It’s always nice to see companies give back to their communities, and it’s especially nice when that giving is focused on cats.  World’s Best Cat Litter™ launched its Give Litter™ Charity last month, and has already donated 5,255 pounds of World’s Best Cat Litter™ to its first city, Washington, DC, in August.  This month, the company is donating to three Los Angeles, CA area organizations, Alley Cat Allies, Cat House on the Kings, and Kitten Rescue.

WBC is calling on “felinethropists” to join in their campaign, and it won’t cost you a cent, just a simple click of the mouse.  “We invite animal lovers everywhere to become part of the GiveLitter™ charity and help these Los Angeles animal shelters as they work tirelessly to address community needs,” said Paul Zobel, Senior Director of Marketing, World’s Best Cat Litter™.

You can participate by clicking on the badge in the right sidebar, or by visiting WBC’s website or Facebook page.  

World’s Best Cat Litter™ is a pet-, people- and planet-safe cat litter made with whole-kernel corn and other natural ingredients using a patented scientific process that delivers advanced odor control and clumping. Using no synthetic chemicals, clays or perfumes, World’s Best Cat Litter™ is biodegradable, flushable, septic-safe and all natural.

I really like the idea of this litter.  I just wish Allegra would, too!  Unfortunately, when I tried to switch from our current, clay-based litter, she refused to use the box with WBC in it.

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  1. I’ve used WBCL for years now and am more satisfied with it than any of the many other litters I’ve tried in my long life shared with many cats. I’m extremely anti-GMO, but at least it’s not in their food (raw frozen meat) so they are not eating it like so many uninformed people in America are. It does not stick to their paws, does not smell, and lasts a LONG time so is really not that expensive. I order it from where it is cheaper than in stores. Love it!

  2. I’ve cohabitated with cats my entire life and WBCL is far and above the best litter I’ve ever used, both in a 3-cat and now a single-cat household. I have my own reservations about corn-based products, but when compared to chemical-satuated litters, clay, and others I find it (for me) to be the least of evils. Also, other natural litters I tried (pine, newspaper, and wheat, to name a few) simply failed me, although I know others who swear by them.

    I found WBCL to be a good product from a good company and although I felt at first that the price-point was a bit high, it turns out to last so much longer than other litters that it actually is quite affordable.

  3. Debbie, the photo came off of WBC’s website. Isn’t it gorgeous?

    Angie, let me know how your kitties like the litter if you decide to try it.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try this litter, but haven’t yet…I think I will next time I need to purchase it 🙂

    WBCL is a great company 🙂

  5. Fabulous cat portrait with the promotion. Did you take it?

    Do you think there will ever be a time when everyone agrees on the best cat litter to use???

  6. Thanks, Debbie – and I’m so glad you enjoyed my book!

    Rebecca, thanks for the information. I was aware of the potential for mycotoxins with grain-based litters. Like so much in life, it comes down to weighing risks versus benefits. There are a lot of drawbacks with clay-based litters, too. I’ll check out Kitty’s Crumble – I had not heard about that brand.

    Karen, that’s interesting about the Breeze system. I guess for your kitties, after you took the littter pans away, it was either that or keeping their little legs crossed :-)! So glad you loved my book.

  7. I switched to the Breeze system last year because I couldn’t stand seeing them inhaling and then licking off the clumping litter. None of the 3 cats went anywhere near it so after 4 weeks I just took away the other litter pans and then they all used it with no complaint. I loved your book as well…………

  8. World’s Best is made with GM corn. Genetically Modified Organisms are the most dangerous experiment ever devised by chemical companies such as Monsanto. Please, PLEASE educate yourself on GMO’s and do not support this destruction of the environment.
    Also, any grain based litter will produce mycotoxins when exposed to moisture.
    A better choice is Kitty’s Crumble, made from coconut husks.

    • Rebecca, I have been looking for information about World’s Best and if they use GMOs. Where did you get your info, if I may ask? I am concerned more now than ever because Monsanto has now modified corn again so that each cell of the corn plant produces it’s own Roundup and field workers are required to wear Haz Mat suits to go in the fields. I don’t want my cats exposed to that daily. But I haven’t found anything verifying they use GMOs. One can assume they do, since over 85% of the corn grown in the US is GMO now. If they were organic, I’m sure they would claim that on the package. Thanks for your comments. I will look for Kitty’s Crumble.

      • Monsanto and glyphosate are evil but the corn isn’t making its own Roundup. Why would they? Roundup kills weeds, are the weeds jumping on the corn to attack? No. The plants make a protein that breaks it down rather than kill them – Round up is an herbicide. The evil comes when the herbicides drift all over your organic farms.
        Chances are that WBL is soaked in glyphosate.

  9. Signed up and voted. Always glad to see companies giving back to the animals.

    also finished your book yesterday but had to quit reading it during my lunch break – I kept tearing up 🙂 Definitely enjoyed and send you hugs. Thanks for sharing Buckley with the rest of the world.

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