Sunny Seat cat bed, as seen on tv

When the folks at Sunny Seat™ asked me whether I would like to review their product, I jumped at the chance. I had actually planned to have Allegra write this review. She loves the window seats we have, so I thought she’d be excited about having yet another one – after all, everyone likes a little variety, right?  Oddly enough, though, she completely ignored the Sunny Seat™.  It may have been due to the fact that she already has all the window seats she needs, or because there’s already a piece of furniture or window sills wide enough for her to sit on in front of all of our windows. 

I still liked this product a lot, and, with Allegra’s permission, I’m offering it as a giveaway for one lucky kitty.  After all, one cat’s reject could be another cat’s treasure, right?

Sunny Seat cat bed, as seen on tvThe Sunny Seat™ cat bed is designed to attach directly to the window with four giant suction cups – no hardware or tools needed.  I’ll admit, I was skeptical whether something that attaches with suction cups would be secure enough to hold the weight of a cat.  The perch is designed to hold a maximum weight of 40 pounds.  In order to test the sturdiness of the seat, since Allegra wasn’t cooperating (and weighing in at only 8 pounds, she wouldn’t have been a good test subject for this part of the review anyway), I set an 18 pound bag of cat litter on it.  I even bounced the bag to simulate a cat jumping on the seat.  The Sunny Seat™ stayed firmly attached to the window. 

One thing to note, especially if you’re someone like me, who tends to not to read instructions:  it is important that you start with a clean glass surface.  When I mounted the seat the first time, I ignored that part of the instructions, and sure enough, within seconds, the seat detached.  Once I cleaned the window, it stayed securely attached.

The seat is covered with a sturdy cloth cover, which can be easily removed  and is machine washable.  The cover material is not particularly soft, but you can purchase a fleecy seat cushion separately, or you could just put a soft pad or cushion you already have on top.

If visually appealing design matters to you, this may not be the window perch for you – it’s pretty plain looking. Despite that, I think it’s a clever product, and a great solution if your window sills aren’t wide enough to mount some of the other perches on the market, or if you don’t want to damage window sills or walls with mounting strips or hardware.  And at $19.99, the price is right.

The Sunny Seat™ cat bed, as seen on tv:


For more information and to purchase, visit the Sunny Seat™ website.

To enter the giveway, leave a comment on this post and let me know why you think your cats would like the Sunny Seat™.  Tweet about the giveaway or share on Facebook and post the link in a separate comment for an additional chance to win. 


This giveaway ended March 11. You may be able to find additional contests to win a Sunny Seat Cat Bed on the Sunny Seat Facebook page.

This product was sent to me by the company.  I received no compensation for this review.

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  1. I bought one from AliExpress for only $9.38 because I ordered it without the box. With the box it is still less than $12. They ship them in from China, but it only took 10 days. It is the Sunny Seat brand. It just costs less because you buy it directly from the manufacturer. No mark ups. I love it! Both my 14lb cat and 3lb kitten sit on it together and it has not fallen yet. It’s been up for over a week.

  2. I’m interested in this product because I have a 19 year old cat that loves looking out the window but there are no sills wide enough for her to recline on in my condo. Thought this might be a good solution allowing her to look out my sliding glass door without having to perch on the furniture.

  3. My 14 yr old daughter just bought this for her cat. We tried several windows and made sure the were clean, when her cat was placed in the seat her cat fell. Not pleased and taking it back!

  4. Just saw this in Bed Bath & Beyond and I’m dying for it! We live in an RV and our two kitties are strictly indoors because we love them too much to chance losing them in un-familiar surroundings. Their favorite thing in the world is watching the wildlife and scenery as it changes on our travels. I know they would LOVE this perch!

  5. Has anyone actually bought this product and tried it out? I’m interested, but not at the risk of injury to my cats. I have a 6 year old, 22 lb Maine Coon and would not be a happy camper if he jumped up on this and fell off the window because it didn’t hold up…even if he didn’t get hurt. I would think if it was dangerous, they wouldn’t have been able to get it approved for sale, but I’m not privy to that kind of information, so maybe they could. If anyone HAS bought this, good or bad, please comment. Thanks.

    • I just got mine from Amazon and after a few minutes the suction cup fell. However, we left it on for 30 minutes and placed another cat on the seat. No problems at all. I would say that you want to stand by so no harm comes to your pet.

  6. I have one older kitty, who recently survived an extended stay at the animal hospital stay, plus numerous treatments involving needles (and other things her human is loathe to disuss). Missy has experienced a lot of muscle wasting, and rarely leaves her kitty beds (except to eat, drink, or use the facilities). She would love a readily accessible sun-bed, especially since she is moving to a new home with windows that are inviting, but lack a ready purchase (other than cardboard boxes, which now surpass her once-stellar jumpting abilities).

    Karen (on behalf of Missy)

  7. I would love one of these for my Patrick, only 1/2 years old, I adopted him at 2 months just after they removed his back left leg from abuse..he can’t jump very high, none really, so for him to jump a little from one bed to another so he can get up high would be great and he can get some sun..I also have Prince, he doesn’t have a back left paw, so he would love them too. Being a Senior and no cost of living raise in two years, very hard to purchase something for your fur babies.

