Thanks to all of our wonderful readers, The Conscious Cat has been experiencing some rapid growth over the past few months, and it’s time for some blog housekeeping.

For those of you subscribing to The Conscious Cat in an RSS reader, I’ve switched our feed over to Feedburner.  This should have been seamless for you and you should have been automatically switched, but if you’re finding any problems with it, simply resubscribe to the new feed and you should be all set.  This changeover does not affect those of you who are subscribing to The Conscious Cat via e-mail.

One of the inevitable side-effects of our growth is that the number of spam comments is also growing.  The filter I use has been very effective at catching only true spam, but it’s possible that every once in a while, a real comment ends up getting caught as well.   I have comment moderation set so that once your initial comment on the site has been approved, subsequent comments will post automatically without having to go through moderation.  If you truly feel that one of your comments hasn’t posted, please contact me via e-mail to let me know, and I’ll try to liberate it from the spam filter.

On a different subject, please note that the date for the teleseminar with Clea Simon has been changed to Tuesday, March 30.  For more information on this and other upcoming teleseminars, click here.

You have three more days to enter our blog anniversary giveaway – the givewaway ends Sunday, March 15.

And to add something a little more fun than just housekeeping to this post, I thought I’d share this video of a very thirsty kitty with you:


5 Comments on Some Housekeeping and a Cute Cat Video

  1. My Big Four grew up in my pre-renovation bathroom with dripping sink and tub faucets, so they expect every faucet to give them water! They lead me up to the “new” bathroom (renovation didn’t make a difference) every day to turn on the faucet for a few minutes so they can all get soaked. I have photos, maybe I’ll try a video.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the video, Marg. You have a great weekend, too.

    I’ve heard of cats who like to drink from faucets like your Gum Drop, Mason, but I’ve never seen a cat like the one in the video. You have a wonderful weekend, too.

  3. The video is really cute. What a silly cat to get his head all wet. I like the kitten on the broom. Have a great week end.

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