Most cat parents can relate to this dilemma:  you’re about to go on the vacation of your dreams, and you’re excited – but, you also hate leaving your cats behind.  No matter how well you know they’ll be taken care of in your absence by pet sitters, neighbors or friends, you know you’ll miss them every single day.  But what if you cats could come on vacation with you?  And what if you didn’t even know that they tagged along?

In Travels with George:  Paris:  A Cat’s Eye Adventure, George, a much-loved indoor cat living in a New York City high-rise, and a bit restless in his restricted, secure environment, craves adventure.  When his humans prepare to go on a trip to Paris, he seizes the opportunity and hides himself  in their luggage.  When he next sees the light of day, he finds himself in a Paris hotel room.  Much to his surprise (not to mention his humans’ surprise!), his younger cat friend Billy has stowed away, too.

After the initial surprise wears off for the cats’ humans, and basic needs such as litter box, food and water have been satisfied, the two humans decide that, rather than leaving the two cats in their hotel room all day while they’re off sightseeing, they’ll include them in touring Paris.  The reader follows along as George and Billy discover the beautiful city on the Seine while either being comfortably carried (well, comfortable for the cats, at any rate!) in two secure bags, or walking on harness and leash.  They encounter such sights as the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysee, and the Jardin du Luxembourg (a particular favorite with both cats).  They even get to take a boat ride down the river Seine.

Through the eyes of George, the reader follows along as the two cats and their humans explore the city and gets to experience Paris from a cat’s point of view.  George gets to know aspects of the outside world that he’s only been able to see from his window in the past.  Charmingly told by Stone, and beautifully illustrated with Deborah Julian’s whimsical full-color prints, this book is a delightful fantasy, travelogue and cat story all rolled into one thoroughly enjoyable package.

David Stone is the author of two other works of fiction, The Garden of What Was and Was Not, a counterculture classic, its sequel, Traveling Without A Passport, and of the nonfiction title: A Million Different Things: Meditations of The Worlds Happiest Man.

Deborah Julian is a photographer, innovative artist and art gallery director whose favorite subjects are cats, New York City, and travel.  

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  1. Thanks, everyone on behalf of Deborah and me. We loved writing this book as it combined a host of our passions, cats, Paris, art, fiction, travel, etc.

    If you can spare a moment to got to Deborah’s website, and sign up for our newsletter on the form at the bottom of the home page, we’d love to keep you informed about any new adventures.

    Thanks, again.

  2. We are simpatico with our friends and neighbors, David and Debbie, and we also share our home with two pussycats, Zoe and Lilypad. We sympathize with the dilemma of feline-derived guilt when traveling, and just loved the Stone/Julien sollution. Travels With George: Paris is utterly charming and we look forward to the sequel.
    Matt & Sherie

  3. Marg, I know what you mean about too much computer time and not enough time to read!

    Bernadette, I think you’d enjoy this.

    Layla, is it fiction? Is it truth? Only George and Billy know for sure…. 😉

    Nancy Louise, I’m glad you enjoyed the review!

  4. This is fiction right? It’s on my reading list.I wish I could take my kitties but even a short car ride is a trauma. We’ve always had live-in cat sitters. It’s hard to find good ones.

  5. That must have been quite a surprise when the cats turned up or out of the suitcase. This sounds like a great read.I will certainly put it on my list of things to read. I am getting a long list at the moment. Too much time on the computer and not reading the wonderful books.
    Have a great week end.

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