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There are quite a few books about pet loss on the market, and I’ve read a good number of them over the years, but none has resonated with me as much as Good Grief – Finding Peace After Pet Loss by Sid Korpi.  Korpi is a writer, editor, journalist and ordained minister, and most importantly, a lifelong animal lover who understands the human-animal bond.   While most pet loss books focus on the stages of grief and the psychology of the mourning process, Korpi goes beyond those aspects in her book.  She shows the reader how to :

  • Emotionally prepare for a pet’s euthanasia and understand when it’s time
  • View death not as an ending, but (as animals see it) a natural transition
  • Cope with being around insensitive people
  • Memorialize and celebrate the pet’s life
  • Move on after loss and love again.

The book addresses all aspects of the grieving process, from understanding what to expect to how to move on after loss.  I particularly enjoyed the two sections Korpi presents about afterlife connections.  She shares stories of humans and animals and how they’ve connected with their surviving loved ones after their deaths.  Some of the stories are taken from her own life, others come from a wide variety of animal lovers from around the world, and all are comforting and will reassure the reader that the love betwen humans and their beloved animal companions truly is eternal.  Korpi also offers suggestions on how we can feel and encourage this connection with our departed loved ones.

The section on memorializing methods offers many wonderful suggestions on how to remember a pet in both public and private ways, stressing that this is an important part of the grieving process.   Korpi addresses the role of spirituality, philosophy and religion in healing from pet loss by sharing the different viewpoints, including some from the perspectives of various religious leaders.   The book contains an impressive bibliography  and grief support resource section.

What makes this book different from other pet loss books is Korpi’s compassion, empathy and sometimes, even a gentle sense of humor.  Rather than feeling like a book written by a counselor, reading Good Grief feels like a conversation with a supportive, caring friend.  It certainly provided comfort for my own grieving heart.

For more information about Sid Korpi and her book, please visit her website.

10 Comments on Book Review: Good Grief – Finding Peace After Pet Loss by Sid Korpi

  1. Good to hear from you, Eve. I think that you can ask Sammie for a sign even now. It’s hard to be open to these signs of our departed loved ones when we still miss them so much, but I’ve found that in those moments when the grief eases up even a little bit, it’s possible to feel the connection with their spirit.

  2. I stumbled upon this book by googling when my baby Sam died in April. I read it in fits and spirts because I still get very emotional about Sammie, just writing this is hard. But I wanted to say it really is a wonderful book. In some ways, I wish I had read this before she passed. If I had, I would have asked Sam to send me a specific (non-scary!) sign when she was around. Sid shares some wonderful and amazing stories of how loved ones let you know they are still around in spirit. Thank you, Sid. And thank you, Ingird, for everything you did for my girl (and me).

  3. Daniela, I think the fact that Sid’s article on your site is a hit speaks volumes for how much the topic of grieving the loss of a pet needs to be addressed.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed the review, Marg. You have a great weekend, too.

    Thanks for stopping by, Sid! It was my pleasure – your book stands out in this genre.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the review, Elizabeth.

    Layla, I think this is a book that can help you prepare for loss. While no amount of trying to prepare for it will take away the pain of moving through loss and grief, I don’t think it’s morbid to face the fact that sadly, it is a reality for all of us who share our lives with pets, and it becomes even more so when they enter their senior years.

  5. This might be a good book to read before a pet passes to psychologically prepare and a comfort to have on hand after the fact. Without sounding morbid (I hope!) I’m making a list of my favorites in this genre.

  6. Ingrid,

    I’m stunned and flattered by this wonderful review! Thank you so much for your kind efforts to spread the word, as well as for your insightful discussion of my book. I was especially touched by your final comments about it feeling like a conversation with a friend. That was certainly my intent in writing it, and I so appreciate your taking note of that!

    You’re wonderful!! Thank you!

  7. That does look like a great book. I especially like the idea of trying to move on and love again. That is probably one of the hardest things to do. But I think it is really important. I think another thing is to remember all the great times you had with the animal.
    Anyway, thanks for this great review Ingrid. Hope you have a great week end.

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