill when he was younger but it didn’t survive the move from MI to FL.

  14. I think they’d love this because it would give them a good view of the bunnies in our back yard that they are forced to admire from afar. 🙂

  15. This would be perfect for my large front window, I could put high enough so that my babies could see over the porch railings that block their view of the front yard without me holding them up.

  16. My 2 kitties (Mickey and Sylvester) are indoor cats and would Love to be outdoor cats so they could be closer to all the birds, squirrels, etc. However, there are coyotes that live close by, so they will always be indoor kitties! They would both love a Sunny Seat b/c they both love anything close to windows that they can “perch” on and watch the outdoors. They’re both ragdolls and very big kitties, so the fact that the Sunny Seat can hold up to 40 pounds would be a good thing with my cats!

    As much as I would love my little “fur-boys” to win this give-a-way, if they don’t – my vote is for the kitty “Almondine” who is partially blind (posted by Mary Sue on Feb. 18th). It sounds like the seat might be therapeutic for her in a way that probably the rest of our kitties don’t necessarily need. (That’s just my 2 cents!)

    Thanks for the offer!!!

  17. We recently got a new dog, a 2 year old Golden Retriever, who is very curious about our 12 year old cat. Unfortunately, the cat does not share the same curiousity about the dog. Instead, he seems to view the dog as a nightmarish cross between Cujo and Bigfoot and leaps onto the highest piece of furniture in the room whenever the GR trots in. Consequently, his favorite spots to watch the world go by are now considered off-limits by him as they are dog height. This Sunny Seat could be just the ticket for him! It would allow him to resume his favorite activities of observing the great outdoors and basking in the sun while also avoiding being poked and sniffed by a big wet black nose!

  18. Ohhh my cat would LOVE this!!! I used to have one that mounted on the windowsill but it broke. My girl loves laying in the sun!

  19. My kitties would go crazy for something like this. Right now it’s all I can do to get them to share the sunny spot on the bed. I can just imagine if that sunny spot were also a comfy perch!

  20. Dear Ingrid,
    Me thinks that me should have this! The brat Kozmo has taken the cat tree in the sunny window as his personal spot (it was mine). Mommy says he is a baby but he’s just about as big as me now and he is pushy! If me gots this Sunny Seat, me could sit in the sunny window too!
    Kitty Kisses and Head butts
    your friend Nellie

  21. Joey the red tabby would LOVE this because he likes to sit in the window and scream at all the ducks and other birds that have the audacity to enter his yard!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  22. I’ve got three kitties who are always jockeying for the best window space. I can’t promise that the’ll take turns and play nice but I’m pretty sure they would love a Sunny Seat!

  23. Of my three indoor-only geriatric Devon Rex cats, I think my “legally blind” (in human terms) cat Almondine would most benefit from this perch. She went totally blind and then regained minimal sight in one eye. She needs very bright light conditions to see anything and then she can only discern white or light colored objects. Having this perch right at the bright picture window facing the woods and bird feeders would, I’m sure, delight her!

  24. I’ve a picture window this would likely work very well in, and three indoor cats who’d love a perch there to chatter at nesting birds – and our friendly postlady – come spring.

  25. Wow – this really looks so cool! Our kitties would really love this – particularly Henry. He’s our sun leech 🙂 And on the Oregon coast, sunny days are few and far between! 🙂

  26. I just had new windows put in that took away the wide window sill, so my cats can’t sit on them and look out the windows anymore! So this would be ideal! My Tortie Cat, Teddi, would absolutely love this!!

  27. My 18-year-old cat would love this because my young 3-year-old ambushes her on the 6-ft cat tree I have. This way she’ll be able to use the sunny seat on my wall of windows in the living room and not have to get ambushed if I get two of them, making everyone happy!

  28. My Cat would love to use it to spy on the neighbors dog. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, but have heard horror stories about ordering them online.

  29. This is just what Chester and his older brother T-Lo need! We currently live with my parents and their two little Yorkie’s Miss Daisy and Sassy. Miss Daisy loves my cats, but Sassy fits her name and always wants to prove the house belongs to her and not them. They do not get to lay in the sunshine very long because it only comes in the sliding door wall and they have to lay on the floor where she can attack them.

    If they were to have this Sunny Seat it would be able to be put too high for Sassy to reach them and they would get a peaceful perch in the sunshine.

    Thank you for this wonderful offer and give-a-way.
    Kelly Willoughby

  30. My 2 girls need this comfy window perch. They do not go outside EVER, but do enjoy looking out at all the squirrels and birds playing in the back yard. I have the perfect window to attach it to for their enjoyment also. Please pick Chloe and Sasha, they so deserve it as they are the most loving kitties and mean the world to me.
    Thank you, and good luck to all the kitties out there!

  31. My kitty would love this! I don’t have any windowsills but plenty of window to put this on. She could spend days on it watching the birds.

  32. I don’t need this as my cats are all good jumpers but I would like to see is Steeler would be able to use it. Maybe a higher position at the red glass.

  33. My cats would absolutely love this! I love the fact that it is portable and very sturdy. Will be great to put on any window and you can change it up anytime.

    My cats give it two paws up!

    Jennifer 🙂

  34. I have 3 furbabies who fuss all the time about “I was here first”!! I have a pole the littlest one lays on to look outside. The other 2 are to big to get up high enough to look out. I would love to have the Sunny Seat for one or both of them to use.
    It looks like just what I need. Thank you!!

  35. Posted on Facebook!!

    Bonnie Pinkston: Hey Cats — check out this product — My cats are trying to win one of their own!!
    Product review and giveaway: Sunny Seat cat bed
    When the folks at Sunny Seat™ asked me whether I would like to review their product, I jumped at the chance. I had actually planned to have Allegra write
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  36. My cats would love this! They wouldn’t fight over the best spots or push the plants out of the way (or lay on top of them) to be in the sunny window!

  37. my cats would LOVE this product. I have the cat trees strategically placed in front of two windows but there are only select seats that they like — and there is not enough room for everyone. my window sills are probably too narrow to support a window seat but if this product does work with suction cups, it would be a great addition to all the widows in my house.

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