  8. This is purfect for our cats! A friend emailed us information on the Sunny Cat Seat Bed! We have five cats and they all would enjoy peering out the window at the birds since they are not allowed outside.

  9. I saw an add for the SunnySeat and knew right then it was going to be great. I think the best part is that the seat can be placed in many different locations on a window, not just along the sill. Now, I’ve just adopted two young cats and I want to introduce them to the SunnySeat. I know they will just love it!

  10. This is great because my Bengal can lay in the sun in morning, and then when it starts to set on the other side it can moved so he can more sun and look at the birds in morning before I wake up.

  11. This is dangerous! Not only will this not hold a cat more than 10 pounds safely, when any cat jumps up to it the force weighs more than the cat and it’s likely to all come tumbling down, causing injury to the cat. Heat from sunshine will dry the seal of the suction cut on the window, and it will come loose anytime. As if that’s not enough, cats like playing with strings and will surely pull and possibly even bite on those strings . . . Stay away from this junk, UNLESS you’re looking forward to seeing your cat fall AND/OR you want to be making a fast trip to the emergency vet.

      • I agree! I was persistent but, the suction cups do not hold and my cats have P.T.S.D.!
        And … When you figure-out how to return it … You’ll find you took a $25-$30 hit!

        • Yes, I have since read about it happening often, just as I described. It is truly dangerous! I’m sorry your cats have PTSD now, and sorry too for laughing at you saying it. I know it’s not funny, because it could have been worse – with broken bones. PurrZ!

    • Have you actually TRIED this product and found what you’ve written to be true or are you just assuming this is what will happen? I’d like to know before I even try it, as I have a 22 lb cat that would be sitting on it that is quite old.

      • Valerie, as I mentioned in the review, I tested the Sunny Seat, but my cats preferred out other window seats. I also mention in the review that I tested it for durability with an 18 pound bag of litter, because like, you, I was concerned about how much weight it would hold. Perhaps others will chime in on this issue as well.

  12. I adopted an orange tabby named Romeo and he was so scared of everything, he stayed hidden for 5 months before he felt comfortable to come out and is too scared to go outside, but loves looking out the window. I rescued an orange tiger from a barn and named him Lewy. I have one window seat from my previous cat and now they both want to sleep there, sometimes they sleep together but Romeo who is 12 lbs pushes Lewy off who is 8 lbs and he ends up sleeping on the couch next to it, so I need to add another seat to the double hung windows in my home office which is the “cat” room. they have beds, toys, and a climber in there. Anything to keep them off the furniture!! Thanks! Karen

  13. We are moving to our first house and have two cats who love to lay out in the sun and look out at the birds in the trees. This product looks like the perfect thing for them.

  14. My cat would love this! We live on the third floor and he could look at all of the birds at eye level!

  15. My cats would love this product. They love to look at the world outside — watching birds, lizards, squirrels, and whatnot. I like the idea of having a window perch for them that doesn’t involve drilling into the wall, or doing any kind of damage to the wall or window.

  16. I have 3 cats & they’d love to have a window seat. Right now my kitties have none. 🙁 They feel sooo left out of the fun.

  17. My boys would really enjoy the sunny seat! They love to sit on the window sill and watch the leaves fall and the birds fly.

  18. I know my cats would love a Sunny Seat – they love their tall cat tree that has a basket on top that they fight over to lay in! This way, one can have the Sunny Seat, and the other can have the cat tree! No more arguing! Problem solved if I win the Sunny Seat!

  19. I don’t know how we missed this, but we would like to be in the drawing for the Sunny Seat. My oldest cat Holly would love this. Poor old kitty. She is winding down now. Anyway put me down please. Thanks Ingrid.

  20. My 3 cats all love the sun and sitting in the windows, but my sills are too narrow for my biggest boy (a 20-pound monster!) to sit comfortably. I have chairs at most of my windows so they can all enjoy looking out, but it would be great to have an actual cat seat for him!

  21. My 14 year old kitty, Lindsey, has liver disease and loves to lay in the sun. I put a towel on the best two windows in the house so that he’s be more comfortable, but the Sunny Seat looks like it would be even more comfortable for him to lay in the sun and recover from his liver problems. It’s always nice to see an old guy enjoy himself!

    • Hi,

      I just lost my 18 year female Sheba this Aug. 13 to Liver disease. It was very hard. She was my baby. I had her since 7 weeks old . My cat Loved the sun. also.

      If I was you just watch out of how your cat is eating and drinking. My cat was a very big cat and she lost alot of weight when she got sick. She went from 27 lbs in March to 7 lb in Aug. Not even realizing what was going on. So be on the look out.

  22. My 13 year old kitty’s name is Sunny ! And I know he would enjoy a sunny window seat like this one! He longs to go outside, the only time he got out he was gone for 3 days and nights. I love him and would like to bless him with a window seat all for him. It looks wonderful! Sunny, and kid sister Sammy would be in heaven. I watch a 2 yr old and he has to hide under bed all day,this would put him up higher 🙂 in the sun he loves!

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