I’d like to thank of all our readers and subscribers for your support of The Conscious Cat, and I’m excited to announce that The Conscious Cat is now available on Kindle!  It’s the same trusted information you’ve come to rely on, only beamed directly to your Kindle.  This does not change anything for those of you subscribing to The Conscious Cat via RSS feed or e-mail, but if Kindle is your preferred method of reading blogs, you now have that option.

But even if you don’t want to get us on Kindle, we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d take a few moments to pop over to Amazon and leave a review.  Reviews help raise the visibility of an item not just on Amazon’s site, but across the web.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

5 Comments on The Conscious Cat on Kindle

  1. I have heard lots of good things about Kindle. You instantly get your book. A friend of mine loves hers. Be glad to do a review on Amazon. Wish I could buy one.

  2. Congrats Ingrid! That’s really great!! Did you install a plugin? Everyone is going Kindle. My husband saw one the other day and said is such an interesting product. I’ll try it one of these days — and I already know what I’ll read there.


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