Today I’m featuring three delightful books for both cat and dog lovers.  Every one of these books will make a wonderful holiday gift for the pet lovers on your list. 

Life with Maxie by celebrated radio host Diane Rehm is a sweet little book that will warm the heart of any pet lover. Maxie, a long-haired Chihuahua, hit the jackpot when Diane Rehm took the then 12-week-old pup home. Maxie’s life with Rehm is a dog’s version of paradise, but little did the author know that her life would also be forever changed by this delightful, albeit sometimes stubborn dog with some behavior challenges.   Rehm sums up the transformative power of her little dog in a final chapter that brought tears to my eyes. A delightful read, and a wonderful gift, for all animal lovers.

A Golfer’s Tail:  The Quest for the Double Slam by Roscoe Watkins is a fanciful and fun tale for cat lovers and golf lovers alike.  From the publisher:  Feline golf aficionados have long known of the exploits of Roscoe Watkins, widely considered to be the greatest all-species golfer of them all. This recently discovered lost manuscript chronicles Roscoe’s most memorable year, 1998, and is now available for the human servant audience. In that fabled year, Roscoe accepted the challenge of a brash young rival, Ichiro Nakamura, and began his quest for the Double Slam. The Double Slam would require winning all of the major championships on both the regular and senior feline golf tours. In making the Quest, Roscoe, with his faithful caddie and sister Maggie at his side, had to deal not only with the formidable challenge of Nakamura, but other champions, including Cyril (“Lord Sandtrap”) Bunker, Bruno Mauser, Murph McFurrson, and senior legends Scratch McNabb and Old Tom Norris. Follow Roscoe’s Quest and also learn the true secret of the game.

Dog Sayings:  Wit and Wisdom from Man’s Best Friend by Bradford G. Wheler is a collection of dog art and quotes celebrating dogs in all of their glory.  And despite the title, the book also has a chapter dedicated to cats, which speaks to the generous nature of the author, since most of the cat quotations refer to cats’ innate superiority to their lesser dog friends (which should not come as a surprise to readers of this site).  The wide variety of different illustrations ranging from photographs to watercolors to drawings to oil paintings make this book a visual delight for pet lovers.

I’m offering each of the three books as a giveaway for one lucky winner.   Leave a comment letting me know which book you’d like to win, and why.  Share the giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave the link in a separate comment for an extra chance to win.  This giveaway ends Friday, November 26.

I received A Golfer’s Tail from the author, and Dog Sayings from the publisher. 

18 Comments on Three delightful books for pet lovers – and a giveaway

  1. “Dog Sayings” is a fun book full of wonderful artwork from original artists with very insightful quotations – a wonderful gift.

  2. I would love these books. I am always bettering myself for my dogs they deserve the best of me I can be. I am also disabled so I have a HL Chinese Crested named Tango that is my Service Dog he has alerted me to my panic attacks and helped me get through them since he was 4 month. Then when the migraines and seizures started he was there again he gives me 20 minutes before I have one. He is giving me a wonderful gift I can be alittle bit normal.
    We are going to basic training to easy for him so he will go to the intermediate class next and then to the Service Dog classes.
    I would be honored if you would give me the books.
    Thank you
    Marsha Hostetler and Tango PSD SD

  3. I live with dogs and a cat (and 4 doves). I love dogs and cats but I would love to read about Maxie’s life. I love to heat how animals affect peoples’ lives. They all have their personalities and they do things that always make me smile.

  4. Any of them would be wonderful, but Dog Sayings would supply lots of great words & pictures to share with other dog & cat-lovers in my life.

  5. I would love to win A Golfer’s Tail for my book-loving nephew. He is an excellent reader and loves sports and mystery books, but he doesn’t have the love for animals that I would like to see in him. I think reading this book might help encourage an interest in animals in him.

  6. My choice would be Dog Sayings because I am both a cat and dog lover, and could use the quotation help in my blog for shelter cats… and dogs :-). Actually all the books look like they would be a joy to read. Thank you for the opportunity!

  7. Hi Ingrid. Would love to win Life with Maxie by Diane Rehm. I’ve listened to Diane on NPR for years and she mentioned Maxie from time to time. I’m sure her book will be an amazing tribute to her wonderful dog. Loving my cats has changed my life and it’s always a treat to read about another person who had their life changed by the love of an animal.

  8. Thank you Ingrid-I would choose Life with Max-it sounds happy-we were at the library last week and I started reading Cleo-right in the first chapter tragedy hits. There I am crying away.

    something happy sounds good.

  9. Any of the books would be an honor to have! And, the fact that they are all recommended by the amazing Ingrid King makes them all the more valuable!

  10. I would like Life With Maxie. It sounds like just the thing to read while waiting for cookies to bake and holiday chores to be completed. I’m a cat person really, but this one sounds like a charmer. A great gift item, too!

  11. I am going to adopt a dog and one of breed that I am looking at is a long haired Chihuahua so I would really love to win that book. The dog on the cover is goregous and so loveable!!!!


  12. We would like the Dog Sayings book (last one) because we have both cats and a dog and we really need to wise up. We love animals and am sure would enjoy this book.

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